A wide-angle prime lens is a fixed focal length lens which is ideal for use in architectural, interior and landscape photography. Here are some recommendations according to DxOMark ratings and to our suggestions.  You can see two tables seperated below, listing the best wide-angle prime lenses for both full frame (Fx) and APS-C (DX) Nikon DSLRs. According to DxOMark and web reviews, the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A lens is the best for wide-angle prime choice.
The Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A lens is again the best wide-angle prime lens for Nikon DX-format APS-C sensor cameras.
This entry was posted in Nikon and tagged Best Lenses, carl zeiss, digital slr camera, distagon lens, dslr, dx lens, full frame, full frame lens, fx lens, nikon dslr, nikon dx, nikon lens, prime, prime lens, Recommendation, samyang, sigma lens, tokina, tokina lens, wide angle lens, Wide Angle Prime Lens, zeiss, zeiss lens. Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. You would think that the need to use camera filters would decrease with more and more people using and getting to know Photoshop a little better these days. For example, as far as I know, there is no program or plug-in available (at the time of writing) that will give you the same effects as a polariser filter. You see, a polariser filter will even cut out all the reflections from the humidity in the air making your image seem much clearer. Also, when faced with a beautiful landscape scene that had darkened areas of vegetation at the bottom of the image and bright skies at the top, how does your meter compensate for these radical differences in light? With option one, it would be impossible to bring back blown out highlights in the sky when they are no longer there.
What about if there was a cheap filter that you could use at the time of exposure that would save all this hassle, leaving you more time to take more photos? To illustrate the above with an image, the picture on the left (below) was metered for the sky and the image in the middle was metered for the ground. I have always had one of these filters in my bag and find it most useful in a few situations that I find myself in. I can guarantee that by using these filters you will see a huge difference in your images and will want to take them everywhere with you. Cokin Camera Filters at Amazon – Please note, you will need the filter holder and adaptor to fit your lens as well as the actual square filters with this range. If you have different lenses with different filter thread sizes, you only need to buy more adaptor rings not the filter holder again.

The Silent Wave Motor (SWM) technology ensures that the lens is very quiet when the auto-focusing is engaged. I hiked about 50 miles of trails on this trip to Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. Please support this site and my family by using the links provided throughout the site to make your purchases.
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After all, what with all the plug-ins, effects and filters already built into this piece of software, why would you need to worry about a filter at the time of exposure?
Sure, you can enhance the saturation and boldness of colours using Photoshop, but to cut out glare and reflections from glass and water, I don’t think so.
A circular polarizing filter is made up of 2 pieces of round glass, each with hundreds of tiny lines etched into them. Again, you could then use Neat Image or a similar program to reduce the noise, but what a hassle. What this does is darken the sky to fool the cameras meter into thinking it is the same exposure as the ground, therefore you end up with both areas being exposed correctly. Generally, people use them to cover and protect the front elements of a lens when shooting in dusty, dirty or damp environments. A poor filter will only degrade the image making having a decent lens worth protecting a bit pointless.
At the very least, I would suggest that you get the 3 camera filters mentioned above, making sure the quality is reasonable, as a start.

It ships with the HB-51 bayonet lens hood, the LC-77 front lens cap and the LF-1 rear lens cap.
Compare Resonable Price Malibu Kendleton Collection Brushed Stainless Steel LED Pathway Light Top Reviews . It will offer you a much fuller understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of it.You must to decided on and bought from relied on store. As you turn one piece of glass, the lines cross each other and the effect happens before your very eyes. If you have more than one lens with different thread sizes, eihter buy a filter for both lenses or just for the one that you think you will use the most. Nikon’s Extra-Low Dispersion lens elements ensure suppression of color fringing and improvement of the final image quality. The lens has a maximum angle of view of 61° on a DX format camera and 84° on a FX format camera. On line seeking is beyond doubt one in every of the most effective ways in which of searching nowadays. Either or not searching for Malibu Kendleton Collection Brushed Stainless Steel LED Pathway Light Top Reviews or the other stock youa€™ll be able to simple comprehend it on-line. Beautiful rounded 9 blades form the lens diaphragm and is what creates a soft blurry background when the lens is used to shoot at wider f-stops.
Though there square quantum various sites wherever youa€™ll be able to buy your favorite product any way searching from here can forestall sensible add. If might be 2 shoes wide, but it is sloped, not smooth and is covered with scree (small loose stones).
There is a narrow (one shoe+ wide) steel ladder bolted into the rock that leads to a cramped, mostly natural tunnel.
The trail is barely a shoe width wide (being generous with my memory) and again filled with scree. We had to be back before that second ferry left the dock to avoid an overnight in the wilderness.

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