How do you go from an average image using a point-and-shoot camera to an extra ordinary image taken with the same camera?
I’m using a point-and-shoot camera while on a holiday with my family, and I want to show you how I took an average image in automatic mode and turn it into an extraordinary, and interesting image by using a couple of simple techniques.
I bent my knees and get really low, and I get underneath the kids lower than they are and photograph them from a different angle. I took it out of automatic mode and placed it to time value mode or shutter speed mode, and I turn the flash on. I went low and I got the girls to do something like throw water on each other or throw water on someone’s back, even throwing water towards me. I think when you show these images to the kids and to your friends, they’ll be super impressed. Hi Brett, I really appreciate all of your efforts and use your tips whenever camera is in hand.
Your tips are great, I am sharing this with my Real Estate company, they might just take some better real estate photos. Although I've been shooting photos for a lot of years, this video showed me I may not have been paying enough attention to points of support for the camera.
ABOUT MEMy name is Semhal Nasreddin and I am a graphic designer currently living in Ethiopia.

It makes a huge difference during the day – but you have to be close to your subjects. However, based on this first installment, I believe this series is going to be a pleasant exception. For a small group, the condition can progress to create severe pain and balance issues which require surgery. Vinson—now 23—started with pain in her right shoulder blade, then pain in her lower back, and then constant back pain that began when she was pregnant. I love and appreciate design, all forms of art, traveling, movies and learning different languages :-).
A lot of of work goes into this blog, so I hope you find it inspirational, informative, and fun! You will find many great photography tips, articles & videos, and I take you behind the scenes on real photo shoots, plus you will learn the essential ingredients for creating great pictures, every time you press the shutter button. The pain continued after her son was born, forcing her to limit how much time she played with him and picked him up.She decided to try an experimental surgery at the University of Michigan Health System, in which the curvature of the spine is corrected with a minimally invasive procedure.
It contains tons of smoke tutorials, textures, brushes, photography, ads, and art inspiration …. Frank La Marca discusses a new minimal access spinal surgery that may revolutionize this surgical repair.

But now, six months later, Vinson is a success story.The surgery "has made a huge difference in my life," Vinson says.
He notes that the procedure holds many advantages over the traditional surgery for scoliosis, a major operation that causes significant muscle damage, long scars and blood loss. In adults, about one in every 10 above the age of 40 will have some degree of scoliosis, he says.
Stripping the muscles off the spine to allow for the placement of screws and rods can weaken the back and lead to chronic back pain. This approach is made possible because of the advancing technology used in neuro-navigational techniques. At U-M, the surgeons use a technique for navigating the screws through a patient's spinal muscles that is similar to the system used when NASA navigates a robotic arm in space, La Marca says.New biological materials, such as synthetic proteins, are used to enhance the fusion of the spine.

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