Contributing editor Jim Richardson is a photojournalist recognized for his exploration of environmental issues and advocacy for the night sky. Dial Up the ISOThe single greatest photographic advance for shooting the night sky has been the breathtaking advance in camera low-light sensitivity. Gear Up, Then ImproviseGear won’t solve every problem, but there is a threshold for doing night-sky photography.
Use Astronomy Software to Plan AheadYou can hope for that lucky night when the moon rises unexpectedly, or you can plan for it. Moonlight Looks Like Daylight—Sort OfMoonlight photography—like romance—can be both fun and frustrating. Carry a FlashlightIf anybody had been there to see me out on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah the night I took this photo, I might still be locked up today. Save the NightThe single best way to get better night-sky pictures is to find a place with really dark skies.
Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12. Click here to see the full resolution imageThe Nikon D3200's 24 million pixel sensor is able to resolve a lot of detail, which enables creative cropping to be made.
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And for those of you scratching your heads at this point, the upgrades may have you springing for the T4i instead of the T5i. New Vari-angle Touch Screen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II (approximately 1,040,000 dots) with smudge-resistant coating features multi-touch operation and Touch AF for an easy and intuitive experience, flexible positioning, and clear viewing even when outdoors.
Scene Intelligent Auto Mode delivers expertly optimized photos and now offers improved scene detection for amazing results when shooting at night. Expand your creativity with new advanced imaging features like Handheld Night Scene mode, HDR Backlight Control mode, and seven Creative Filters including newly added Art Bold Effect and Water Painting Effect. Multi Shot Noise Reduction provides outstanding noise reduction while preserving precious detail at high ISO speeds.
However, the front is still very plain and simple with barely anything except for the lens release, infrared sensor and the AF assist bulb at the front. The back of the T5i has the same vari-angle LCD screen that videographers and photographers alike will fall in love with. There is plenty of room for your thumb as well to be comfortably place when holding the camera.
The bottom of the camera is where you’ll find the battery compartment and the tripod socket. As a personal opinion and as a higher end Canon camera user for years, the Rebel line will always feel like toys to me. For the audience that the Rebel is targeted toward, it will endure many of the non-sensical things that are done to it.
Because this was a pre-production sample, we couldn’t load our own cards into the camera. Coming out of the meeting, I was a tad bit disappointed because Canon’s Rebels were always really awesome.

It’s the first (and simplest) rule you need to learn.Fortunately the moon is just about the most predictable thing in life (after the sun and taxes). You’ll have to constantly solve problems, but you’ll feel triumphant when you do.Sometimes the clouds take center stage, which is when you should go into lemonade mode and make what you can out of what you are given. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. This year, we have the Canon T5i–the successor to the very good Canon T4i which we highly rated. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack for all you Rebel users that love recording video. However, I need to acknowledge that for what it’s worth, they are some damn solid cameras overall. However, with this still being an electronic device we recommend that you still try to be careful. Standing beneath the Milky Way has always been a beautiful sight, if you were lucky enough to find dark skies on a dark night.
A glorious moon rising over the Golden Gate Bridge with moonlight on the bay was what I wanted to capture—and with the help of an app, I knew when it was going to be there.There are plenty of apps that will tell you when to expect the event you want to shoot.
Those few minutes of dusk just after it rises are the golden moments for shooting the moon because there is still some light on the landscape that’s nicely balanced with its glow. But dial back the exposure a little bit and include some stars or nightlights (like I did here, photographing a wind farm in Kansas) and suddenly the picture turns dramatic.
But sweeping the salt ridges with the little flashlight I carry in my bag shed just enough light to make the foreground pop out.
For tens of thousands of years humanity sat under the stars at night (as I did with this family in Burkina Faso in sub-Saharan Africa) and marveled at the wonders of the universe. Click here to see the full resolution imageColours straight from the Nikon D3200 are generally bright and vibrant, although it does have a tendency to underexposure on occasion. They have been thrown out of planes and survived and even thrown down stairs and kept clicking. For the experienced users, you might find needing to reach for the Av button and then turning the dial to adjust apertures in manual mode to be a bit annoying unless you’re using it in a studio.
If you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned, please do so by clicking our links first and then purchasing the items as we then get a small portion of the sale to help run the website. But the revelation of recent advances in digital photography is that the dim ribbon of silvery light we see with our naked eyes is actually a glorious, stupendous galaxy. Be careful when evaluating your pictures: The LCD screen on the camera looks super bright at night. I’d start a two-minute exposure and for the first 10 to 15 seconds just glance the light across the salt from way down low, the flashlight just inches off the lakebed. Louis, the Gateway Arch was socked in by clouds when I got there, but that turned out to be a blessing. They have the SL1, the T5i and this only means that they have to be saving all their advanced features for a higher end APS-C camera of some sort. For me the revelation came the first time I took a photograph of that galaxy and realized that just because the visible universe is so far away didn’t mean I needed a big telescope to photograph it.

Very often on long exposures the color comes out to be something you just don’t expect, often much too warm. City lights turned the low clouds a salmon color (which I did nothing to “correct”), and spotlights on the Arch were casting strange shadows and patterns on the cloud base. So while the Rebel T5i got a modest bump in the specs area, I only hope that Canon is going to be giving us something even more powerful down the road. No, what I needed was a wide-angle lens because it is so huge—and we live in the middle of it.
A cable release is good—and pretty much essential if you want to go beyond 30-second exposures. Available for all major platforms, it gives you the time for moonrise and moonset for any date (even years in the future) and from any position on Earth.
The ability to turn on your heels and go in another creative direction can rescue many situations.
When I show young people my first published picture of the Milky Way I like to point out that this is their home.
A cable release that comes with a built-in timer is mighty handy.And then learn to improvise.
But it will also lay it out for you on a satellite photo, so you’ll know exactly where to stand when the moon comes up.For information on the Milky Way you’ll want to get one of the available astronomy software programs or smartphone apps, which are great for trip planning.
Earth lies about a third of the way out on one of those vast spiral arms of stars and dust clouds. The night I shot this picture in American Samoa, my tripod was off in the belly of a plane somewhere. They can tell you exactly where any celestial object will be in the sky, seen from any point on Earth at any give date and time. This image was shot with the kit lens, showing the capabilities of the camera straight out of the box.Click here to see the full resolution imageThis is the same image as the one above, but has been converted from the raw file. It was converted to a 16 bit TIFF file, with all noise reduction switched off, and later converted to an 8-bit JPEG file.
Now it is within the reach of any amateur photographer willing to go after it.But don’t stop at just capturing the moon, a few stars, or the Milky Way. Put our world squarely in the middle of the universe that we can see with our naked eyes (it’s out there every night). Include the landscape—and look for opportunities to capture something unique.For instance, Arizona Sky Village in Portal, Arizona, is a dark-sky housing development. Every house has a telescope built in, and one of the streets really is named Milky Way, which I wanted to show.

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