First, you will want to make certain that the audio input connector on your camera will allow for a proper “mic level” signal. If you decide to use a condenser microphone, the next consideration would be over proper power supply. It’s important to carefully consider your microphone choices to make certain you get the best audio for your video.
To add on to this excellent article, I’d like to say that in my experience, the most important thing is to get that microphone as close as possible to the mouth of the person speaking, inches away is better. The biggest problem that you may face when you try to take a picture with the technique of Light Painting is how to set up the camera. To draw a “picture” you can use any light source (flashlight, candles, lighter, garland, sparklers).
June 10, 2011 Filed Under: Digital Photography By Champ Ocampo Leave a Comment One month to go before one of the most colorful celebrations in the world happens.
These range from lavalier microphones for close miking, boom microphones for group miking, and specially designed microphones that mount to the camera shoe for convenient, portable miking. As discussed here, condenser microphones require additional power to operate, and certain cameras offer audio power options such as phantom power or plug-in power. Lavalier microphones, such as the AT899 and the BP896, are a popular industry choice since they can be attached to clothing or hidden in set pieces.
Remember, you may always contact Audio-Technica’s Audio Solutions Department to discuss your audio needs, weigh your options and see which Audio-Technica microphone will serve you best.
After all, when the camera realizes that it is asked to take a picture of darkness, it will use a flash inevitably.

I set my shutter speed at 15 seconds, to capture more fireworks glow and enough brightness.
He is a freelance events photographer offering Pre and Post Nup Pictorials, back-up wedding photographer, birthday parties, debuts, child dedications etc.
Sardinia, usually not a destination for foreigners and more of a vacation spot for Italians was a great trip. When selecting, you should take a few things into consideration to ensure that you get the best microphone for you and your camera.
Verify the audio input specifications with your camera’s manufacturer to ensure that your chosen microphone will connect properly.
You may check the specifications of your camera to see if it will provide power to microphones that require it. Boom microphones are also commonly chosen for video shoots, and are sometimes used in conjunction with lavaliers or other types of microphones. Unfortunately, and again this is only in my experience, mounting the microphone on your camera adds a LOT of ambient noise into the soundtrack and should only be a last resort. If you want to make the photo with two objects or a few individual letters, you have to close your light source with a hand when moving it from one object to another. Of course, everybody does not want to miss this event, where skies turn into canvass because of fireworks display. You can set your ISO 200 to 400 (This compensates our Shutter Speed of 15 seconds, high ISO will give us more sensitivity to light and grainy photos).
Your email should include the title of the post you want to write and its draft so that we can review and approve it for the final posting on our website.

It was funny though on the plane the passengers, all Italian, were asking my Italian friend about our group as its very strange for non-Italians to visit the island ?? This was taken in our first day in the island while we checked out the islands capital streets. There are also third-party portable field mixers that will accept various types of microphones and multiple microphone signals. Battery powered microphones, such as the AT831b, AT897 and AT8024, may be another option, as they remove all the guesswork about power.
Choosing the “right” boom microphone will depend on a range of factors, including the microphone size and polar pattern needed for your application. Do not forget to mount your DSLR on a tripod to avoid blur and of course use a heavy duty tripod to protect our DSLR from strong wind blows when shooting outdoors. The photograph is an HDR take of three exposures processed in Photomatix and then color corrected and fine-tuned in Photoshop.
The AT8024 is a great choice for DSLR users who need high audio quality from a mic that can be connected to the top of the camera for on-the-go shooting and recording. DSLRs are far better than any point and shoot while shooting this kind of events and specially when you want to control your camera on what to do next.
Just a tip, keep on shooting until the show is over; forget viewing the photos on your LCD screen for the mean time so that you will be able to enjoy the show.
Right after the show, this is the right time for you to check your photos and I am pretty sure you will end up having few photos you think worth to keep as a memory.

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