Posing in an art, and art that has to be mastered by all models and portrait photographers alike. Whether you’re shooting boudoir, wedding, maternity, or glamour, knowing how to pose your subject is essential. Here’s a list of guides (mix of paid and free) to help both photographers and models in posing.
Don’t forget to share this on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest so your model or photographer friends can benefit! These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Climate Map Of Germany" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. Last week we posted an image collection containing some beautiful black and white portrait photography. UPDATE: Learn more about how to take great Black and White Landscapes and Portraits with our new Guide to Black and White Photography. UPDATE: Discover how to improve your Black and White Photography with our Essential Guide to Black and White Photography.
I would like to see this same pictures in all its magnificent colors so that one can appreciate the difference. Years ago when I was using my Roleiflex and film, I had similar black and white experiences taking winter trees in snow in the US Midwest.
And because for people like me (and not only) there is always the dilemma between black and white and color I have opened a group in flickr with the headline To bw or not to bw (in slight variation from Hamlet) where everyone is invited to post two versions of the same photo and let the public decide which one is preferable. Incidentally, I just added a black and white landscape of "Paradise" in Mt Rainier National Park. I need to go back through my photos now and convert some to black and white to see how they look.
There are literally thousands of magazines published every month, only the high quality and good ones make it mainstream. The following is a list of some 35+ magazine covers that will truly instill the urge in a person to pick up a copy. Computer Arts is one of the world’s best-selling magazine for digital artists, designers, illustrators, etc.
Advanced Photoshop Magazine is an Adobe Photoshop oriented magazine, that has everything related to Photoshop.
Lettering & Type is a powerful and essential how-to book full of relevant theories, history, diagrams and excersies regarding typeface designs and typography. PAGE Magazine is created by creative professional people in design, advertising, and media supplies. WebDesign HS7 is a magazine by Mathieu Schatzler, who is a graphic designer & art director from Lille, France. GOOD Magazine is a collaboration between individual parties, such as businesses, moms, kids, organizations, etc that work together to find what is good, prosperous and creative. Pixel Arts is a magazine that is all about creativity in best animation works, cartoons, motion graphics and tv design. The Walrus magazine was launched with a simple aim: to be a national general interest magazine about Canada and its place in the world. Gazele Biznesu is a business-oriented magazine that gives out an annual ranking for developing small and medium businesses.
Due to the language barrier, I am unable to tell you much about this magazine except that looks good.
Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Close-up photography is a must for insects; they are small and intricate and therefore require attention to detail. Keeping an insect in focus is very tough if you are using a macro lens and handholding the camera too.
Consider using a ringlight flash; this is a flashgun that is in the shape of a doughnut and fits on the end of your lens. A macro lens is important if you want to take very sharp close-up images, but there are less expensive alternatives. How to throw an Emoji party: The ultimate roundup of seriously awesome snacks, invitations, activities + other ideas. With that in mind, and to help stave off the begging from my kids, I’ve scoured the web for tons of the coolest ideas for how to throw an emoji party that kids will love.
The truth is, you could just email people an invitation with a bunch of emoji on it and that would probably work just fine.
If you’re a DIYer, find inspiration in this ingenious Emoji party invitation from Luscious Verde, that they created for a bat mitzvah.
Of course it’s easy to also just do a Google image search for transparent emoji PNG images, and upload a grid of emoji icons and print that out on card stock. Just note that this free printable is for your own personal use, and not for distribution or sale, like you would even do that.
Also keep in mind there are emoji representing plenty of healthy foods kids, love like watermelon, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, peaches, and corn on the cob.
When it’s dessert time, have guests sit down to a little plate of emoji party treats from Design Eat Repeat, using really simple finger food. Move over cake pops, we’ve found Emoji Marzipops which are artisanal lollipops from an Etsy shop specializing in them.

Also check out the exquisite Emoji sugar cookies made by The Alison Show which are equally inspiring. Another way to get a little help is with these Emoji Cookie Cutters from 3D Printing N Supplies. This amazing image of Emoji Macarons from Studio DIY has made the rounds and for good reason. Some parties just require cake over any other treat and of course the round shape makes it perfectly conducive to emoji faces.  I really love this fantastic Emoji cake, from the geniuses at Flour Shop whose site and Instagram feed is filled with all kinds of playful inspiration.
The  rainbow cake layered cake inside is just a fun surprise, and we found a good recipe from The Cake Merchant, featured in our roundup of cool Easter cakes.
You crafty mamas will want to see the instructions for making adorable DIY Emoji Snack Boxes at Lemon Thistle, created by Varsha from Design for Soul. Of course if painting wooden discs is one more thing to worry about (I know I get a little stressed pre-parties myself) you can easily cheat by buying the snack boxes and just applying stickers. Finally for the adults (because there should always be something for the adults), I appreciate the conceptual Emoji Cocktail recipe from DC Girls in Pearls.
Fortunately those simple graphics of emoji lend themselves to easy emoji party decoration ideas and so many fun party activities! If you’re crafty, you can  make these DIY emoji balloons using the tutorial from the always inspiring ladies at Studio DIY.
If you want, pass out instructions like this one at Drago Art on how to draw emoji so kids have a template to follow. On Etsy, I dig this Emoji Party Banner from Broke Bitch Paper Co and would happily pay to have this hanging at my kids’ party. I really think kids would love to decorate their own gumballs like this idea from the Tiny Prints blog. If you want to print the snapshots on the spot, or send them to guests later as a belated party favor, check out these Emoji photo frames from Snap Props. Another idea, with or without the photo booth, is to get a pack of paper photo frame cards (these are $23 for 40 cards at Amazon, and have kids decorate their own with emoji stickers, like these from Paper Source. I find it’s always great to have coloring pages around, either for kids who need a little quiet time, for younger siblings who want their own activity, or just as a way to gather everyone around the table together when that feels like herding cats. Separately, do a search for black and white emoji images, and you can put the ones you like together in PicMonkey to make your own free coloring pages.
Finding the 300 new diverse emoji from the Apple OS update has been a little more challenging, but check out emojipedia (yes, that’s a thing) for a great place to start. PreviousThe cutest travel pillow just for kids, when they’re too old to just fall asleep in your lap (sniff). NextWeb coolness: Free printables for back to school, a cool new comic heroine, and putting good thoughts into meaningful action. Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design. Combining certain elements to create a unique image, that can convince even the most experienced set of eyes, requires a very creative set of skills. Because the manipulation of a photo gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your images.
Photo manipulations are a great source for inspiration, generally because designers are able to express their creativity through various aspects of design. Several of the following images contain illustrative elements, while others display a more realistic approach.
WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! You can have the prettiest model or the best light, but if you can’t pose or direct a pose, your portraits will end up looking forced, unappealing, and no coherence to the scene or mood.
A good model needs a good photographer to bring out their best, and a photographer needs a good model to ensure his model photos don’t look amateurish and unpolished.
With experience, you’ll know which poses work well for specific types of body shape, height, and facial features. It’s like thinking out of the box and producing this kind of excellent stuff in front of everybody. As a geographer (sort of, my college degree was in geography, but I didn't stick with it for my career), i would certainly like to know the locations. Now I want to try a few black and white shots myself - the starkness of the moon in black and white is better than any color photo I've seen. Not only do they show portfolios of some great artists, they also talk about different fields of art, such as architecture, 3D, and many more. Mathieu has worked on branding & rebranding concepts, along with some high-quality illustrations. Showcasing the greatest Artwork in Digital Art, Photography, Illustration, 3D arts, Motion Graphic and more.
The magazine covers the world of Formula One, especially the Red Bull world, events and happenings related to them. The project is run jointly by nine newspapers belonging to Bonnier Publishing Group, based in Poland. This is because when you use a shallow depth of field, you give yourself a smaller margin for error.
The resulting image has an even, shadowless finish, perfect for insects as it highlights their details without creating a shadowy distraction. You can buy attachments called extension tubes that give great close-ups; you can also buy filters that magnify giving the close up look. If you share it, you must link this page for the original and please don’t host the file yourself.

This tutorial from Today’s Parent has the smartest, easiest, DIY emoji cheese treats tutorial. Check out our post  11 ways to serve watermelon for example, where we found this easy watermelon sticks + dip recipe from Real Simple. The hardest part is cutting the Jell-O into hearts…or just splurge for some ready made heart gummi candies. But remember…they were created with professional bakers, stylists, and photographers. Here’s an emoji sugar cookie recipe from The New Potato which I appreciate for the reality of what an amateur or intermediate baker can reasonably pull off in his or her own kitchen. Just bake, and then hand the kids a Wilton edible Food Writer pen ($5.91 a pack on sale from our Amazon affiliate) which is way easy to manage than fondant. But you crafty mamas can make your own construction paper templates, pass them out and have kids make their own. No, not with Sharpies; again, use edible food pens from Wilton or Americolor like these I found on  Amazon. I found these Emoji photo booth props from Image Event Boutique and they’re pretty cute. There are some cute ideas for an emoji party at Kristen Duke photography, and I like that she shared some free printable emoji party banners she had commissioned. Being mostly a colour landscape man, myself, these are definitely inspirational and have changed my perspective on my shooting in some situations. It is the covers of these magazines that creates the impulse, that uncontrollable urge to grab hold of the magazine and flip it open. While JOiA only publishes 5 issues per year, their high standards have put them on a high position in the literature of Arts and Design – no less than the national level.
Advanced Photoshop Magazine is one of the best Photoshop magazine out there at this moment. Your camera may be hand-held or used with a tripod, but be as quiet as you can to prevent scaring the insect away.
Because of this fact you should always use a tripod to avoid blur, and use the smallest aperture possible. Remember to put your camera on a tripod and use a cable release, a remote, or the cameraa€™s self timer to take the image. Zooming in close means that the striking contrast between colors is very clear; you can even bring an insect indoors and create a set up with a colorful flower. To photograph an ant get low on the ground (use a mat to rest your camera on) and photograph the insect while it is engaging in its daily tasks. Insects move quickly, so dona€™t be afraid to use sports mode since it allows you to capture subjects that are moving rapidly.
These illustrations aren’t actually political, but they do feature current and previous presidents doing badass stuff. Or get the kids to cut their own faces out of the pepperoni, and turn it into a party activity in itself.
Then just affix the appropriate watermelon emoji on a white place card (found these are $3.99 for 20 at our Amazon affiliate) and voila! Just provide lots of yellow balloons (they don’t have to be mylar) and either cut out some basic shapes or hey, just make it easy and use Sharpies.
Then, string them all up and get a group photo of all the guests in front of their handiwork.
Find the birthday set at top, or the simple happy face emoji temporary tattoos they offer too.
And they can be personalized with your child’s birthday and date, or just write THANKS FOR COMING! You can later send your party guests a big group photo to include in their frames, or they can each pose with the birthday boy or girl, or hey, just use the photo booth idea.
One possible technique is to stand above a flower and wait for an insect to land on it a€“ a flower which has lot of pollen for the taking will usually tempt a creature or two. Use auto and manual focus and see which one works better for you; sometimes auto takes a while to a€?finda€? the subject you want.
Remember that by pressing the shutter, you cause a slight movement, and when the image is magnified, any blur will be apparent.
You may have to use fill-in flash if the sun is not very bright so there is a little bit more detail on the insect. They’re a little splurgy, so maybe you wrap each one individually and send it home as a party favor?
Of course there are a few emoji I’d rather beat up than this guy, but it is pretty cute. Use a shallow DOF (depth of field) to create a completely blurred out background and make the bug stand out more. Because they are so small, make sure your focus is perfect and on the insect, not the background.
Use colored cards to make quick and attractive backdrops whether youa€™re photographing insects indoors or out.
Since insects are everywhere, there is no excuse not to go out and find some to photograph.

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