It’s true that a lowly cell phone camera is not a replacement for a powerful and feature-packed DSLR. The fact is coming up with stellar photos using your trusted mobile phone can be very rewarding knowing that you’re wielding something with limited features and capabilities.
Dealing with the limitations of a cell phone camera can be easily done with the help of apps. No matter if you’re using a cell phone camera, compact point-and-shoot or DSLR, good composition is vital. Want to make a really interesting photo of, say, a bunch of grapes or a dead leaf on the pavement? The small sensors of mobile phone cameras make proper or sufficient lighting a very important matter.
Just because sufficient lighting is necessary doesn’t mean you should choose to photograph your subjects in direct sunlight.
By the time you have activated that tilt-shift of fish-eye effect, a really exciting moment may have long been gone. Due to the current popularity of mobile photography, you can find all sorts of accessories designed to make your cell phone’s camera produce stellar photos.
The nicest thing about a mobile phone camera is you get to take it with you no matter where you go.

The traditional way of treating a very high fever is usually with the help of medicine accompanied by a cold compress.
As I promised yesterday, this is an additional way that you could do yesterday’s hairdo that Christine so nicely shared with us. Find out what they are so that you may no longer strive to come up with photos that your chosen device isn’t capable of producing. Many of them allow a mobile phone photographer like you to tweak certain elements such as the focus and exposure level. Before you head out, it’s a good idea to know some of the things that can help make your snapshots really eye-catching such as rule of thirds, leading lines and negative space. It’s a better idea to simply keep on shooting and resist the urge to make use of the integrated fancy filters or effects. It is best to skip using your gadget’s digital zoom unless you have a thing for pixelated snapshots.
Cropping a photo is also a wonderful way to enhance the composition, removing unnecessary elements as well as to achieve the desired aspect ratio of the photograph.
This gives you the opportunity to constantly take photos and hone your mobile photography skills. As I mentioned yesterday, I needed to pull these ponytails tighter into the braid – but you get the idea.

I made her get back up on the counter so I could do the “real” hairdo Christine had sent me!
Below are some very simple tips on how you can employ a cell phone camera to take snapshots that can leave everyone breathless. While there are plenty of decent apps that are offered by their developers at no cost, many really good ones do not come free of charge. Editing is best done later on when you get back home and it’s time to share some of your best snapshots. There are also all sorts of clip-on and magnetic lenses — macros, telephotos and fish-eyes! When photographing subjects indoors, open the blinds or drapes or make sure that there’s ample artificial lighting. It’s also a good idea to shoot when the sun is at an angle to create long and interesting shadows.

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