People all over the world are experiencing a new lease on life as a result of learning a technique that allows them to change the way they think and respond to real world situations.
So what is NLP and how does it allow us to change our perceptions and actions in a way that improves the way in which we experience the world around us?
Developed by modelling the mindset of highly successful people, it provides a framework for identifying  what it is that allows certain people to do what they do and accomplish excellence. Likewise, NLP provides an understanding of why certain other people seem to constantly battle and struggle to find success in their endeavours.
As people, we map out a reality that may or may not reflect the situation in the world around us, we look at what we think we can or cannot do, we tell ourselves both positive and negative things and we have restrictive limiting beliefs about certain things in our lives.
All too often these self-defeating responses and habits are “programmed” into us from infancy and continue to run in our minds as we grow up and develop, throwing up roadblocks that consistently limit our success and fulfilment.
Most people have never been able to take control of these restrictive feelings and beliefs because they have never addressed the root causes that created them in the first place.

What if we could even change the negative thought patterns associated with those first events or experiences, dissolving  any emotional baggage in the process? Then the very same thought patterns that have caused us to interpret the world in a certain way could now become the source of change, allowing us to finally breakthrough barriers of negativity and  self-sabotaging thought patterns permanently, so that we can begin to enjoy choosing the reality we really want.
This kind of underpainting takes some serious talent to get it to look good and evenly beautiful. Oil slick hair is a super cool dark hair color trend that is at least partially hidden letting the vibrant colors underneath shine through when your hair moves. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP has allowed people to experience the world in an entirely new way, freeing them from excess stress, self-defeating thought patterns and negative behaviours to allow them to rediscover a sense of personal freedom, self – realisation and true fulfilment. When combined with mental conditioning and life coaching techniques a new level of effectiveness is reached. Specifically, how we create patterns of behaviour or habits which lead to our eventual results in life.

You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. Check out these pictures of people who have done a great job of their under-painted and oil slick hair color.
Apparently dubbed the oil slick because of how it looks black or a solid color from one direction, but if the light hits it right or you move it around you get a magic rainbow of shiny color. We had them suck our cocks, lick our balls and ride our purple helmeted warriors till their drunk pussies felt sore!

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