When you want to buy a mobile phone with camera, you may find yourself in doubt of what to choose. A 1.3-2 megapixel camera is adequate for you if your intention is only to capture casual photographs and send them to your family and friends or upload them to social networks.
One of the main characteristics of mobile phones that advertise themselves as technological innovation is the number of megapixels that mobile phones have, that way starting a race between brands that seems to never end. The image quality assessment company DxO Labs based in France, a famous specialist in analyzing all types of cameras and, especially, their lenses, has recently published a report claiming that as for today the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a mobile device with the best camera. We all know that there are really good cameras on smartphones but let us be realistic and as we’ve lighten out good features, we’d like to mention some weak points as well. Below you can also see the table with the scores that got each smartphone in this test in case you are interested. Oftentimes, self portraits can come out looking far less attractive than the photographer was hoping for, especially when shots have been taken with spread out arms.
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First of all, you should refrain from utilizing pictures from the web camera for purposes of personal advertisement, as the pictures derived from this medium is of low quality and not really satisfactory.

Top 10 Tips for Taking The Best Pictures with Your Camera Phone for additional tips and tricks.
The quantity of megapixels is essential, but isn’t always the most important thing in order to choose a fine mobile phone. The number of megapixels is only important if you want to magnify or manipulate the photographs in some way. That’s what was discussed in the annual Mobile World Congress, the event where all mobile phone brands present their new proposals. For example, LG Optimus G Pro or the giant Sony Xperia Z, both have a 13 megapixel camera, exactly as the new Huawei Ascend P2, or the 8.7 megapixel camera of Nokia Lumia 920. The last number is what the best sellers chose to use in their products, like the iSight camera from iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III‘s camera. The HTC Titan II reached 16 megapixels, but the real moster had other name: Nokia 808 PureView with a 41 megapixel camera.
DxO experts say that both S5 and Z2 should improve their functions for the places with little light and much noise. These tips on how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone can help you produce beautiful and worthwhile photographs which can proudly be posted over social networks on the Internet. The flesh and brain were removed from the head and the skull used as the base for a plaster mould of the person's head, which was decorated and kept.

You should take extra effort in evaluating pictures for quality before posting them over the Internet.
It depends on what are you planning on doing with the photographs and how are you going to do it.
Therefore, the adopted measure might be wrong, being that it’s calculated through a subpixel interpolation process. There are professional cameras with much less megapixels, but what would be like recording a video or taking a photo with a 41 megapixel camera? Knowing how to take good pictures of yourself with a camera phone is very crucial, in the sense that sometimes you may never realize that you have been taking pictures haphazardly and results in awkward-looking and distorted photographs. That’s why Apple always considered limiting the number of pixels in order to work on the quality of the captured images. The options nowadays are quite numerous and almost all mobile phone brands have phones that cover a large spectrum of megapixels.

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