July 21, 1969 is the day when man conquered the moon, since then the subject of moon is matter of fascination in all of us.
Cannon Digital Camera EOS 20D SLR or any other camera which has features equivalent to the given camera. Set the Foci (zoom): Expand lens at its Max (30cm or 40cm, I had used this setting). If numerous exposure technique is known to you then you take number of photographs of the rising moon, just keep in mind take the photo graphs at regular interval (Intervals should be accurate). For every exposure just note down the camera amendment for getting the best results. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This picture was taken using a Celestron NexStar 5SE Computerized Telescope, with the aid of a Moon filter and Adobe Photoshop.
Moon astrophotography is probably one of the most fun - and easiest - forms of astrophotography.
That said, a good pictures of the moon - full and bright, hovering over a beautiful landscape - can be incredibly aggravating, especially if you're not sure what you're doing. It will be important to try and understand the phases of the moon - how else will you know when you can get snaps of a crescent or full moon? The moon keeps a very regular schedule as it moves across the sky, and you'll either be able to find that schedule online or chart it on paper yourself.
You should then try and figure out when the moon with rise and set in your location using a tool like Time and Date - which will calculate the moorise, moonset and moonphase for yoru location. For the sake of this section we'll assume that we're trying to take a photo of the Full Moon. When we try to gaze upward at the moon, it doesn't look terribly bright - but to our cameras, it's like taking a picture of a giant ball of light.
Unfortunately, this will result in you encountering several difficulties, especially if you're using your camera in the city. When you shoot the Moon when it is lower in the sky, or especially near the horizon, you will be shooting through more of the Earth's atmosphere.
This photo of the full Moon was made with a 400mm lens and a 1.4x telecompressor making the optical system have a focal length of 560mm.
Secondly, if your camera has spot metering, use it and aim the post to cover as much of the moon as possible - this will give you the most accurate reading your camera is capable of. For a rough guide to the right exposure settings for the different phases of the moon, refer to the table below. You will find that a tripod might come in handy, especially if you're planning to take advantage of the entire scene in the sky - in fact, for most people, a tripod may be absolutely necessary for stable, shake-free images. If you are planning to use a Digital SLR with your telescope for astrophotography then there are 2 main accessories you should consider, T-Adapters and T-Rings. So if you own a standard point and shoot camera (e.g Canon IXUS) there are still options for you to get some great astrophotography shots.
These digital camera adapters perform the same function as a T-Ring – however, instead of screwing your camera onto the telescope, the digital camera adapter 'holds' your camera right up to the eyepiece of your telescope. It is almost impossible for me to shoot hand-held to take the moon’s image at a really sharp focus. I have learned that to capture the image of the moon, you should equip your camera with a minimum of 200 mm lens. Many thanks again for offering very good content material yet as soon once quickly as again.

Digital SLR Photography Guide's dedication in helping people needing advice, tips, techniques. To make the picture more interesting takes the picture in hemispherical or sector phase.
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There's a great article from Moon Connection that does a fantastic job of showing the moon's appearance at different points in its orbit. It might be useful to try and get accustomed to the moon's cycle by observing it for a month using the diagram above (props to Moon Connection), to learn about the current phases of the moon. Although our eyes do well adapting to the discrepancy in brightness between the moon and the dark background of the sky, our digital cameras are generally far more limited. When you take a picture of something like the moon, it's almost as if you're trying to take a picture of a halogen lightbulb - all you'll see is a big white splotch! The moon is "fullest" (during a full moon) when it is in balance with the sun, and thus the moon will rise approcimately at the same time the sun sets.
You'll be likely to encounter buildings, trees or other obstructions to your view of the rising moon, delaying your viewing.
Just as the Sun is dimmed when it is viewed through thick atmosphere, so is the Moon, so exposures will have to be increased when the Moon is low in the sky.
Although the moon may seem particularly bright to you (or perhaps it's pitch black outside), remember that your eyes and brain do much better controlling for exposure than your camera can. If you're planning to use your telescope for astrophotography rather than a large lens (with which you should start with at least a 100mm zoom, and keep going for longer if possible - Canon's 100-400mm L and NIkon's 200-400mm are very handy for lunar photography), you will have to consider two attachments, and you can read more about them below.
The T-Ring is an attachment that you screw into your camera's lens groove to be able to connect to your telescopes. These are adapters that you fit into your telescope in lieu of an eyepiece (remove the eyepiece and slot in the T-Adapter instead). This T-Adapter will fit most telescopes, especially if it is a reflector or refractor style telescope.

Although you can use the Celestron Universtal 1.25” T-adapter, you might experience a vignetting effect around your pictures with telescopes with a 5” aperture and above. Getting started requires just one tool (a lot simpler huh!) a Universal Digital Camera adapter. Zooming to your lens’ full capacity will make it very sensitive to even the slightest shake.
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This makes this moment during dusk ideal for photography, in line with what's known as the Golden Hour Principle.
In situations like these, you'll be best to get your shot of the full moon the day before the moon is full. Local atmospheric conditions, such as haze and humidity, can also affect the brightness, and hence the exposure of the moon. Here at OzScopes, we stock T-Rings for most of the major dSLR brands – namely Canon, Nikon, Minolta and Pentax, so chances are we've got the right T-ring to fit your camera. In terms of variety of choice you have 2 options, one being the Saxon Universal Digital Camera Adapter and the Celestron Universal Digital Camera Adapter. If you would like to increase your lens’ focal length without buying a whole new lens, you can opt to use teleconverters.
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During this time, lighting is softer and more diffused, and will also be warmer in hue - this reduces the intensity of direct light, so more illuminations comes from indirect light, allowing for less harsh images.
This way, the sunlight in the foreground will more evenly match the intensity of the sun reflected off the moon. With the Celestron, you do pay a little bit more, but you get the associated brand-name, after sales service, and a slightly superior build.
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Basically what teleconverters do is it multiplies your lens’ focal length depending on its specs.
But there are some people who have the passion for photography but don’t have the required guideline.

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