Prior to the announcement of the Canon EOS 6D and the Nikon D600, novice photographers who required a full-frame DSLR camera—brought together with a picture sensor the same size as a 35mm film frame—were stood up to with a little number of choices at RM 10k and up. While its more noteworthy than entry-level cameras with tinier APS-C picture sensors, the 6D is quite a conservative camera for a full-frame D-SLR. The control arrangement is friendly to anyone who has dealt with a Canon SLR sooner or later as of late.
Most importantly seen on the Canon EOS game plan of APS-C cameras, the Q button grants you to change settings through the back LCD. The Canon 6D is the first DSLR with consolidated Wi-Fi system, and overall, its an incredible utilization.
The more supportive limits incorporate conferring your photos on the web, and taking control of the Canon EOS 6D through your smartphone. We used the Iatest technology to measure the noise recorded by the Canon EOS 6D’s 20-megapixel picture sensor.
Every one format provides for you an opportunity to pick between All-I and IPB layering, with the former achieving much greater files. Despite the mic input port, there is a standard smaller than expected USB port, a scaled down HDMI port, and a port for a wired remote control. While the Canon EOS 6D doesn’t have most of the ace features of its more extravagant kin, it addresses a solid worth for Canon shooters who need to endeavor the benefits of a greater picture sensor. Both associations cut about RM 3000 off the expense of entry to full-frame with new models that surrender a couple of features that ace shooters are used to, yet are packaged in more little bodies that are equivalent in design to the top-end APS-C cameras. Hit it and you’ll have the ability to change lens opening, ISO, Exposure Compensation, Flash Compensation, JPG yield, White Balance, and other typical shooting settings—the back control pad is used to investigate from item to item and the control wheel compasses through the available settings. Rather Canon chose to fuse a 97 percent viewfinder—the camera will get a minor bit of extra information around the edges of the frame, and the to some degree more minute viewfinder makes it possible to change the focus screen—a feature that was barred from the higher-end Canon 5D Mark III. It’s to an incredible degree precisioncy, allowing you to confirm separating focuses when assessing shots or shooting in Live View mode. There are different methodologies to use the remote features, and some are more useful than others. To set this up you’ll need to present the EOS Utility application on your PC or Mac and make a record on the Canon Image Gateway organization. On the other hand the Canon EOS 6D can demonstration as a hotspot for direct association and you can save presets for either design in one of the five openings focused on this mode. It’s a viable beneficiary it only took around 40 seconds to jolt on to the territory on the start of setup—and you can accommodate how much of the time it reviews for an alternate zone. It’s a by and large low megapixel mean a full-frame design—of current models, only the 16-megapixel Nikon D4 packs less pixels.
The footage looks sharp, nonetheless it does rely on upon the same autofocus system as the Live View mode in the midst of recording.

In case you use EF lenses on your APS-C Canon camera, you’ll quickly benefit from a more far reaching field of perspective when they are joined with a full-frame body.
It’s focus system could be a bit faster, making the 5d Mark III or Nikon D800 a predominant option for the people who shoot occasions. The 20-megapixel Canon 6D moreover incorporates some fan welcoming features—surprisingly a facilitated GPS beneficiary and Wi-Fi capability which, close by unbelievable picture quality, pick up it for all intents and purpose faultless rating and our editors’ choice honor.
To the right of the viewfinder you’ll find a control wheel, the shade release, and buttons to change the AF Mode, Drive Mode, ISO, Metering Mode, and to establish the scenery light on the monochrome information LCD, in like manner spotted on the most elevated purpose of the camera. Statute accommodates you the capacity to share photos directly with an exchange Canon Wi-Fi camera and to print directly to a Wi-Fi-engaged printer.
Once joined, you can exchange pictures and videos directly to your phone by method for the EOS Remote application; its available free of charge in both the Apple and Android application stores.
Commonly it checks for your territory at consistent interims, notwithstanding you can go as speedy as once a second or as moderate as predictable as the rising sun. Tenacious shooting is possible at around 4.2 frames for consistently, aside from the amount of shots you can get before that decreases progressions focused around record configuration and card speed.
Refocusing is a broad process that prompts coincidental stammers as the camera secures exact focus. Notwithstanding the way that it would do enjoyably as a less-rich fortification camera for the 5d Mark III. The RM 20,000 full-frame Nikon D4 is still a prevalent choice for any person who relies on upon photography to put sustenance on the table, yet most individuals basically needn’t trouble with that much money for that camera in their sack.
This is instead of Nikon’s philosophy, which allows its APS-C DX lens lineup to be used on the Nikon D600, the Nikon D800, and Nikon D4 in an extraordinary harvest mode. The back controls are compacted when differentiated and the 5d Mark III, yet regardless you’ll have induction to a back control wheel with a facilitated four-way controller, an Info button that controls what is indicated on the back LCD, the Menu button, a control switch to incite Live View and film recording, picture playback controls, and buttons to charm the autofocus framework, authorize Exposure Lock, and select the element autofocus point.
Connect the Canon EOS 6D to your machine sets it with your Canon account, and will provide for you an opportunity to send JPG pictures and videos directly to the organization of your choice. Crude move is maintained in light of the way that photos are assessed down to 2-megapixel JPG pictures to accelerate exchanges. I could grab 8 Raw+jpg shots using a Sandisk 95mbps memory card, with 7.5 seconds required to totally clear the support after I stop shooting.
I attempted the JPG output at default settings through the camera’s top amplified ISO setting of 102400 and found the results to be more than paramount.
The Canon EOS-1d X or the Nikon D4 are better choices for photojournalists and the people who spread of the to an extraordinary degree fast activity of sporting occasions, as both cameras pass on close minute focus and incredibly speedy impact shooting. There’s in like manner a physical lock switch that holds the back control from changing settings when turned—that wheel controls exposure compensation in most shooting modes. You in like manner have the decision of survey your photos on a DLNA contraption, in the same path as a Wi-Fi HDTV or set-top box.

You must be connected with a Wi-Fi system, and the EOS 6D can store the SSID and login information for up to three systems without a moment’s delay. Shooting only Raw records broadens the impact to 16 shots, furthermore extends the support clearing time to 10.5 seconds. The camera can keep noise underneath 1.5 percent through ISO 12800, and does so while even now getting a rich measure of unobtrusive component. The sound of the lens refocusing in autofocus mode is appropriately noisy, however there is a microphone input port. This isn’t atypical for a full-frame camera—Nikon does fuse a pop-up flash on the D600 and D800, yet bars it on the D4, and Sony Alpha DSLRs does not include a flash in its full-frame bodies.
The photos we took were, without exceptional case, impeccably geotagged, appearing on Lightroom’s aide at the definite territories from which I shot them. At ISO 25600, the top standard setting, noise extends to 2.1 percent, however despite extended graininess, fine purposes of investment are new.
In the event that you’re captivated by a full-frame SLR that has all the more straightforward video focus, the Sony Alpha 99 is worth a look.
The 6D doesn’t shoot as brisk as the Nikon D600—its around one frame for consistently slower—yet the development of Wi-Fi and GPS and predominant picture quality at high ISO settings give Canon the edge.
There’s recognizable slack in the video encourage its not as quick as the USB tethered machine association that is possible through the included EOS Utility programming for Mac or Windows—yet its useable in the field, while conventional tethered shooting is more useful in a studio setting. In case you have to add region data to your photos, you’ll likely need to set the camera to check with the GPS satellites less habitually to develop the battery life, and debilitate the GPS before you turn the camera off. In perspective of its design, which uses a changed mirror for full time stage catch focus, the camera quickly jolts onto and can track objects when recording video, precisely as it would when shooting stills.
As a result of this, the EOS 6D acquires our Editors’ Choice honor for full-frame D-Slrs. That will allow you to apply noise diminish in Adobe Lightroom or a similar Raw converter, which accommodates you more control than the 6D’s in-camera count. The disadvantage to this system is that it requires the use of an electronic viewfinder rather than the more conventional optical discoverer found in the 6D. There is a nonobligatory battery handle open it join with the most minimal piece of the camera and holds two cells, duplicating the operation time.

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