HTC has updated its camera app in Google Play with a new and long-awaited feature — the ability to shoot pictures in the RAW format. Much has been said about HTC's camera in the M9, but it ultimately comes down to this: It can take some really good pictures, if you're patient and don't mind getting out of Auto mode and shooting more manually. It's just a simple update of the HTC Camera app in Google Play, and from there you'll choose "Raw camera" in the modes screen. While the RAW update is only for the M9 at the moment, the app does add Crop-me-in mode for the HTC One M8 Eye and Desire Eye phones, and you now have the ability to remove modes if you don't use them.
Adobe has just released a 2.0 version for its mobile application on Android Photoshop Lightroom. Improving the sharing option with direct access to Adobe Premiere Clip applying to build video from your photos. Note that Adobe announced it has worked with Colby Brown photographer to show the possibilities of the new mobile application for Android Photoshop Lightroom. The difference when you shoot in JPEG format is that the camera does it’s own processing to convert the RAW information into a JPEG. However, your camera is nowhere near as smart as your brain, nor is it as powerful as your computer. Obviously you want to get the best exposure in camera, but sometimes things move fast (especially with weddings!) and you wind up with a dramatically over or under exposed image.
With RAW you have additional information in the file, so it’s much easier to correct the image without a drastic reduction in quality. You can also recover more blown highlights and clipped shadows. Great white balance and colour are essential to an awesome image, and shooting RAW lets you make the adjustments easier and faster, with better results.
When you shoot RAW you have access to sharpening and noise algorithms in a program like Lightroom that are way more powerful than those found in your camera. Plus, these sharpening and noise algorithms are always improving, so in the future you’ll be able to re-visit your RAW files and take advantage of these improvements. When you make adjustments to a RAW file, you’re not actually doing anything to the original data. The awesomness of this is that you never ever have to worry about ruining an image, accidentally saving over, or being unable to go back and make changes. Because of the finer gradation of tones and colours you’ll get better prints from RAW files. Basically there are different colour spaces that work best for different situations, and when you shoot RAW you can export a single image in multiple spaces! Sweet! It’s easier to work through large batches of images when you’re using a workflow centric program like Lightroom or Aperture. In order to take full advantage of all the benefits of Lightroom and Aperture you should be shooting RAW! By shooting RAW you take control, and are able to manage these problems to create the best results possible.
Now that some point and shoots are capable of shooting RAW, hobbyists and amateurs can also take advantage of this pro level option, and get better files and prints! A common argument against shooting RAW is that because the files need to be processed, it takes more time to shoot RAW than JPEG. However, most photographers do some level of processing to their JPEGs so already the argument is getting flimsy. Then, when you add in the fact that adjustments like white balancing, and recovering highlights and shadows are way faster with RAW files, and it actually begins to looks like processing RAW can be faster than JPEG!! Then, with RAW, you can easily export to JPEG, as well as convert to various sizes (like web res) at the same time. If you really wanted you could even shoot RAW + JPEG simultaneously! RAW gives you way more options, and can be processed just as fast, if not faster, than JPEG.
Since RAW files have more uncompressed information they can be 2-3 times larger than JPEG files.
But over the past few years, the cost of hard drives has really dropped, and they’re incredibly affordable! Obviously you can store fewer RAW files, but the number of images that you can cheaply store is so large for both formats that it’s not really an issue! If shooting fast sequences if critical for you, and you want to shoot RAW, you can purchase faster memory cards, or a more expensive camera with a larger buffer. RAW files are often recorded in a proprietary format, which means that the camera manufacturers haven’t officially disclosed how the raw data can be converted. The problem here is that you can’t be certain that in 5, 10 or 20 years you’ll be able to easily open that RAW file if you don’t have the proper software to decode it! Already the Leica M9 shoots in the DNG format, so look for more camera manufacturers to support this open source format in the future!
These days, it’s super duper easy (and fast!) to process RAW files, and you’ll be able to get the absolute best quality out of those images that you put so much time, effort and love into! UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response to this blog post, and the questions many readers have had, we have created a followup blog post called 12 Answers To Your Burning Questions About Raw. Want to see how quick and easy it is to make stunning edits to your photos using Lightroom? Bring out the best in your photos with this step by step video guide to using Adobe Lightroom. I remember when I first decided to shoot RAW a few years back – i thought it was a such a risky choice! I'm one of those nerdy kids who felt the need to go to some sort of photography class before I started to use my camera.
I've wanted to shoot in RAW but was told that the images would have to be converted to jpeg to download to my computer anyway, so why shoot in RAW. I did some photos is raw & loved them but had a really hard time getting downloaded into elements?

I know how to shoot in RAW and completely understand the benefits, but I don't know how to get the file from my camera to my computer in RAW and not JPEG. What you need to do is convert (process) the RAW files before you print them, or post them online. The quality of RAW files is so much greater than a JPEG straight out of camera, that it's better to convert RAW files to JPEG on your computer than let your camera shoot JPEG. I started shooting in RAW a few months ago…i was nervous about doing it but would never go back!!
WWE is back to referring to Stephanie McMahon as a "principle owner", so we're hoping that means Vince McMahon will, finally, be making his return soon to have that battle over control of the company. Before all that, though, we got this gem of an opening segment, featuring Stephanie showcasing her wide range of awesomeness by out-awesome'ing both Randy Orton, who was his sly devil self trying to use his smooth tongue to get his way, and Batista, who rocks his heel character like the biggest boss in the building. This is one of the rare times I'm okay with Batista making a crack about Stephanie getting "drooled over a lot" because she shoot slapped the taste out of his mouth for it immediately after. It was made even greater when we got to see later that Batista had ripped his jeans at some point. What does it say about you if WWE decides to bring you out to ringside during a match but elects to keep you from doing guest commentary? Not excited about Christian, Intercontinental title contender, but whatever, the match should be good on Main Event.
I don't understand announcing a tag team title match more or less under your breath during a late hour one segment on a Raw two weeks out from the biggest show of the year, but that's what we got here.
I can't help but wonder why Triple H likes these sit-down style interviews with Michael Cole so much. I like the WWE move to once again take something that started on the Internet some time ago, in this instance the so-called "reality era", and use it for their own purposes. I really hate it that Goldust, despite doing some of the best work of his career in ring, has quickly been relegated to doing joke angles with the likes of Summer Rae and Fandango. That said, Arnold completely losing his mind over how big Hogan's muscles are was a little weird. Bringing out The Miz was actually the right call here, considering his standing with the WWE audience and this show being held in Brooklyn. I can't believe it took this long, and I can't believe no one suggested it prior to it actually happening tonight, but WWE did, in fact, go with an angle where John Cena is seeing sheep masks in mirrors.
I don't know why I noticed this or particularly liked it, but Tamina Snuka wearing the same shirt as AJ Lee felt right. I'll use this space to rant on the subject because I was just baffled beyond measure watching the video announcing Razor Ramon was going into the Hall of Fame this year.
In pro wrestling, the minor details are often what make a world of difference in stories, or matches, or characters.
Notice, again, that The Shield tag team was Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with Reigns roaming around the outside. The match was great, and featured a lot of awesome stuff, like Ambrose going insane and the commentary team putting him over for it, Rollins being a god among men and getting the pinfall for it, and Reigns destroying everything because that's what he does like Mark Henry claims to. And today M9 mobile photogs have gotten a pretty big boost to their phones with the addition of support for the RAW format, which gives you far more control over the editing of a shot (while getting rid of the compression that comes along with JPGs).
If this update allows you to add features already present in the mobile app on iOS, it also adds some additional features. RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. So even if you’re using a little camera, you might still be able to take advantage of the RAW file format (just check your camera manual to see!).
Those additional steps of brightness let you make more adjustments (expoosure, blacks, fill light, recovery, contrast, brightness) to your image without a significant reduction of quality, because there’s more levels to work with!
Posterization is the banding that you often see in bright skies, which really doesn’t look good in prints!
You can’t just easily choose another option. With RAW the white balance is still recorded, but because you have way more data, it’s easy to adjust.
What you’re doing is creating a set of instructions for how the JPEG or TIFF (another file format) version should be saved. With RAW you can choose from any colour space when you are exporting it out, so you can adjust depending on the situation! Achieving proper colour balance, and choosing the right colour space for the situation are critical as well. This is definitely a concern for many shooters, especially those who create a lot of images. The camera will still shoot the same frames per second, regardless of whether it is RAW or JPEG, but you may have to wait for the camera to write to the memory card if the buffer fills up. Companies like Adobe either need to license software to decode the RAW files or reverse engineer how the files should be converted. When you connect the memory card to your computer and view the contents of the card do you see both JPEGS and RAW files?
While you can make the same adjustments, Lightroom is much easier to use from a workflow perspective. 24, 2014) emanated from Brooklyn, New York, and featured all the latest build to the "WrestleMania 30" event that is now just two weeks away. 24, 2014) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza scheduled for April 6 in New Orleans. Her promo included references to being the boss and Triple H being the most powerful man within WWE.
She stopped both Orton and Batista during promos to deal with a lively crowd who were chanting too much and distracting from the segment and a production snafu when Batista's mic kept cutting out. They couldn't give Big E a headset and let him show that he's actually, you know, a pretty damn good talker when given the chance to show some personality beyond "big black man with muscles who has meaningless prop around his waist".

You usually end up with a convoluted mess with too many bodies, poor psychology, and bad booking. He continues to hit all the right notes, this time hammering home that John Cena, for all his strength, cannot hurt him because he does not feel. He's now doing clean jobs in squash matches to Sin Cara, of all people, all with a gigantic dog walking around on two feet at ringside. Triple H has shown he's willing to take ideas from fans running wild online, and now they've done it again.
His tag team with his brother Cody Rhodes has been fun to watch but it's devolving quickly and we've seen this story enough times to know it's probably only going to get worse from here. Plus, he's got the Hollywood connection with his film work and what not, thin as it may be. Titus O'Neil so much they chanted for CM Punk, who probably isn't ever coming back and they all know it but that's how little they cared about Big Show vs. I'm glad it was there, though, because we got to see AJ make fun of it like a good heel champion.
That name is important as a distinction here because they completely ignored everything Scott Hall did in WCW and his later run in WWE.
That's why it's good to see The Shield, who are good and pissed off about everything that's been happening lately, not even wait for the Real Americans to make it to the ring to start brawling with them. It was also great to see the post-match Triple Powerbomb to cap off their night of retribution. I continue to maintain that Lesnar is one of the best pro wrestlers who ever pro wrestled and Undertaker, because he's so damn committed to the gimmick he has, is a real life cartoon.
Now it's your turn to sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts on last night's show. The good news is the M9 can take an SD card to go along with that 32GB of on-board storage. Using a program like Lightroom, you can convert your proprietary RAW files into the open source DNG format.
Remember, these were written as the show moved along with real time reactions to everything that occurred hour-by-hour. Orton, still doing his best work, responded the best way by literally slapping his knee in laughter.
Here, we got Sheamus, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, and Dolph Ziggler all participating in a bout that felt meaningful with a shot at the Intercontinental title on the line with Big E sitting on the outside watching each guy give his all.
He did so after calling out the truth that Cena still runs around with that "you can't see me" nonsense when it's so clearly not true. It was particularly delicious watching Axel get thrown into a barricade by Roman Reigns before he went into the ring and speared Ryback into next week. Then he unironically called himself a "real tough guy" before getting totally punked out by Joe Celebrity, punched out by a geriatric actor, and tossed out by a dinosaur whose back is perpetually broken. Harper had a strong counter for most of his opponent's offense early on, forcing Cena to dig deeper and deeper as the bout wore on to pull out a victory, all the while looking out at Bray and Erick Rowan in anticipation of interference. Turning the lights out, having the Wyatt clan tie Cena up in the ropes, and putting a sheep mask on him? The ridiculous walk out finish almost pissed me off until it became clear that it was just a storyline tool to book a Divas title match proper at WrestleMania.
Absolutely zero mention of his being a founding father of the nWo or one half of The Outsiders, an unbelievably over tag team in their time. That's the kind of psychology you hope to see from the performers, the exact opposite of the singles match on Raw a month or so back between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns where they worked rest holds in the middle of a blood feud. Because no information is compressed with RAW you’re able to produce higher quality images, as well as correct problem images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format. So if you’re making edits to JPEGs you always have to be duplicating the image and saving out a new version if you don’t want to lose file quality. Hassle.
If I’m not reading up on the latest photography news, or studying a technique, I’m probably reading a book or planning our next adventure! Cap it with the Triple Powerbomb and three fist salute and The Shield were on some super alpha fuckng boss shit in front of a Brooklyn crowd who were eating it up. He's got all the power, he's holding all the cards, no one can stop him, and everyone knows it. He was made to look like the biggest panzy in the history of pro wrestling here and I would have a problem with that if this was anyone other than The Miz. This was both good psychology for the match at hand and the general theme that Bray is in Cena's head. Others quickly pointed out to me that perhaps they're saving that for another induction later, but that's still beyond ridiculous.
Go tear the house down in Brooklyn with fans who will let you know when you're kicking ass and set up what should be a good match for the belt.
But it was The Miz, so it was just a dumb segment that wasn't much more than a big waste of time. They didn't ignore Ric Flair being a founding father of the Four Horsemen and inducted him twice anyway.
It's always dumb, but gets a pass here because it wasn't nearly as dumb as the Hogan-Warrior bullshit from WCW. To the commentary team's credit, they did not reference actually seeing the mask when talking about it, just that he was "looking over his shoulder".

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