When investigating computer fraud, identity theft, security breach or employee misconduct, investigators commonly undertake digital forensics to get to the bottom of things. Infocentrix is a globally recognised expert in electronic discovery and digital forensic examination.  Our innovative techniques in the forensic analysis of all types of digital assets and media have made us a pioneering leader in the field of eDiscovery and computer forensics.
Our services cover all types of investigation from simple employee misconduct to the most serious security breach.  We also specialise in eDiscovery processes of collecting, indexing, identifying, analysing, production, conversion, review and recovery of data for litigation purposes. Our team of experts is trained constantly to keep up with the latest developments in digital forensics and data analysis.  Highly professional and dedicated with knowledge and experience in government and law enforcement requirements, these experts can help you with all sorts of data management concerns and investigations using applications that have been tried and tested effective in detecting and digging up traces and evidences of fraud, misconduct, security breach, malicious intents, and harmful malwares.
With Infocentrix, all your digital legal requirements will be accomplished accurately from data production to review and expert witness testimony. Forensic investigations take on many meanings depending on the nature of the data you want to discover.  There are three areas where Infocentrix can be of valuable help to corporations, legal firms and government institutions.
We provide digital forensic services to help you with data acquisition, preservation, review, production and detailed examination of all types of storage media like internal hard drives, external drives, flash drives, PDAs, optic media and cell phones to discover fraudulent intent and actions. We have also developed the latest technology in email analysis that could thread, decrypt and organise emails and their attachments for optimum data collection. Most malwares, spywares and adwares are easily dealt with by antivirus tools, but more advanced threats like ATPs, rootkits, worms and customised malwares will need a more responsive and aggressive security system.  With our breakthrough incident response technology, we can immediately detect all forms of security incidents and respond to any threats or intrusion appropriately.
Data leakages, theft and unwarranted destruction of data are also easily tracked and mapped leading to quick identification of the criminals involved.
Evaluate and criticise the theories and empirical research in the area defined by their option choice.
Exercise critical judgement in the application and interpretation of statistical techniques in psychological investigation in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.
Demonstrate a critical understanding of theory and practice in the selective areas of psychology and in research methods. Demonstrate initiative, self-reliance, and critical ability from a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding and critical awareness.
Give evidence of an enquiring, problem-oriented mind with sufficient awareness of the critical research and applications in psychology to enable successful pursuit of postgraduate work in psychology and related disciplines. Write a research paper based on a personal research project to a level suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Besides conceptual knowledge, psychology graduates have also acquired substantial knowledge and practice at applying empirical methods, particularly that of controlled experiments but also of designing and using questionnaires, and to a lesser extent interviews and other methods.
The nature of psychology as a discipline Every academic subject carries with it a particular approach to understanding -- the discipline -- which varies widely from subject to subject, but which a graduate often tends to carry over in approaching other areas of work.
Over the past few years, one of the principle scientific investigators of the case has been Derek Abbott, a professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia, the city in which the incident occurred. An autopsy revealed that the man was in his early 40s, was physically fit, and had a healthy heart. The case received prominent media coverage at the time, and over the next six months, dozens of people came to look at the embalmed body in search of missing friends and relatives, but no one could accurately identify him. Although the case is still considered open by the South Australian Major Crime Task Force, it has largely been forgotten until the past few years when Abbott and other investigators have taken a renewed interest in it, hoping that a combination of modern forensics techniques, old-fashioned detective work, and a little luck may shed some light on the mystery. For Abbott, the biggest motivating factor in identifying the Somerton Man is somewhat of a moral human principle: even when a person has lost everything, including their life, they should still have their name. Perhaps the most unique piece of evidence in the Somerton Man case is a tiny piece of paper found in the man's pocket containing the printed words "TamA?m shud," which means "finished" or "ended" in Persian.
In an attempt to find some answers, Abbott has approached the "code" from many angles, though so far with minimal results. Then Abbott and his students tried to see if the letters matched any of the ciphers that were known during World War II.
To see if they could statistically match the letters to a language, Abbott and his students compared them to the letters in the Declaration of Human Rights, as it is a large document that has been translated into every extant language in the world.
At this point, the team is investigating two possibilities: that the letters are either a kind of one-time pad code that exploits initial letters, or that they are simply the first letters of a phrase of English words. If the letters are a one-time pad code, the code could be deciphered only by knowing the secret key, or "pad." The obvious one-time pad would be something in The RubA?iyA?t of Omar Khayyam. To investigate the second possibility, that the code consists of the first letters of a phrase, the researchers built their own search engine that can use "wildcards"a€”symbols that represent any lettera€”to search for phrases that begin with these letters. Abbott then inquired with Google for permission to access their web index directly, but to no avail. Crowdsourcing campaign for research funds, to go toward more sophisticated DNA tests and to pay research assistants to process DNA and isotope data. A court in Japan has told Google it must de-link words in its autocomplete function to prevent the search engine suggesting criminal acts when users type one man's name. A Japanese court has ordered Google to delete search results linking the claimant to a crime he did not commit, the latest in a series of rulings around the world on what search engines should tell users.

The virtual streets of Google Maps are being transformed into Pac Man's chomping grounds in celebration of April Fools' Day. The DNA encoding all life on Earth is made of four building blocks called nucleotides, commonly known as "letters," that line up in pairs and twist into a double helix. The Piltdown Man scandal is arguably the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated in the UK, with fake fossils being claimed as evidence of our earliest ancestor. There are several categories of agencies and they are broken into local, state and federal. Some of the most well know organizations are the FBI, CIA, DEA, local and state police, State Troopers and county sheriffs. But with the many considerations involved in computer forensics, things can get complicated quickly and mistakes are likely to be committed.  That is why you need the help of a competent and experienced digital forensic expert like Infocentrix. Infocentrix is the leading brand in data collection, data production, early case assessment, data hosting and review services.  We have legal experts to guide you through the whole process. Such practical methods can be and are used in a wide range of contexts, including applied contexts such as Human Computer Interaction, whether or not there is much theory for such problems.
While it's common for people to go missing and never be found, this case is the opposite: a person's body is found, but no one seems to have missed him.
Many people have been trying to answer these questions for a long time with little success. It found no signs of violence and no poison (cyanides, alkaloids, barbiturates, or carbolic acid) in his system.
The following June, an inquest concluded that both the cause of death and the man's identity were unknown. Although many people have tried to decipher it, no one has figured out what the code means, or even proven that it is for sure a code at all. First, to test the hypothesis that the letters are just random jottings, he had a group of students write letters as they randomly came to mind (first sober, then after alcohol), but the results were the same: the letters in the book seem to bear a structure, as they aren't statistically distributed in the way that humans would produce random letters. Two of Abbott's students, Stephen Maxwell and Patrick Johnson, won a prestigious awarda€”Australia's 2011 Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Surveillance Systems Undergraduate Prizea€”for eliminating more than 20 types of ciphers. In the coming months, the researchers plan to use systematic computer searches to check this hypothesis. Now the researchers plan to use Google's publicly available N-gram dataa€”vast numbers of phrases that contain up to five wordsa€”to further their search. You can also include county and municipal level as well as specialized agencies that do not fit into any of the above categories. The FBI, CIA and DEA are all federal agencies they can be broken up into smaller teams to work on specific tasks and priorities. About half follow job paths that are unconnected with Psychology.Since Psychology is about people and develops excellent transferrable skills such as critical thinking, it can be applied to most non-specialised areas of employment. The application of these methods of investigation are an important area of practical knowledge, independently of the theoretical knowledge.The statistics teaching, which is another topic applicable beyond the range of the theoretical topics taught, covers advanced analysis of variance, multivariate techniques, and the hands-on use of statistical computer packages. Recently, investigators have applied the latest forensics science techniques to the case in hopes of finding some answers, although the mystery is still far from being solved. The evening before, a few people reported seeing a man "sleeping" in the same location, but suspected that he was drunk.
However, his organs were filled with blood, and his spleen was three times its normal size. The body was buried in a graveyard in Adelaide, with a tombstone that reads "Here lies the Unknown Man, who was found at Somerton Beach, 1 Dec. In July 1949, weeks after the inquest ended, a man brought in the exact copy of the book from which the paper was torn, saying that the book had been tossed into his open car window while parked on the street, around the time the corpse was found.
But the fact that this mysterious string of letters exists suggests that the circumstances of the Somerton Man's life may be at least as perplexing as those of his death. However, when running the test again and limiting it to only the first letters of words, English turned up as the closest match. However, if the one-time pad comes from another book, then it would be all but impossible to ever decipher the code. However, the researchers quickly realized that their homemade search engine greatly lagged behind Google in speed. While this approach can never reliably reconstruct the original message, it might deliver clues to the general nature of the message by finding unique phrases that fit the letter sequences. Before reading this chapter I really thought that I knew about the majority of law enforcement agencies but I was wrong.
The majority of the agencies all have common rules to follow but when you go deeper into them you find out that some have jurisdiction over other and some cannot be involved unless they are called upon.
The local and state police generally have the same task as protecting their area which could be a town, city or county.

It is also the first step in taking a postgraduate qualification to work in the main areas of psychology such as Clinical, Educational and Occupational.
The man had a bus ticket in his pocket that he had bought earlier that day, suggesting that he had arrived at the beach no earlier than that afternoon. Although heart failure was determined to be the immediate cause of death, the cause leading up to heart failure was unknown, and the death was deemed unnatural. One staggering statistics reported by the FBI is that there are a total of 14,169 agencies that employ over 708,569 officers. If they are needed to, they can go outside of their jurisdiction but only when called upon to do so. New areas such as Counselling, Sports Psychology, Health Psychology and Forensic Psychology are also possible.
You will find out the different types of law enforcement organizations and a brief overview of what they day.
Many of ours students go into the Human Resources field and of course Research and Teaching (University or School) are important possibilities. Anyone with even informal experience of personnel, politics, management, and so on will recognise the importance of understanding that useful work can be done in the middle ground between determinism and free will.
This view of the general intellectual character of psychology also points to its distinctive features as a discipline. One pervasive aspect is its application of some form of experimental method to problems (this tends to distinguish it from the other social sciences), despite the problems of experiments with beings whose understanding of the experiment and experimenter frequently has large effects.
Perhaps more important for its value as a general education, however, is that psychology frequently forces us to deal simultaneously with fundamentally different kinds of evidence (whatever the preferences of individual research specialists). Get the very best undergraduate Psychology degree you can because everything is competitive.Step 2. For instance, a theory of emotion must cope with physiological data (blushing, adrenalin surges that can be measured chemically), individual cognitive data (how individuals' thoughts and decisions change with emotion, what they report about their experience), and social data (someone experiencing joy due to a success such as a strike in bowling is about ten times more likely to smile if they are with companions, suggesting that emotions are an evolutionarily ancient social coordination mechanism).
Use it to get onto a postgraduate course that trains and teaches in the area that you want to specialise in.These courses are delivered through universities usually and offer a postgraduate degree such as a Masters Child Psychology or a Psy D (Psychology Doctorate) in Clinical psychology. This need somehow to relate quite different kinds of evidence of varying but not negligible value bearing on a single issue is a widespread feature of professional life of most kinds, but is relatively unusual in an academic subject.
With your postgraduate qualification, seek posts that are advertised regularly in the media.And work your way up the ladder of opportunities. Get the very best undergraduate Psychology degree you can because everything is competitive (3-4 years).Step 2.
Many Psychology graduates wish to undertake a career in research which involves obtaining a PhD. Students sometimes prefer to take up graduate training at a University different from where they took their first degree.
A wide range of psychological difficulties may be dealt with, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, learning disabilities, child and family problems, and serious mental illness.
To assess a client, a clinical psychologist may undertake a clinical assessment using a variety of methods including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behaviour. Most Clinical Psychologists work in the National Health Service (NHS), which has a clearly defined career structure, but some work in private practice.
The work is often directly with people, either individually or in groups, assessing their needs and providing therapies based on psychological theories and research. Clinical Psychology is a rapidly developing field and contributing to the literature through research is very important. These pieces of work are produced in circumstances similar to that of many work places: they can draw on the use of computer spelling checkers and human critics, but are working to a deadline and with other simultaneous demands on their time. They were required to submit all their written work outside exam rooms in word-processed form, including some use of tables and charts. They are further trained and exercised in the use of at least one statistics package, and in the use of online literature search software. They will normally have used the world wide web in various ways, as the department maintains some information in that form, and some courses require its use.
The latter especially demand extracting useful information directly from the published scientific literature, mainly online.

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