Some of these are iPad Basics sort of stuff that are helpful for newer users- for instance, how to instantly jump to the top of a web or email page, how to save images from the iPad web browser or email apps. This is an issue if you’re re-reviewing old albums and you happen upon some pictures you don’t really like or need any more.
This limitation is what prompted me to use Favorites (the hearts on iOS) to tag photos for deletion.
However, as of iOS 9.3, were now given a choice of whether you want to remove a photo from an album, or simply delete it altogether.
My new workflow in iOS 9.3 for culling large numbers of photos is to add them to an album called Rejected. Once that’s done, I head to the Rejected album in the Albums tab, select everything, and tap on the trash can. This has also freed up the Favorites button for its intended use: for tagging the pictures I like the most. It’s really feeling like Apple is listening to user feedback and is paying attention to the little trouble spots in iOS, and I’m really impressed by how much has made it into iOS 9.3 thus far. It can be difficult to memorize all of them, but there’s no denying that keyboard shortcuts provide the fastest way of navigating an operating system. One of my favourite use cases after I press Cmd + Space to activate Spotlight is as a quick conversions and calculation tool. One last thing I realized only recently is that Spotlight seems to cache currency conversion rates. With its large display, the iPad is a great demonstrative and teaching tool–especially in the classroom.
Having said that, wouldn’t it be nice to use shortcuts while typing on your iPad the same way you can on your Mac?
I recently started a new job and have decided, once again, to use Evernote as my main note taking system. This time around I wanted to avoid doing what I did at my last job: logging into my personal Evernote account on my office machine. When I first used Evernote at work, I was hoping to selectively sync specific notebooks to the machine (similarly to how Dropbox works on desktop machines). Check this feature off in the very helpful, but wish I would have discovered it sooner category.
Castle Secrets – Between Day and Night is a hidden object game where you search rooms to fulfill the quests. Collection items can be gotten from the different monsters, and some items have to be bought. While there is no reward for beating the clock in the room, which you should easily do, these tips will help you understand more about the game and how it is played. Steve Schuldt is the president of United Camera, one of the nation’s largest repair centers for cameras, camcorders, gaming consoles, and Apple products. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
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For the first time they were welcoming input from the typical user, and not just from developers. While this may not happen during your experience, it is the trade-off for early access to new features. Previous to this, the only thing you could do to a photo within an album was remove it by tapping on the trash can button. It was easy to pick out the images I wanted to delete, but instead of deleting them from right within the album, I had to find them in the Photos tab (under a specific Moment) and delete them there. This is working better than Favorites because I could only ever tag one photo as a Favorite at a time. I’ll be using this Favorites list for tagging shots for Instagram or 500px because the Favorites album tends to have a favoured spot in iOS 9.
I do still think Apple has a lot of holes to plug with regards to missing shortcuts on iOS, but they are making strides with every dot update (ex.
It got some major upgrades in iOS 8 with Spotlight suggestions — little contextual suggestions based on location or app usage — but there was still a strange disconnect between what Spotlight and Siri could provide. Having the Smart Keyboard attached 99% of the time has made Spotlight into the Swiss Army Knife of my iPad Pro — the quick tool I utilize in a lot of my daily activities. The iPad has long been missing a default calculator app (what’s with that, anyway?), but I no longer pine for one in iOS 9. Any time I’m about to shop for something online, I end up checking the exchange rate in Spotlight.
I’m not sure how often it refreshes the cache, but it does make enable currency conversions offline, which came as a pleasant surprise to me. I know OneNote isn’t the best for me, and although I was strongly considering the default Notes app, the lack of Windows support keeps me on Evernote.
I have thousands of notes in my account and only a quarter of them ever applied to work, so it slowed me down to have them appear in search results while at work. However, that kind of data splitting isn’t possible within the same Evernote account. Not only can you monitor your battery usage over the last 24 hours, but you can also see a snapshot of what your activity level was over the last 7 days, and the proportion of the battery used by each app you interacted with.
There is also the opportunity to take out some monsters and up your experience level and bonuses can help you boost your experience. Sometimes, you may already have the weapon on hand for a certain monster; you can kill as many as you wish. A level up is gained through successfully completing quests and through killing the monsters.
First, set the camera on a steady surface, such as a table or the top of a wall, and consider using the camera’s self-timer or remote shutter.
At night, the water will appear black, but the reflection of the lights, moon, and other bright objects off the water create beautiful effects. With a point and shoot, fully automatic camera, try a few different scene modes to figure out which one will work best. With the night sky in the background, shooting upward can create some interesting looks, for example. As people or vehicles move around the object, they will look slightly blurred in the final image, with the longer shutter speeds required most of the time at night. My question to you then would be , what kind of photography tips do you have for night time shots taken inside a live music venue for example.

A yellow or red filter can be put over your flashlight so the light doesn’t disturb the cockroaches.
This was a well thought out decision on their part, as there are millions of active users who could prove to be invaluable. However, removing photos from an album does only that: remove a metatag that associated those photos with a particular album. Specifying an item as a Favorite is really just another way of adding a metatag, but Apple gave this folder the extra special privilege of being able to delete photos within it. This meant moving from picture to picture and tapping on the Favorite button to tag each one for deletion. It’s usually near the top, just under the All Photos view in any photo picker, and it also displays its pictures in chronological order (unlike user-created albums). I love how quickly the feature activates, and how I can summon it regardless of which app I’m in. There are Saved Searches to filter specifically for a notebook, but they require an extra tap every time I initiate a search.
OneNote can selectively sync notebooks to a device, but Evernote only online notebooks — which sync to every logged-in device — and offline notebooks, which don’t sync at all.
No matter how you might, or might not have gotten there, knowing how you spend your valuable iPad battery charge can be very empowering.
The text is just a list of hidden objects to find with the shadow showing you a shaded cutout of each item to find. Second, lean your body weight against a building or door frame, holding your elbows in tightly to your body while shooting, thereby steadying yourself. Some photographers even try to use directional light, such as a powerful flashlight, to create an artistic look in the photos. Today I can select multiple thumbnails from the Photos tab and add them all at once to a Rejected album. It’s so good that it has even replaced long-standing third party apps like Calcbot (which offered great conversion options and a really fun calculator interface). I have done this enough times that I can simply write 300 USD and Spotlight will suggest the (much larger) sum in Canadian Dollars. I don’t mind having to learn a specific syntax to do this, or mimicking the existing syntax for creating notes, events, and reminders within Siri.
On the night setting, the room is dark except where your mouse is, and these objects are just listed in the text.
Third, if you think your shot has plenty of external light, you can manually increase the shutter speed, and, hopefully, the photo’s exposure will be OK. Shooting those night photos can be a challenge, but having the right equipment and knowing the correct techniques certainly helps. If this type of enhancement could make it into an iOS 10 preview this June, I foresee Spotlight being one of the biggest selling points of iOS for power users.

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