Best Of Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation - Personal Blog of Mario Xiao, a Graphic Designer, Veggie, Movieholic and Traveler Buff. Photographs are usually taken with a digital camera, negative film, scanner, and input directly into a computer.
Wide angle lens or wide angle zoom can add special effects to your images which you can't get with other lenses.
If you’re shooting outdoors, you can quickly find yourself with your back to a wall, or needing to step into the street to move back far enough. A wide angle lens used for landscape photography emphasizes the foreground details while moving the distant scenery farther back from the camera.
Too many photos are shot from the eye level of the photographer, and the resulting image is as mundane as the shooter’s imagination.

At this time, digital editing is much easier by using an image editing software to apply any effects, warp an image, retouching colors, etc. These fantasy landscape manipulations are perfect for all your graphic design needs such as in postcard printing.
Indoors, shooting an interior photo without a lens that is wide enough may be possible only if you go outside and shoot through a window. Doing all this will enable you to seek out common patterns in images familiarise you with the art of photography as well as improving your foundations for page design and layout. Something as simple as shooting a subject from a high vantage point or down at ground level can give you a picture that is dramatically different from what you get with telephoto and normal lenses.
But a wider lens or wider zoom setting makes it possible to fill the frame from a reasonable distance, and gives you room to move around for different angles even in tight confines.

If you step back far enough with a telephoto to take in the same field of view as a wide angle, the DOF is actually the same. Or, you can try climbing a ladder, scaling some stairs, or taking some other lofty vantage point to gain a new perspective as you change your viewpoint. These are great images of what we see whenever it rains, but we don't stop to capture the beauty. But, as a practical matter, if lots of depth of field is your goal, a wide angle lens is your best bet.

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