The Government believes in freedom of expression as it considers that free speech and freedom of opinion is inseparable from a democratic society, he said. Information Minister has directed PEMRA to take cognizance of the matter on immediate basis. The training are in video format divided into 28 separate videos which each video covering a very specific step to making money as an affiliate.
The full price of this training is $47 however right now there is a prelaunch special for $20 off so it is available for just $27.
Every day I get messages from new people asking me how they can start making some income online. Just had to drop by and say that first of all I’m deeply honored that you chose to review my training course…having been a follower of you and this site for a while now, I knew that of all places this would be the spot to get an honest to goodness, no frills review! It was a pleasure chatting with you and I truly appreciate all your help too, glad we could work out a special deal for my fellow ‘Brett Rutecky Fan Club’ members! Again, thanks for taking the time to review the course and help me out along the way Brett, you’ve got a loyal follower right here! Well as you probably already guessed its a training course that is designed to take the total novice step by step from the beginning, with nothing, to the end goal of being profitable as an affiliate marketer. While I make no secrete that I make some money off of this blog via affiliate commissions (which compensates me for the hours¬† I spend reviewing products) I also do more traditional email (and other) affiliate marketing, which is where most of my affiliate income comes from.

But I wanted to get a really sweet deal so I negotiated a further $10 discount for my readers. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts. Creating and launching a product is a lot of work and many people just dont have the time or the desire to go through all of that. Its great training that will teach you what you need to do to start making money online as an affiliate yourself.
Its a great training product for anyone new to this business to get started on a solid foundation. So given that I am already a successful affiliate marketer I felt that I was in a good position to review this training and make a recommendation on if it teaches solid practices. This would have allowed for more easy navigation for people who already have some experience.
In the how to get traffic section it does talk a fair amount about solo ads.  Now I will admit that I have never been a big fan of solo ads, however I know a couple of very successful affiliate marketers (who make me look like a small fry) and who I totally trust who have told be that they have done well with them.
I spent a lot of time on Skype talking to Marc and getting you this special discount price because I really want to help people make money and I know that you can if you just following the steps this training gives you. At $47 its a little overpriced, even if I can get another $10 discount, that would be $37 which is still a bit over priced.

Also this is not the only traffic method explained, so given those two things I really did not mind seeing solo ad training in there. For example on the video talking about autoresponders there are links to popular autoresponders right there for you.
Sure its only like 4 seconds long, and while its a really cool intro I got sick of watching it after the 4th or 5th video.
These are action steps intended to get you going right away with the instructions in the video. In fact I suggest that people who buy this training watch one video a day and take the action steps outlined in that video. So I understand that watching the intro each time might not be a pet peeve for others as it is for me.
Doing this you can be making money as an affiliate in as little as 28 days (or sooner if you do more than one video a day).

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