Your senior portraits are the best, most important photos you’ll have up to this point in your life, so take some time and plan out your shoe selection. After you’ve chosen your shoes, make sure to read our Tips for Senior Girls Photo Sessions for more details on getting ready and looking your best. I’ve lived in Florida 40 years now and visitors often ask me what they should do when they visit. Manatees are large, gentle creatures that seem to touch an emotional chord in most people that encounter them. Although there are a lot of springs that attract manatees, there are only two locations where you can swim with them:  Crystal River and Homosassa Springs. Whatever camera you are using, practice using it in the water until you instinctively know how to adjust the controls.
Since you are so shallow and since the sun usually shines brightly in Florida, you won’t need much in the way of lighting. Take a roomy backpack or duffel bag with you on the boat and load it with a warm change of clothes (including socks), a towel and Thermos with hot coffee or chocolate (some tours have hot beverages on board). The boat ride to the dive site can take up to a half hour (depending which marina you start from). The least busy, and therefore the best days of the week are Tuesday thru Thursday (unless one of these days is a holiday). If you are looking for a bargain, you can occasionally getagroupon that cuts the cost down to only $25. Also be sure that a wetsuit rental is included in the price…otherwise you might be hit with a surprise extra charge.
Three Sisters gets all the press, but many of these other springs can yield wonderful manatee photo. There is a bit of current, and the bottom is irregular but your water shoes will protect your feet. A Manatee that is close to and downstream from one of springs (this will ensure that your shots won’t show much suspended silt). Your primary task will be re-adjusting the white balance.  Manatees are grey, so you can usually just touch your Photoshop white-point stylus to their skin and get close to the right colors.

It can be challenging to get a shot that has the right exposure.  If you were able to shoot raw, then you should be able to recover most, if not all of the blown-out highlights that often result from the sun reflections off the surface of the water.
No matter how careful you set up your shot, you will probably see some suspended silt (backscatter) in your shots…especially if you used flash. I’ve added a number of new techniques and suggestions in a more recent blog.  Click on this link to see more! If you want to photograph more after your tour, then take the time to hit some of the numerous parks located right on the water in Crystal River (none of them are more than ten minutes away).
This entry was posted in Central Florida Photo Locations, Manatees, Photo Tips and Guides, Underwater Photography, Wildlife and tagged 3 sisters spring, Central Florida Photo Locations, crystal river, manatee, Three sisters spring, underwater photography, Wildlife. Either I was a very good girl last year or Santa keeps a close eye on me here and on Facebook because I got spoiled with a heat press at Christmas. PS…I whipped up this cute little onesie so you could see some of the tips below in action. The number one complaint I here about HTV is that the cut lines are so hard to see, which means weeding can be difficult.
Just click here to head over to the Silhouette site and use promo code STITCHES to get your discount! If you’re looking for a complete cutting system, you can get one on sale, too, bundled with HTV supplies! This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Ask Nikki, Crafts, DIY, Gadgets, Gifts to Give, Make in Under 30 Minutes!, Projects For Baby, Silhouette CAMEO. One of my biggest pet peeves with applying vinyls would definitely have to be when the excess sticks to me. Be notified when fresh projects are posted, new products are released and get freebies delivered right to your inbox! They are adorable, work up in one night in front of the TV, and make great stocking stuffers, too!
This monthly membership program includes projects, and mini lessons built specifically to help you master every feature of your Silhouette Studio Software. There also is a community forum where students post questions, help each other work through problems they may be having, and of course, share their work!

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To help you, I’ve put together this collection of past senior photos to show how good shoes can give your look some added glamor. It took me a bit to break it in, work out the kinks, and feel confident cranking out custom t-shirts…hence this post coming four months AFTER Christmas! If you’re looking to stock up, scroll down to the bottom of this post for sale details! I save the file right then and there, and now every time I open it, I not only have all the design pieces, but I have a picture handy to use for placement, color, etc. For your printable calendar you can select from the list below and print or copy your free calendar with no files or templates to download.
A cool pair of shoes will complete a beautiful wardrobe and attract attention to your overall look.
A pair of casual shoes is okay for one outfit, but your main emphasis should be on nicer shoes.
Also, if you’re interested in purchasing either a CAMEO or Portrait, those are on sale, too! Just click any of the small calendar photos below to see a larger view and also go to a printable calendar page. As you weed the rest of your design, press those annoying pieces of HTV that are sticking to you right to it! Grab a flashlight and a Pyrex pan from your kitchen and you’ve got yourself a homemade light box that will work just as well! When you’re finished weeding, trim off some of the border, cutting away all those sticky bits with it!

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