For a more detailed look at the techniques used in this piece, I suggest you visit the tutorials section of the evermotion web site.
The technical means to achieve it via the above tutorial (plus whatever I myself have to contribute).
It’s key to remember the role of black and white values when applying bumps and reflection maps. I added some objects and props from an earlier scene I made (see the victorian lamp scene in my portfolio).
It looks crappy in the render but I tested it in Photoshop and knew that it could be saved in post, so carried on with it.
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Excuse me for asking, I saw there’s a water puddle on the tile of the street; how actually the trick to make that is it on the texture or what?
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Now a thoroughly modern, mountain-top villa with Donald Judd-like art installations, an infinity pool and patchwork views of the Tuscan countryside, Podere Palazzo is a design and foodie dreamscape.
I’ve just published a post that captures some photographic highlights around Florence and I hope you and your readers will enjoy them and that it brings our corner of the world into their home. I arrived home from Canberra around 3pm yesterday, and at 4pm jumped in the car and headed to Lavender Bay to have a look at Vivid.
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The former is free, the latter you have to pay for each texture, but, the price is per image and is only like $2!
Again, you’ll see an example on how to do that in the video tutorial linked above (well, I think he goes into roof detailing in the 2nd or 3rd video). In the Vray material, when you place a black and white map in the reflection slot, pure white is 100% reflective.
This was a challenge because I needed an exact kind of texture for both the paving stones and the cobbled street. A good tip for using a displacement map when using Vray is to use the displacement modifier and simplifly the map in photoshop (too much noise and detail creates a spikey bump). The raw render just would not be good enough, so thankfully Photoshop can come to our rescue. Just make a flat plane object, put a reflective material on it, like a mirror, lay it down on the ground (or just below the ground actually) then distort and pull the ground down in places to reveal the plane underneath. But instilled with an architect’s appreciation for historical significance, he studied and photographed the way it was built, using traditional construction techniques (down to the joinery in the exposed wood beams) to reconstruct it. Eschewing all the greenwashing hype that accompanies most environmentally conscious projects, Fradiani is so humble about his efforts.
Berries, grapes, flowers, herbs, local variety of olive trees selected for producing a strong and fruity oil—and now, an orchard of 40 rare fruit trees all unique and different (an homage to the lost biodiversity of trees in the world)—grow among the spindly cypress trees and are free for the picking and cooking.
Do not miss indulging in a three-hour dinner at nearby La Parolina, a restaurant by two young hotshot expat chefs from Rome, who chose the countryside over the big city.
I will go into Sydney several times over the coming 2 weeks, I really like Vivid, it gives me a different perspective to shoot! Whilst its origins are steeped in the rhythm of American jazz music, it moved through musical theatre and Broadway, and today draws strongly from hip hop and funk, using the music of today to produce a dance style that brings energy and life to all those who dance it. It is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries and is a dance form that can be mastered by itself or, as many other dance genres are based on ballet technique, can be used as a technical base to supplement other dance forms. Classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.

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I looked at a good few images from period movies and copied the basic style of the windows and posts.
I found what I needed on cgtextures and made one big ground texture out of the two in Photoshop. I then made planks just wide enough for each plank of the texture and slid the UVW map along for each.
Here is a tutorial that is very easy to follow and will get you up and running with basic draped cloth in 3ds max. I knew I would create a backdrop in Photoshop, so didn’t bother whith a HDRI background or similar environment map.
The sky was placed behind the buildings and I had to render out an alpha pass to get behind the buildings which I then placed in a masked layer. It gave a nicer reflection than the Vray sky which was just too empty and void of any detail. I went to the two texture sites you mentioned but could not find any sign of the textures you used here at those sites. He made use of local craftsman and resources whenever possible, and nearly every building material he used came from within a 10-mile radius: wood from the chestnut trees across the valley, rocks from the river below, matching bricks from the surrounding grounds.
He went to lengths most people would never dream of—all for the integrity of the old and crumbling stone farmhouse, its first floor a former stable for pigs and cows. Popularised by the likes of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, it now draws on modern influences such as American street tap and industrial tap. He recycled 100 percent of the stonework (using leftovers for the area around the pool), but when he needed additional terra cotta tiles, he went to a 400-year-old mill down the street where they were crafted by hand and dried by the wind. Wild boars scurry about while we relax outside on the patio every night with a bottle of wine. Open-air, oversized farmhouse windows in the natural stone shower provide endless views of the wildly different landscapes—undulating golden fields, verdant hillside pastures, and deep, dense forests—that all come together in this one magical place.

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