Royalty free clip art of a freelance brunette photographer taking photographs with digital camera mounted to a tripod. The camera lightbox was a great invention that was created to help the photographer as he or she took pictures in a dark place or a place without enough light. You can use the lightbox as a center piece for your photo idea, therefore creating an original look to your photograph. However, nowadays the digital cameras being produced have such powerful flash bulbs that if you do add extra lighting it might spoil the shot. Product photography plays an important role in marketing and communication, especially in the e-commerce sector. Make use of a digital editing software so as to brighten and contrast the image, crop the image and add colors to the photo among others. A digital photo studio is an innovative photographic solution that has since conception enhanced the routine practice of many organizations. A transparent plexiglass support is offered together with the lightbox and it can be used to hold objects.
JoeyBLS Photography provides Chicago aerial photography for the entire Chicago area and all of Northwest Indiana. Printing this photo for public use or display without prior written consent is strictly prohibited. JoeyBLS Photography is proud to be your Northwest Indiana photographer serving all of Chicago and Northwest Indiana including the communities of Burns Harbor, Cedar Lake, Chesterton, Crown Point, Dyer, Griffith, Hammond, Highland, Hobart, Lowell, Merrillville, Michigan City, Munster, Portage, Saint John, Schererville, Valparaiso, Whiting and Winfield. For more information on arranging for commercial or aerial photo shoot, or booking a Northwest Indiana wedding photographer, please feel free to contact me.
As mini chips are created and more and more digital camera’s come out it seems that many of the older technology is becoming more and more obsolete and since the camera lightbox was a major necessity back in the day for photographers to inspect their developed film, it has become now a way for you to take clear photographs.

The camera lightbox has become just an aid for taking photos and there several ways that you can use it. Technology might have changed but there are still some uses we can create for those old accessories that we have had for years. Product photography is essential in the sense that objects are made to look as attractive as possible so as to appeal to an audience.
Some products might be cosmetics, clothing, stationery, jewelries, shoes, foods among others. This creative workstation is basically a lightbox with a constant daylight conditions, creating no cast shadow. The four symmetrical fluorescent lamps within the photo studio ensure that no cast shadows are created.
For more information or to request an aerial photography of your building or property during our next aerial photo shoot, please contact me directly! For information about the use and licensing of this photo, please refer to the Creative Commons license and copyright disclosure in the paragraph below. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
So even though it is a little outdated the lightbox still comes into use so do not leave it behind even though you have a digital camera you will find many uses for the lightbox. Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience for a cause so as to initiate and action. Possessing a turntable, it allows interactive 360° animations to be created within a few clicks. The immediate availability of product photos or product animations will definitely prove to be a blessing for businesses in constant need of high quality visuals which are available within minutes.

While on this photo shoot I also took aerial video of Chicago just before I started taking photos. Newspapers, magazines and all other publications wishing to publish this photo can refer to my licensing terms and agreement or can contact me directly for any requests and inquiries not covered in my licensing terms. Lightboxes have always been good accessories that you can carry to add more lighting to your surroundings and will make your picture clarity even better if you do not want to use the flash light on your camera.
On top of producing high definition photos, this powerful photo tool can create 3-dimensional animation of products. Moreover, the digital creative lightbox keeps a uniformity (light, placement and background) within images which suits e-commerce.
Featured in the above photo is the John Hancock building with Lake Michigan as the backdrop.
Being intuitive to use and very easy to setup, this digital photo workstation provides its users facility and ease in the photo creation process. Saved in several file formats, these visuals can be used for both the print media and the interactive online media.
The bottom photo was taken over the Chicago River facing east towards Trump Tower, the Merchandise Mart, Aon Center, Prudential Tower and other prominent downtown Chicago buildings.

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