Elvis-mania is on its way to Britain next month when some of the rock'n'roll king's most treasured possessions will be flown to the UK from his Graceland home for the first time ever.
Elvis' TCB ring, short for Taking Care of Business ring, which has 16 karats with a centre solitaire of 11.5 karats will also feature. She said: a€?Elvis meant so much to me and our daughter Lisa, but we both know that our family truly shares him with the world. The Comma Butterfly is quite distinctive in appearance, its bright orange and brown colouring and unusual jagged wing shape make it quite easy to identify even from some distance.
Widespread across England and Wales, Comma Butterflies can often be seen in woodland clearings, on open rides, hedgerows and maybe even in the garden.
The males are often quite territorial and may be seen patrolling a section of hedgerow or woodland path sometimes quite boldly making their appearance known to other male Commas. The Comma may also make an appearance on quite cool days with intermittent sunshine, sometimes resting hardly noticeable wings closed in the subdued sunlight, taking flight at even the slightest disturbance heading upward to find a safer perch. Her agent, Marieke Verharen, revealed to AFP news agency: "She died during the night during her sleep".
She is survived by a son, Arthur from her relationship with the Belgian artist and writer Hugo Claus.

For a decade after she landed the title role of the seminal erotc film Emmanuelle she had the most famous body in the world. The Hotel du Commerce, which her parents owned and run, is opposite the central station in Utrecht. In 2007, she was living alone in a tiny flat above a cafe in Amsterdam, taking the occasional acting job to pay her bills. Her reflections on Alain Delon and Anita Ekberg in her explosive memoir Undressing Emmanuelle are worth the price of the book alone!
For a brief time fans will be able to have a peak at his black leather suit from his 1968 Comeback Special and even the 1955 Pink Cadilliac which Fleetwood used to tour in and was later given to his mum.
They can be seen on the wing from early March to September, often in a sheltered sunny spot basking in the warm sunshine.
Under-wings are mottled browns with a small white comma shape marking, from which it gets its name.
She had been suffering from cancer and in June this year she was taken to hospital in Amsterdam after suffering a stroke, which forced the postponement of further treatment, for cancer of the liver. After her marriage to Phillippe Blot, she lived for 10 years with a Belgian radio producer, Freddy De Vree, who died in 2004.

Elvis' a€?gold lamea€? outfit which he wore on stage in 1957 will also be brought over for a short period of time.
To go alongside the event which has been named Elvis at The O2: The Exhibition of His Life, will be the largest ever shop where visitors can purchase a huge range of his CD's and boxsets. His personal keys to his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee will be on show, as well as his American Eagle jumpsuit that he wore in his concert, Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii, and even the red 1960 MG Roadster from the movie, Blue Hawaii. It will open on December 12 and will run until August 31 2015, Elvis' wife Priscilla, who is the mother of the star's daughter Lisa-Marie, has orchestrated the event and can't wait for his fans to learn more about his life.
Touchingly, there will also be the star's personal wallet containing photos of daughter Lisa-Marie when she was just three-years-old.

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