The first five tips are all about making your home sellable and the last five tips are about making your home memorable. Potential buyers want to look at the entire house, so stuffing clutter in a closet or drawer isn’t going to cut it.
Some realtors say get rid of it all, but I say, put away personal items {photos, toiletries, food, drinks etc} that take away from your home. If you’ve decorated with crazy, bright colors in your home, then it would be very wise to tone things down both for the listing photos as well as for showings.
I’m not here to tell you to get rid of all your pictures, photos, pillows and other accessories. While you’re flying around the house, cleaning up and putting things away, burn candles to make your house smell good. Not only is it important to allow natural light to come in, but also remember to turn on the lights throughout your home. Soft, easy-listening, instrumental-type music is the best for this situation because you have no idea what a buyer’s music taste is.
Showings are grand opportunities to make potential buyers feel at home in your home, so be thoughtful in using these tips next time your home is on the market. Dona€™t miss out a€“ diy projects, recipes, crafts and more, by checking out my subscribe page!
The one thing I would add is to be careful when staging a home withe IKEA furniture because some are so overused they make the home look like a cheap dorm room. When we sold our house in 2006, we did ALL of your suggestions – these absolutely work! Reading your posts brings back memories of the experience I had while selling my house in Miami Beach. When we sold our home I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made to make sure there was nothing on the closet floors. I’m a Realtor and I will tell you that I showed a home one time and there was music playing and in the kitchen a pitcher of ice cold water with little plastic cups and a plate of yummy cookies—all with a note to please help ourselves and enjoy!!
I would like to add that while in the process of de-cluttering your home in preparation for staging it do some deep cleaning.
These are awesome tips, we used most of them back in 2008 when we sold our house, it sold the same day we put in on the market.
Oh, and I have moved 5 times in the last 10 years and have looked at hundreds of house each time we relocated and I will tell you, headaches will not bring offers!
No matter how I try to not pick up my office for work, I simply can't be productive in a chaotic space. Home is the most important place for a human being where everyone spends most time of his life. Select different wall papers, paintings, curtains, carpet and furniture in the same color scheme. Start from the colour selection for the walls, It is one of the most important thing for interior decoration.
Living room that can be a bed room too is the place where you spend your maximum time while staying in your house. Flooring: Mostly people neglect to decorate the flooring of house, flooring is much important as the walls of a house. Would you please write an article on how to decorate our living room with white furniture and which color should be used with white? 5 Home Staging TipsPosted on July 31, 2014 by Darla • 2 CommentsHey, are you new here?
So many people are happy about the strong real estate market this year, and many, many people who have been waiting to make a change are now putting their homes on the market, and that means staging your home. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Each year, more than 3.4 million children experience an unintentional injury in their homes.
The National Capital Poison Center reported that 52 percent of all poisoning victims in 2012 were under the age of 12.
Designate a cabinet or two that are only accessible by adults for potentially hazardous items.
Pay attention to the areas where potentially harmful objects in your home are kept as well as who has access to those areas. To further ensure that your firearms don’t accidentally end up in the wrong hands, consider investing in smart home technology that allows you to monitor activity in areas of your home designated as off-limits.
Electrical shocks can be avoided by equipping every outlet in your home with child safety covers that keep children from inserting items into the sockets. Every day, more than 300 children under the age of 19 visit the emergency room for burn-related injuries. Even if you take extra steps to prevent fire in your home, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen.
Established in 1948, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) is the largest trade association representing the electronic life safety and security industry.
Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area.
Newer houses are now well insulated; houses 10 years or older are likely to have minimal insulation. If designing a new house with ceiling or floor vents, you have the opportunity to really benefit.

Equally as important when building your new home is insulating it well to trap the heat in.
The final step we can all do to greatly reduce our heat being lost is easy and possible in every home.
We sold a home back in early 2011 after showing it during peak-Christmas season {yes, it was decorated!}. Anything that could be categorized as clutter should be put away, but if you have family photos hung in a tasteful way on the wall, please don’t feel like they *have* to come down. When a house is decorated with neutral colors on the big things {think walls, floors, trim, cabinetry}, potential buyers can more easily envision their belongings fitting in. Lamps as well as lighting in closets and the laundry room will make it easier for the realtor to show your home and no one will have to search for a light switch.
Whether your home has a sound system throughout or if you play a CD on repeat, either one works. After you’ve worked hard making your home sellable and memorable, please leave and let the realtor do his or her job. Also, if you know someone who is trying to sell their home, I would love it if you passed on these tips to them!
My sister-in-law, who LOVES interior design, staged it for us before the realtor took pictures and we had 2 offers within a week! We used her things plus a few things another decorator friend loaned us, but we just used a lot less of everything.
We sold our house FAST {in ten days} and made a good profit from it to be able to buy our current house.
Some people have serious allergies to strong aromas, especially chemically created ones like air fresheners. It seems that some sellers like to point out the improvements they’ve made, but buyers just care about how things look in the present, not the past. Whether trying to be creative, efficient, or just less distracted, I simply need a clutter-free, accessible space. Home is not only just a place where you live, but it represents you, your family and your living standard. It is not a good idea that you decorate drawing room heavily and give less attention to other rooms.
May you provide services of Interior designing, Architecture designing or other home decorating services? I agree with you that “Home is the most important place for a human being where everyone spends most time of his life.
Giving ideas about How to Make Home Beautiful without Money is really service to industry, especially on web.
And, as many moms and dads know, that job doesn’t end when you walk through the front door of your home.
To help keep little ones safe, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) recommends these safety tips. To ensure your children don’t become a part of the statistic, it’s important to take extra precautions to keep them away from dangerous household items. Common household products that could be fatal if ingested include cleaning supplies, medicine, alcohol, dishwasher and laundry detergent; and personal hygiene items such as perfume, mouthwash, nail polish and nail polish remover. If you are a gun owner, it is crucial that you take extra steps to protect children from accidentally obtaining weapons. Smart home technology can notify you on your smart phone or tablet should someone enter a restricted area – perhaps a bedroom where a locked gun cabinet is stored.
Unused adapters and cords should be kept out of reach so that children cannot chew or play with them. You can protect children from burns and home fires by never allowing them to start or be alone with an active heat source such as a stove, fireplace or grill.
To protect your loved ones from a deadly fire, make sure your home is equipped with working smoke alarms on each floor and outside of every sleeping area.
Member companies install, integrate and monitor intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and electronic access control systems for commercial, residential, industrial and governmental clients. Either of which you find yourself in, the following will save you money on your heating bills. Yet if you have one unit heating your whole house, you will be heating bedrooms that are unused during the day, and if you heat bedrooms at night, you will be also heating empty living spaces.
Two separate smaller heating systems, one that heats bedrooms, and another that heats the living spaces, can be individually controlled. It is common to have an upstairs and separate downstairs heating unit, if not and the outlets are also in the ceiling, there is nothing you can do. It is especially important to declutter every room, so people can see the room and not piles of stuff. Making your home smell good is one of the most important things you can do after jazzing up the curb appeal and de-cluttering.
The owners of this house WERE home everytime we looked at it, but fortunately they were nice and we kept our mouths shut about things. I looked at a house once where the lady had left her bra on the bed, though everything else was immaculate- not sure what that was all about, but it left an impression. So, these twenty-one tips from Real Simple seem perfect for folks just like me, AND for those who need a bit more structure in their workspace. To make your house beautiful you have to need decorate all the places of your house including bed room, TV lounge, drawing room, kitchen, study room etc.  To purchase luxury items for your house is not interior designing, interior designing is art to place your luxury items in a professional way that enhances the beauty of the goods and your home.

If someone visit your complete house then he should find every room special not just one room. Bed should be well placed and if you have TV in the room then seating should be placed according to the position of TV.
Your article about “How to Make House Beautiful – Home Decoration Tips” really helps me to understand the dimension of home decor… You did great work by combing all working thoughts under pictures and now it’s become easier for every one to understand. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, every 10 minutes a young child in the U.S. In a report by The New York Times, 84 percent of accidental gun deaths of children under the age of 15 occurred in their home or the home of an acquaintance or relative. It’s also important to stress to children that water and electronics don’t mix and can be very harmful when combined.
Children should not be permitted to cook, light candles or handle a lighter or matches without adult supervision. It’s especially important to change the batteries of your alarms twice a year and to test them monthly.
In cooperation with an alliance of chapter associations, ESA provides technical and management training, government advocacy and delivers information, advice, tools, and services that members use to grow their businesses and prosper. The first step is to create two zones (spoken about in last week’s blog), in which you only heat what’s in use, with the rest closed off to heat later when needed.
Closing these and the doors of those rooms not in use, stops heating to those unused spaces. With separate units for upstairs and down, the issue is when the downstairs unit alone is on, and how to prevent the heat being lost to upstairs. These gaps around their edges allows on average all the air in your house to be lost to outside every 3-4 hours!
My hubby was smart and took a TON of pictures of every nook and cranny because I was busy asking the owners all kinds of questions about the history of our house and got a lot of information. Entire room should be coloured lightly while use medium colours for moderation and use dark colours to highlight any part of the room. You should make seating arrangements in such a decent way that TV will visible to all the seats. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if the firearms had been safely stored by the gun owners. Take extra steps to ensure children are unable to reach electric appliances while they are in or near water. Also, talk to your children about how they can escape if a fire begins in your home and practice your escape plan as a family.
With energy prices continuing to rise, and more critically global temperatures, we must all do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Alternatively if you plan on fitting just one heating unit, a motorised shutter within the ductwork, can be closed at the push of a button stopping supply to the bedrooms with the same effect. We just moved 8 months ago from a home we’d raised our children in and lived for 25 years! Of course, once we decided to buy it I couldn’t remember what everything looked like so it was great to have all those pictures he took to be able to think through where to put everything – AND, as a blogger, they are priceless pictures to have today to compare the before and after!!! And, leaving candles burning might not be the best thing to do unless you know the realtor will extinguish them. Keep it in mind that don’t purchase paint or distemper on the basis as it looks in the shop, some time it gives different colour on the wall in real. Crockery should be placed on the right place, placement of oven and refrigerator is also important. If you are taking medication, make sure to always secure the child-resistant cap before stowing it away in a medicine cabinet that is unreachable by children. If you don’t have closing vents, pull the vents covers out and just below the outlet within the duct there is often a flap hinged in the middle, that can be rotated shut.
By simply closing all the doors to the rooms upstairs, you reduce the upstairs volume to just the corridor that the stairwell will supply, and with that the amount of hot air that will rise is drastically reduced. The buyers liked how we’d staged it so much that they asked if they could buy the furniture too! You should keep this point in your point that decoration is art of the placement of the goods in a great way. Once that corridor is heated no more air will rise, leaving the downstairs to gain the heat it needs.
Lastly a massive amount of heat is lost through glass, this is the weakest link in all homes. If building a new house be sure to have two units, or a motorised shut off to turn off upstairs or downstairs individually. Even better still a sliding door to close off the stairwell, perhaps at the bottom, means no heat loss to upstairs whatsoever. Light plays major role in the beauty of TV lounge so you should use stylish lights in the room, especially a fanoos should be hanged in the center of the roof.

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