There have been many moments in the past when I’ve wished I had my camera on me to capture an amazing moment such as a cloud pattern I noticed when I suddenly looked up,  the way light reflected of a window pane,  the shadows cast by a street lamp. I have fulfilled this craving by becoming an “Iphonographer” (a term loosely used to describe someone who uses an iPhone as a camera). It’s not just me, thousands of others are taking to using their mobile phones as their primary camera.
You definitely can’t carry your DSLR every time you go to work or for an evening stroll but it’s easy enough to slip your phone into your purse or pocket and keep it handy. People get conscious and at times offended if you walk around with a huge DSLR or even a point and shoot, but no one cares about someone with his ears stuffed with headphones who is  innocently starring in to his phone.
Photos captured using an iPhone don’t in any sense match the quality of photos from a DSLR, but you can make up for the quality by composing your shots very well. Good things are for sharing, and a camera phone makes it infinitely easy to shoot and share a lovely moment while you are on the go.
It’s a great idea to retouch or process your photos before you share them or store them for you own viewing pleasure.
Camera+: Amazing app for cleaning up photos using filters, adding amazing effects and borders . Instagram : A great community, fun filters to put on your photos and lots of inspiring images to look at. Adobe PhotoShop Express with noise reduction filter: This is a great app, especially with the noise reduction filter, which does wonders on any picture shot in low light or that has come out a little grainy.

ColorSplash : This iPhone app will convert any photo to black and white even while allowing you to keep specifically chosen details in colour. At the end of the day it is not just about what others think or how many times your photo gets “liked” or retweeted, but about the smile it will bring to your face, and the joy of capturing a fleeting moment which you would have missed if not for your handy phone camera. Great article – will definitely be using some of these tips next time I am out with just my iPhone, and thanks especially for the app recommendations!
Naveen KonduriA software Architect by profession and an "iPhoneographer" by Passion, I believe there is beauty in every walk of life waiting to be captured. Latest PostsPressgram: The Photo Sharing App for Bloggers Instagram now owns your photos, and can sell them. PS: На самом деле, на переходники нужно цеплять часть разъёма с контактами «папа» (исходя из соображений логики и безопасности). I have always  wanted to constantly capture those simple fleeting moments which make my life come alive. My camera is my phone, and my dark room, the plethora of apps I use to process my photos on the go. This is supported by the fact that  the most popular camera on Flicker the leading photo sharing site is the iPhone 4. Although these are more iPhone centric, you can easily adapt them to any phone with a good camera and an app platform.
The moments you see an interesting subject just reach for it and start clicking without wasting a breath.

Start noticing the small things of wonder:  leaf lying on the boardwalk, the bird on the tree, the flowers swaying in the wind, the smiling people, and the plastic bag stuck in the tree. The fact that the phone is on you when you need one, is power enough to use it as a tool to capture the raw, emotional, unquantifiable elements in the moment. Nowadays most of the phones and apps have apps which allow you to post pictures on your social networks, for your friends and family to see and enjoy .
Apps allow you to correct some abnormalities, play with the color, contrast, or brightness and almost everything else you dream of, such as the ability to cross process and add numerous filters.  The possibilities to be creative are just unlimited.
The Hipstamatic brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past!
It’s easy:  you can take a picture, process it using your favorite apps and blog it all from the comfort of your phone while you take that  bus ride to work or wait  at the Laundromat. I had a great couple of days exploring central Vietnam on a motorbike with just my iPhone to get a few pix. Most of the Apps are free though some of the good ones come at a small price, usually below $ 5.

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