After spending Billions at Orange Train and Metro Projects , we will witness significant Rise in Electricity and Industry output .
Shame on regulator as well, transmission company which we call NTDC is regulated by NEPRA to meet the requirements and conditions of its license.
The point to ponder - Will the people wake up and vote only those that are sincere and capable? It is not unpatriotic to ask if everything possible is being done before deaths occur, and not after. Almost a week after leaving practice with lacerations on his lower left leg after a display of deep, acrobatic catches that fans have become accustomed to, the star receiver was back on the field Saturday, taking full-speed, full-team reps for the first time since the injury.
On his first opportunity in team drills, Beckham beat Janoris Jenkins deep down the left sideline to catch a pass from Eli Manning for a touchdown. Beckham missed only a few days of work, and the Giants felt as if they dodged a potentially season-altering situation. Beckhama€™s presence also gave the Giants a first glimpse at what they hope will be a dynamic trio of receivers.
Cruz may be one of the few receivers who has yet to make a standout play, but ita€™s still early and only his first week back after he missed almost two full years of football. And now that Beckham is back a€” and playing as if he never left a€” the Giants can get back to the business of daydreaming about the receiver corps instead of having nightmares about it. Receive stories, photos and videos about your favorite New York teams plus national sports news and events. The line is still not in place and the plant unable to supply its full energy.Nepra also highlighted a series of system shortcomings of the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) – the state-run network operator. Pakistan will become a super power and economic miracles and electricity crisis will be over , once all the Metro Buses and Orange Train project will be completed.

If all what is said in the report is correct then NEPRA top brass should be the first to be fired and put behind the bars.
When a generation plant is planned, you can not ignore timely availability of transmission and distribution. It was the exact kind of play that Beckham was making last Sunday when he briefly terrified the Giants by remaining on the ground after a collision with Jenkins and then taking a cart back to the trainera€™s room. For the first time in camp, Beckham, Victor Cruz and rookie Sterling Shepard were lined up together in the same formation, taking three snaps in seven-on-seven drills. Throughout camp, there has been a dizzying display of receiver play from the top of the depth chart to the bottom.
His timeline ticks differently, and he has shown signs of steady improvement since camp opened.
It explained that as operator, NTDC was required to construct and operate Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines and grid stations for transporting power from the existing and new generation facilities to the distribution system.The regulator said the existing EHV capacity was “barely enough” to cater for the present generation capacity and certainly not capable of absorbing additional upcoming generation capacity. It is shameful that they are approving annual tariff use of system charge of NTDC and not looking at their plans carefully. Practically and unfortunately the parliament being incapable is indifferent to all such inefficiencies and wastage of precious national resources. It has been noted that 80 per cent transformers at 500kV and 220kV grid stations in different regions were overloaded. This should be the job of the Ministry of Energy or whatever it is called, as these things are centrally controlled in Pakistan.
This criminal negligence should be investigated not only for those responsible but also for those who appoint such gugus in such covet positions. The government burdens people with loan and debts obtained from here and there and then wastes like this.

Although the ball never came in their direction, it certainly was a daunting lineup for the defense and a warning to opposing units around the league of the kind of firepower the Giants can supply in the passing game. Understanding that the more power plants to come in the net work you will not have capacity to disperse the power. In addition to overloading of EHV transformers, constraints in power dispersal from certain major power plants and quality issues in NTDC’s system have also been reported. For example, the Nepra noted that 404MW Uch-II power plant was facing “evacuation problems due to transmission constraints”. Even if completed the transformer capacities at the respective substations may not be able to handle the dispursion as reported by NEPRA.
Located at Dera Murad Jamali in Balochistan, the low BTU (hence cheaper) gas-fired plant was required to be linked with the national grid by the NTDC.
It was planned to construct a 125km long 220kV double circuit twin bundle transmission line from Uch-II power plant to Sibbi sub-station for evacuation of power after passing through Naseerabad, Kachi and Sibi districts. During the year 2012-13 and 2013-14, this plant experienced 63 and 99 tripping respectively due to grid failure.Similarly, power evacuation constraints confronted by 235MW Liberty Power were also due to the tripping of grid system and other technical reasons of transmission lines. It has experienced many tripping since commissioning due to the problems in transmission lines between Guddu and Sadiqabad. The main problem is the constraint in the capacity of three feeders which connect Bhai Pheru and Sarfraz Nagar Grids.
In case one line is out, the remaining two get overloaded and trip; leading to a total shutdown of both plants of 400MW and supply failure.

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