We were given demonstrations of a couple of the new camera features: low-light and the color sensor.
Not long ago, it was tipped that Google could come up with a new design for the software home button that is featured on devices that don’t have a physical counterpart.
By now, you’ve probably spent a good enough time catching everything there is to catch in Pokemon Go. Moans and groans around the world were heard when Niantic started bringing the hammer down on great third-party Pokemon GO companion apps like these.
The latest version of the Android Wear app is notifying users of the Together watch face that Google will officially be shutting it down on Sept 30th, along with the reason why they’re doing it. A new report on the unannounced 6GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 claims that the phone will sell for $916 in China. Today Skully Systems, a San Francisco based IndieGoGo startup, announced that it’s taking pre-orders for a new motorcycle helmet to be released in May 2015. I do like to see this type of technological advancement, though, and I hope the AR-1 does make the rider safer, as that’s the stated purpose of the helmet. Nikon D5500 Price Review, Specifications, Pros Cons Know Review TipsKnow Review Tips: Reviews, Unboxing, Learn Science Technology, Mobile Expert Android Price, iPhone, SEO Camera Tips, VS Check Find Pro Cons, Computer Solutions. Je zult je er alleen even overheen moeten zetten dat je kind waarschijnlijk een mooiere auto heeft dan jij. In de auto zit een 7-inch Android-tablet ingebouwd dat fungeert als dashboard en controlepaneel voor je ingebouwde stereo-installatie. Voorlopig zijn de kinderauto’s van Henes nog beperkt tot prototypes, waar kinderen tot vijf jaar in kunnen zitten (al moet je er toch zeker tot een jaar of zeven in kunnen passen).
Vroeger had ik gewoon een SL 1 zitter met benzine motor en 4 versnellingen(waarvan 1 R) net als een echte auto. Omdat infotainmentsystemen in de auto vaak zuigen en de zoekgigant het beter denkt te kunnen.
It’s bizarre to see a smartphone in full glory, only to be then relegated to spotting it with a camouflage case. We can still see that camera with a metallic looking area around the lens, plus the dual LED flash and fingerprint scanner at the back. The long anticipated Infinix Zero 3 that was recently launched at Silverbird cinema is now available in local smartphone market and sold for N46,000.

Specs-wise, the Infinix Zero 3 spots a 5.5-inch HD screen display with 4K resolution, 400ppi 1080P and a Corning Glass 3 for protection.
By time, the smartphone will begin to circulate the local market and availability on e-commerce sites like JUMIA and Konga will be outed latest 22nd of this month (as of the date of publishing). LG set up a Galaxy S6, a G4, and a G4 with the color sensor disabled, pointed at the same scene. You also know that it’s getting much more difficult to play the game without purchasing in-game upgrades. As much as most of you want to believe the company is the big bad wolf, their reasoning is neatly summed up with 1 telling image. In addition to the increase in RAM, the phone is also expected to feature 128GB of internal storage. The Skully Ar-1 is an Android based, Bluetooth enabled, safety helmet with an augmented reality interface that projects on a small heads-up display just below your right eye to keep your field of vision clear. Ook is er een Bluetooth-controller aanwezig, zodat jij met een druk op de knop de controle over kunt nemen als je spruit tegen een muur op dreigt te botsen. Deze SL koste dan wel duidelijk meer maar de tijd gaat wel mee met de markt haha elektro mooi! That’s the case of the Huawei Mate 8, that recently leaked in full glory in hands on shots, only to appear today with a case.
Said back looks like the one of the Huawei Mate S and the unibody metal gray approach is confirmed but the parts we can spot from the case.
A 4000 mAh battery should be available, plus a 20 megapixel back camera and obviously the star of the show, the Kirin 950 chipset. However, purchase can be made from 3C HUB: Digital square,20 Awolowo way, computer village, Ikeja, Lagos. So, stay tuned as I keep you guys updated with revolving news about the Infinix Zero 3 flagship device.
Thankfully, a newly-leaked animation shows it’s not as bad as we thought it would be.
The AR-1 also comes with a rearview camera feed, allowing the rider to see what’s happening behind him or her. I’m looking at the Skully web site and their current total is $764,668, basically ensuring the success of the project.

The G4 is also one of the first smartphones to take advantage of Lollipop’s new manual camera settings and RAW photos. The G4 shows more detail when zoomed in and the colors are more vibrant, despite being a low-light photo.
We still don’t know pricing and availability, but we expect the typical $200 price tag on all carriers. The Bluetooth connection lets you sync your helmet with your phone, giving the ability to make and receive calls or play music from your preferred music service. Founder and CEO, Marcus Weller told CNET, “Our team watched in amazement on the big screen this morning while the numbers kept rising. I’m already seeing complaints around the Net of it costing too much but, in my mind, it’s well worth it for what one is getting.
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The features are controlled by built-in voice recognition software, along with the helmet’s built-in GPS. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve and transform this industry we love,” he said. As an almost daily motorcycle rider myself, I’d love to have one and would feel that I had gotten value for my money. The heads-up display will also give information about the music that you’re listening to and help you navigate to where you’re headed. But, I’m just a working stiff, like most, so it might be in my future, but quite a ways down the road.
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