When looking at which cameras will work best for you, it is important to think about what type of situations in which you will be taking your photographs.
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There are a massive range of lenses available to suit all tastes and photographic opportunities, but in this group test we’ll specifically look at three popular models from Canon which could be used as a general-purpose upgrade to the 18-55mm kit lens. All three, pictured above, feature faster and quieter focusing, superior build quality and will squeeze additional resolution from your camera. They all have their pros and cons which we’ll compare in detail in this group test, allowing you to make the best choice for your particular requirements. Note the serial numbers for the 17-55mm, 17-85mm, 18-55mm and 17-40mm lenses were 16104232, 92001769, 9600520205 and 102834 respectively.

This article will point you in the direction to some of the best digital cameras on the market that are great for taking photos in low-light situations. This bundled EF-S 18-55mm delivers a 3x optical zoom range covering wide angle to short telephoto and is a good general purpose starter lens. Upgrading also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a longer focal range along with features which could include Image Stabilisation to combat camera-shake, improved focusing, or greater capabilities in low light. Two also feature Image Stabilisation, one offers a longer zoom range, another boasts excellent performance for portraiture or low light work, while the third can also be used on a full-frame body, protecting you for significant future upgrades.
If you have one of these bodies and are still using the kit lens, this is the feature for you. The ISO feature on your camera has to do with how well your camera does in low-light or indoor situations.
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The fact it’s included for little extra cost over the body-only price makes it a no-brainer.
Upgrading your lens from the kit model is the first step to making the most of your digital SLR, and in this group test we’ll compare some of the best options available. From younger kids who like to snap themselves making funny faces, to older children who do more serious posing, this is what sets this particular model apart from other children’s cameras. This is one element that younger kids will need some guidance and supervision with until they get the hang of it. These are both educational and entertaining and are great for road trips and vacations when you need something to keep your little one amused.

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