I am reading these while on my way to a beach shoot of a family with three boys…only one of them is a teenager.
If you are planning to kick start an extensive weight loss or fitness program, it is important to know the ideal weight for your build so that you can accurately figure out how much to lose or gain. If you don’t have access to internet you can calculate your BMI manually by dividing your weight in pounds by the square of your height in inches and then multiplying the quotient by 703. The BMI chart for women has four categories, underweight, healthy weight, overweight and obese. If you want to calculate minimum ideal weight, multiply the square of your height in inches with 18.5 and divide the result by 703.
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Ensuring Data Integrity and accuracy and maintenance of application at the Store and warehouse. Store Opening Celebration, Exchange Mela and All celebration successfully with out any downtime. In February 2008, the owner of a 1998 Ford Explorer in Georgia needed a new tire for his SUV and ended up buying a used one.
More recently, an investigation into the cause of the accident that killed the actor Paul Walker revealed that the Porsche Carrera GT in which he was riding had nine-year-old tires. These incidents illustrate not only the potential danger of buying used tires but also the perils of driving on aging tires — including those that have never spent a day on the road.
Sean Kane, president of Safety Research & Strategies, Inc., compares an aging tire to an old rubber band.
Carmakers, tire makers and rubber manufacturers differ in their opinions about the lifespan of a tire. The Rubber Manufacturers Association says there is no way to put a date on when a tire "expires," because such factors as heat, storage and conditions of use can dramatically reduce the life of a tire. If your spare is in the trunk, it's as if it is "baking in a miniature oven," says Dan Zielinski, senior vice president of public affairs for the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
A tire that has not been mounted and is just sitting in a tire shop or your garage will age more slowly than one that has been put into service on a car.
To make matters worse, you might not always find the DOT number on the outer side of the tire. When a consumer buys a used tire, he has no idea how well it was maintained or the conditions in which it has been used.
If you buy tires and soon after discover that they're actually a few years old, you have the right to request newer ones, Zielinski says. Getting rid of an unused spare or a tire with good-looking tread may be the hardest thing for a thrifty consumer to do. Although Kane has lobbied NHTSA to enact regulations on tire aging, nothing is currently on the books. Of all your vehicle's components, tires have the greatest effect on the way it handles and brakes. When posing guys, you don’t need to focus as much on finding flattering angles like girls.   In this way, your job can be a lot easier!

You want to show them exactly what to do – they need the same amount, if not more direction than girls. My son is a senior and we have not been happy with his shots, this will be a tremendous help. The ideal weight depends upon the height of a person, and to some extent on the gender as well.
BMI is used to determine whether you are underweight, overweight or have a healthy weight, taking into account your height. The upper and lower limits for every level on a BMI chart are fixed, irrespective of the age, weight and height. To find the maximum ideal weight, multiply the square of your height in inches with 24.9 and divide the result by 703.
The Body Mass Index scale for a 20-year-old girl is the same as it is for an 80-year old lady. The California Highway Patrol noted that the tires' age might have compromised their drivability and handling characteristics, according to the Los Angeles Times. But the rubber compounds in a tire deteriorate with time, regardless of the condition of the tread. If you drive a typical number of miles, somewhere around 12,000-15,000 miles annually, a tire's tread will wear out in three to four years, long before the rubber compound does.
Tires that are rated for higher mileage have "anti-ozinant" chemical compounds built into the rubber that will slow the aging process, but nothing stops the effects of time on rubber, says Doug Gervin, Michelin's director of product marketing for passenger cars and light trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has no specific guidelines on tire aging and defers to the recommendations of carmakers and tire manufacturers. NHTSA also found that environmental conditions like exposure to sunlight and coastal climates can hasten the aging process. Gervin recommends that you maintain proper air pressure in tires, have them rotated regularly and have them routinely inspected. Because of the way a tire is made, it is actually safer for the technician operating the mold to imprint information on the inner side of the tire, so some manufacturers will opt to put the number there.
NHTSA says that the sidewall information about the tire's date of manufacture, size and other pertinent data is now required to be on both sides of the tire for easier reading. Some of the best advice on such an inspection comes from the British Tyre Manufacturers' Association.
In a number of instances, consumers have purchased "new" tires at retail stores only to find out later that they were manufactured years earlier. Since there's no consensus from government or industry sources, we'll just say that if your tire has plenty of tread left but is nearing the five-year mark, it's time to get it inspected for signs of aging. So if the tire store recommends new tires at your five-year check-up, spend the money and don't put it off.
However, it is the body fat percentage that matters the most when it comes to determining the ideal weight for a person.
The Body Mass Index directly relates your height with your weight, the taller you are, the heavier you can be without negatively affecting the BMI. However, the BMI is adjusted when applied to young girls and teens and is usually expressed as a percentile.
But if you only drive 6,000 miles a year, or have a car that you only drive on weekends, aging tires could be an issue.

Carmakers such as Nissan and Mercedes-Benz tell consumers to replace tires six years after their production date, regardless of tread life. People who live in warm weather and coastal states should keep this in mind when deciding whether they should retire a tire.
If you own a truck, the spare may be mounted underneath the vehicle, exposed to dirt and the elements. But if the tire has been inflated and mounted on a wheel, it is technically "in service," even if it's never been used, Gervin says. This Edmunds article about reading a tire's sidewall goes into greater detail, but for the purposes of determining the age of a tire, you'll just need to know its U.S.
It is still possible to check the DOT code, but you might have to jack the car up to see it. It recommends that consumers check tires regularly for any sign of aging, such as tread distortion or large or small hairline cracks in the sidewall. In addition to having a shorter life on the road, a tire that's supposedly new but is actually old may be past its warranty period.
The fourth level on a standard BMI chart is for obese people, BMIs measuring 30 and more are all categorized as obese. The age warning also applies to spare tires and "new" tires that have never been used but are old. This cracking can eventually cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tire.
Tire manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin say a tire can last up to 10 years, provided you get annual tire inspections after the fifth year. Keep the visibility of the DOT number in mind the next time you are at a tire shop and the installer asks if you want the tires to be mounted with the raised lettering facing in.
Vibrations or a change in the dynamic properties of the tire could also be an indicator of aging problems, the association says.
Simply provide the required information, your height in feet or centimetres, your weight in pounds or kilograms and your gender, and the online will calculator will calculate the BMI for you. Some BMI charts have another level, morbidly obese; BMIs of 40 and above fall under this category. Tires on a car that's only driven on the weekends will have a different aging pattern than those on a car that's driven daily on the highway. Since women naturally have higher body fat percentage than men, they usually tend to have BMIs in the latter half of the healthy BMI range. The first two digits still tell you the week, but the third digit tells you the year in the decade that it was created. Some tires made in the 1990s (but not all) have a triangle after the DOT code, denoting that decade. But for tires without that, a code of "328" could be from the 32nd week of 1988 — or 1978.

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