After many requests, I am finally updating the mixed hair posts with Alina’s curly, mixed hair care routine now that she is a toddler.
Alina’s hair has changed tremendously since I first wrote her infant mixed hair routine. By no means am I a hair expert, but I do take great effort in making my toddler’s hair look and feel its best. I spend the most amount of time combing through, to be sure all the knots are out and the curls become defined. After I have gone through the majority of her hair, closing the hair cuticles (which should follow the natural curls), I go through and twist larger segments.
I always make sure to give extra moisture love to the hair at the front of Alina’s gorgeous face.
This is off topic, but at one point you blogged about one of my favorites, From Marriage to Motherhood-Jessica. TOKYO - In celebrity-obsessed Japan with its conveyor belt of 15-minute stars, fashion icon Rola is blazing a meteoric trail at the forefront of a galaxy of mixed-race stars changing the DNA of Japanese pop culture. Turn on the TV and there's no escaping the bubbly 24-year-old of Bengali, Japanese, and Russian descent -- she even dominates the commercial breaks. A marketing gold mine, Rola smiles down celestially from giant billboards, her wide eyes and girlie pout grace magazine covers and she even greets you at vending machines. But Rola, who settled in Japan when she was nine, has done it by turning the entertainment industry on its head, her child-like bluntness slicing through the strict convention that governs Japanese society.
Their rise to fame mirrors a shift in attitudes in Japan, which only opened its doors to the outside world in the middle of the 19th century and where foreigners -- those without Japanese nationality, even if they were born here -- make up less than two percent of a population of 127 million. Rarely now do you see TV shows without at least one "haafu" (the Japanese pronunciation of "half," meaning "mixed race"), such has been the shift. Rola's trademark puffing of the cheeks, ditzy catchphrases, infectious giggle, and carefree charm have helped make Japan's most famous "It Girl" a smash hit with legions of adoring fans.
Born of a Bangladeshi father and a half-Japanese, half-Russian mother, Rola's eccentricities helped overcome the language barrier when young, once turning up at elementary school in pyjamas she mistook for her new uniform. In a culture that once might have passed over her darker tone, Rola's exotic looks have clearly helped -- she was scouted by a modelling agency on the streets of Tokyo when she was in high school. Following in the footsteps of mixed-race glamor girls such as Jun Hasegawa and racing driver Jenson Button's fiancee Jessica Michibata, Rola has also taken peak-time television by storm. Japan can take its celebrity worship to extremes, David Beckham once having a giant chocolate statue dedicated to him in Tokyo while his mohican hairstyle triggered a personal grooming craze among local women during the 2002 World Cup.

When not shooting commercials for everything from cosmetics or beer to headache pills or battered octopus balls, Rola is at the gym -- or fishing.
I wanted to give a few tips on how to get those adorable ringlet curls that adorn her head in most of the photos here on De Su Mama. I listed a few resource links in previous posts; I relied on them heavily when I was a new mom.
Tip: since you are not brushing curly hair, you will have a lot more shedding in the bath than straight hair people will. I slather and smooth and twist until I feel like the hair has adsorbed all the conditioner it can. But, while writing this, it also occurred to me that Alina will want to know this information one day too.
To check out the most current content on my baby girl (now 5 years old!) mixed curly hair care routine, check out the series! Through the exploration of personal identity and the documentation of family legacy, she hopes to share the joys, challenges and unique perspective of multiracial motherhood.
The price is determined by the copyright owner, quality of the digital file and the resolution. Japan's largely mono-ethnic society -- a culture where skin whitening creams are still huge business -- has long been mirrored by its entertainment industry.
Her hair is also more coarse, although the way her hair looks and feels rests largely on how well its been cared for. Using a brush (as opposed to a comb) when curly hair is completely dry only promotes breakage and frizz. But, in the picture below, you will see how dry her hair looks before we start our hair care routine. It is not easy to comb through, so be sure to have used an easier product to work with to remove tangles.
I’ve always done this with with my own hair, so it is hard to explain, but you want to twist and curl with the curl pattern, but making larger curls as you go.
I keep her favorite rubber duckies separate from her regular bath toys for these deep condition days. I wish I would have loved my curls for all the years they were healthy, because now they are pretty much gone and I feel like a piece of my identity is gone with them. My opinion on hair is as much about self esteem and cultural identity as it is about creating a defined curl pattern, but there are a few pointers in there for those looking for tips.

Having curly hair myself, I believe strongly in reinforcing the beauty of curly mixed hair in my positive parenting values. She is left with decent amount of conditioner still in her hair as I move onto deep conditioning. The best tool I’ve found to use this deep condition are your hands, and its actually really simple. She is taking a break from blogging and is trying to figure out what to do with almost four years of content. Alina has about three different textures, ranging from very soft to a few kinky strands in the front. I start at the bottom of her head, where the curls are tightest, and make sure the condition is well incorporated into every strand and curl.
There is still a ton of conditioner and make sure you are getting the ends of the hair as well. The curls at the back of her head are very tight, with the curls on the top of her head being loose and soft. By the time Sunday rolls around, Alina’s hair is very dry and in need of serious hydration (like the photo above). Lather, slather and put on some more, then use a wide toothed comb (the wider the better!) to comb the conditioner out, making sure to work the conditioner to the ends of the hair and removing all the tiny knots. Between my fingertips, I run the hair shaft down, from the nape of the neck to the end of the curl. In the end, Alina knows our routine and anticipates the length of time it takes to do her hair. This is also when I thoroughly cleanse her hair with a shampoo that won’t dry out her hair (I got this one from Whole Foods). To avoid hurting your baby, hold the hair with one hand at the base of the scalp while pulling the hair through the comb with the other. Curly hair does not get oily like straight hair does, nor does my toddler sweat or get very dirty, so cleansing this often is fine for us.

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