When you own a home with a large garden, lawn care and maintenance can seem like a daunting task. The first step in landscaping a large garden is to create a design that will break your garden up into outdoor rooms, each with its own focal point.
Ride-on lawn mowers or tractors are necessary tools to lighten the load when you own a home with a large lawn. Colin has worked with his father, Duncan, on Lawns For You for around 2 years now, and forms the technical side of the company, looking after the website, the online shop and the marketing of the company.
When choosing trees to plant in your yard, it’s important to pick ones whose shape fits in with your overall design. Since every tree is different, naming the shapes is something less than an exact science, but in general they tend to fall into categories.
We often think of Christmas trees as the classic pyramidal tree, but the shape applies to deciduous trees as well.
These trees are upright, with a central strong trunk that branches into a dense round or oval-shaped crown.
Umbrella-shaped trees have fairly high branches that spread wide to make an umbrella canopy.
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Sometimes, planning a holiday is to stressful that you start wondering whether the effort is worth it. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Texas is, without question, the Port Arkansas.
Next on our list of places to visit in Texas is the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium, especially if you are a big sports fan.
Furthermore, this list of places to visit in Texas cannot be complete without visiting The Alamo, the historical site for one of America’s greatest battles. Michigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of MSU directly to individuals, communities and businesses. Reduce overall maintenance and headaches that come with seasonal lawn die-out by planting low maintenance ground covers. If thinking about the traditional ground covers conjures up images of pachysandra, periwinkle (Vinca), ivy and bugleweed (Ajuga), perhaps I can help you create another mental image.
By using a combination of plants, gardeners can weave an interesting tapestry that is both functional and natural looking. The first rule for selecting groundcovers is matching the plant’s needs to your site and keeping the number of cultivars you choose, relatively few. For the first year of establishment, most ground covers will benefit from being watered on a regular basis unless there is ample rainfall.
Just think of the advantages of using a perennial ground cover in your landscape; simple maintenance, less lawn to mow and more time to spend shopping for plants!
If you want to add water features to your landscaping, you want an experienced pond contractor to be the one to add this to your property. Regardless of whether you go natural or manmade, you will want to make sure that the water features or pond is one of the highlights of your yard. Leading the eye to the pond can be helpful too, and an expert pond contractor will be able to handle this quite easily.
You will definitely want to be able to take advantage of your home’s new pond, and your contractor should be able to help you with this, too.
Whatever you decide upon, make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page before the project is begun. Okay!  Names have been chosen by you awesome readers after a quicky 24-hour name voting session (sorry if you missed it!), and we have officially completed stage 1 of the coop-build. With these two items that had been left behind by the previous owner of the house, by my super intelligent and creative husband’s design (he told me to make him sound good), we were going to build the nesting place.
First, we ripped off the back of this armoire to  expose the four shelves, which would act as dividers between the laying baskets where the hens will lay eggs. This took hours and hours of hard, back breaking work, but we are really proud of it!!!  We were just talking last night about how much fun it is to put in the work of manual labor and then get what you were hoping for out of it.  So worth it, and so fulfilling!  And we are really excited to start getting eggs.  Such a cool concept- taking care of an animal who also takes care of you!  Hooray, chickens!
Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Design - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home. Before talking about where a pool should be fitted or how it should look like, you should always consider its functionality. Probably the most important decision you have to make regarding your new swimming pool is where it will be located.
First of all you need to study the amount of sunlight your backyard gets and where does the sun shine the most. The third most important aspect of your pools location is its relationship with the rest of the house. Such a major project requires a lot of pre-designing and, before you put your thoughts into action, there are several considerations to be made. These are the main types of materials for the interior of the pool: in-ground vinyl liner, pre-cast fiberglass and concrete. Vinyl lined pools are very affordable and, if installed properly, they will provide your yard with some nice esthetics.
Fiberglass pools have become much more popular over the years then when they first appeared because the technology and the materials are evolving very fast and constantly increase their quality and improving design options, strength and longevity of this product. Concrete or gunite pools are the most popular especially because they offer many design possibilities and are the most durable of the three. This part of the swimming pool design is all about the looks and the match between the deck and house, the paths and walkways. However, with a little planning, a riding lawn mower and the right parts and accessories, you can create a landscape that’s easy to manage without taking all day.
Lawn mowing in a large garden requires a little bit of planning and the right lawn tractor attachments can help you make short work of your mowing chores. Take care of your machine by ordering the right riding lawn mower parts and performing annual maintenance. You can overlap slightly for nice clean lines, but you don’t want your grass to grow back unevenly.
For example, if you want something tall and thin, you’ll be much more successful if you choose a tree that naturally grows in a tall columnar shape, rather than trying to keep a wide, sprawling tree pruned into submission.
Their vertical shape adds height and also provides great screening without taking up much room in the landscape.

Vase-shaped trees are graceful and perfect for lining walkways, because they offer both shade and headroom. The shape of these trees is often irregular and dramatic, making them an excellent specimen or accent tree. If the branches are high enough, these trees are perfect for shading sitting areas or patios, because they naturally leave a clear view underneath.
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If you are wondering what you could do in such a place, you can start by taking a stroll in the area, and admiring the wonderful landscape. The stadium is truly a remarkable piece of architecture, and you might even get the chance to see one of the teams practice. You will find out more about the legend of Davey Crockett, and you will be one of the 2 million visitors that come here every year.
This website may not function properly.Click the icons below to upgrade to a newer version or another web browser. Perhaps it is too shady, too wet, too dry – you know, the type of environment lawns just hate. Imagine these spaces in your landscape now sporting great spring or summer blooms, outstanding fall color or captivating winter character. A woodland landscape covered with the fragile, white blooms of foamflower (Tiarella), contrasting with the rich purples of native phlox and coral bells (Heuchera,) will give a dark environment waves of light, color and texture. Large-leaved plants such as pigsqueak (Bergenia) and wild ginger (Asarum canadense) are more effective when combined with fine-textured plants such as Astilbe or ferns. For instance, two surface rooting perennial ground covers will compete with each other, but if one is deeply rooted, taking advantage of moisture and nutrients, while the other plant’s roots are shallow, allowing it to intercept brief rain showers, they can happily co-mingle. To avoid disease invasion, water during daytime hours when the foliage will dry off quickly.
You can contact the MSU Master Gardener Lawn and Garden Hotline at 888-678-3464 with your questions. 2, 2016, field day where MSU researchers will demonstrate optimal plants for season-long support of crop pollinators and biocontrol agents.
A great pond or a fountain can add a whole new dimension to your home’s landscape and can be very aesthetically pleasing. If you want something natural in appearance, you might even want to consider taking things a step further by adding fish and water plants.
Water has a soothing quality to it, so you will want to make sure that the surrounding area feeds into this image. A rock pathway that meanders through the yard up to the water, or a wooden fence with a nearby bench can attract attention to your pond in a way that the water alone would not be able to. For instance, a stone seating area nearby can help you to take advantage of the natural beauty that you have added. You want to make sure that the pond lives up to your expectations, and a good contractor will be able to take your vision and make it a gorgeous reality.
Even if they sound a bit luxurious and probably unaffordable, the amount of relaxation and recreation achieved by having such an extension to your home will always outweigh the costs.
If you do, make sure that you can always keep an on them, unless you want to have to stay beside them until they finish swimming. The first is the ease of access which is important because it can enhance or decrease your desire to use the pool and so its quality and its value (this also includes the materials used for the pathway to the pool which you should carefully choose so that it won’t be slippery and so reduce the probability of unwanted accidents).
There are two main categories: pools that are placed near the house and pools that are placed farther out in the backyard. A great deal of importance should be given to materials, which should be chosen in a way that satisfies four major aspects: safety, comfort, appearance and durability, the order of which differs from case to case.
Naturally, you can also choose an above ground swimming pool, which is the most economical choice but doesn’t possess the best appearance. This type of swimming pool is actually a precast shell that is then put into a previously dug site and then finished off with the decking; this means that construction measures and process are a lot simpler than for a concrete pool, offering similar advantages at the same time .
The construction process involves steel-reinforced rods that are sprayed over to create a smooth surface that is finished afterwards. The matter of safety and obtaining a non-slippery surface is less important because almost every material nowadays is designed to comply with these demands (be careful though when choosing the color because it will influence comfort due the heat absorption factor and make sure that the deck won’t get slippery when wet). Lawn tractors or riding lawn mowers are best for large gardens as they are less strenuous to operate, provide a cleaner, more professional cut, can carry attachments, and mow quickly and efficiently. Consider a bagger attachment for your lawn tractor to collect cuttings and mix them into compost or spread them after you mow. Sharp lawn mower blades lead to a clean cut that facilitates a healthy lawn, while dull mower blades leave your grass susceptible to diseases and weed growth. Plus, cutting too low in some areas can cause weeds to get more sunlight than they do in the rest of the lawn resulting in some nasty patches. Weeping trees should not be planted near walkways or streets where the hanging branches would get in the way or need to be pruned. But what is important here is that you can have a beautiful vacation with or without lots of money.
There is no way you make your vacation in Texas and not visit the Space Center, located in Houston and home of NASA. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back, relax and never worry about those patches again? Perhaps these spaces are replacing turf areas you no longer wish to mow such as a steep bank or a shady back-lot corner. Ground covers can help prevent weeds, control erosion, bring beauty to the landscape and can be grown with very little maintenance once established. Michigan State University Extension recommends fertilizing at planting time using a slow-release fertilizer to avoid burning new tissue and provide small amounts of nutrient just when the plant needs it.
There are many different routes you can go down when designing water accents for your home, but the bottom line is you want to add something that looks good and will satisfy your ideas of beauty.
So, if you have projects from kitchen renovation ideas to small bathroom remodels, overhauled and repurposed furniture, spray paint updates you name it please send it in! About CassityCassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. No one swims in a cloudy day because there is no pleasure to it and most people like to get a tan while or after swimming. Keep in mind that you have to decide upon materials for the coping, the interior of the pool, the pool deck and the water line.
They are also a lot cheaper to maintain than a concrete pool, costs being reduced to less than half, depending on size.

Plain concrete is the simplest choice which meets expectations in terms of safety, reliability and comfort but is very inexpressive and lacks that touch of flamboyancy.
If you’re making left turns the entire time, you grass clippings won’t be spread to evenly mulch the garden, but a bagger can help you make the most of them. Blades and other riding lawn mower parts like belts and filters will need to be checked and potentially replaced each year due to natural wear and tear. When it comes to a mowing pattern, you can choose between lines and spirals depending on your personal preference. You can continue your holiday at the Six Flags over Texas, which is a great amusement park for the whole family.
Both children and adults can spend a wonderful time here, learning about the various animals and sea creatures that live on our planet. To fill in the gaps, perennial ground covers are taking a bigger role in home landscapes and they sure don’t look like they used to. If you want a manmade look, you can add a rock fountain, or even an enclosure meant to house koi.
Your yard doesn’t necessarily need to revolve around the water elements, but your pond or fountain should definitely be showcased in some manner.
But, who knows, maybe you don’t want any sunlight or the area you live in is so hot that you want your pool to be shaded to cool off better. The best thing to do is to design in such a way that they can play safely but you can enjoy it too, and this means that the depth will vary and the kids will play and swim in the shallow area while the adults can relax in the deeper area of the pool. If you carefully plan your pool so that you won’t have to move any existing utility lines, you will save some money. Because if a pool is close to a construction, than it becomes its extension, an annex and should take after it, resembling its style and shape. But before you start doing that, you need to ask yourself some questions and determine your expectations from your pool, regarding all the aspects mentioned above. On the downside they are not very customizable and you are limited by the transportation process; the maximum width is just 18 feet. You can also finish off the concrete with an exposed aggregate (made from crushed pebbles) which is more expensive but provides extra safety and durability.
You can also opt for bricks or concrete pavers which are a more colorful and lively choice, and also very comfortable. Other lawn tractor attachments include mulching kits, snow thrower attachments for homes with a large driveway, and sun shades to keep you protected when you need to mow for longer periods of time. But should a specific riding lawn mower part break or crack, it’s important to get it fixed immediately to prevent further damage to your machine. If you have a zero-turn riding lawn mower, it will handle the turns on a row design tight enough to avoid patches, but with other lawn tractors, you may want to consider a spiral design for an even cut without covering the same ground. That being said, we thought of lending you a helping hand and proposing a great location for your next holiday; the following places to visit in Texas are representative of this southern state, and they will help you enjoy every single day of your vacation. All in all, Texas truly is a welcoming and interesting state, and it shouldn’t be missed.
Ground covers with a more clumping form such as hosta can also be planted in masses, which over time essentially accomplish the same thing. Your lawn can require 3 to 4 pounds of nitrogen during the growing season while most perennial ground covers only need 1 pound. Either way, you need to study this aspect and make a little sketch to organize your thoughts.
It’s a big element that influences both exterior and interior attributes of your house.
If it is positioned somewhere in the back of the yard then it becomes an independent element that can take any shape and focus the activity of a family around it. The most expensive finish is the ceramic tile which demands minimal maintenance and it looks better, more elegant than the other two. More expensive but better looking choices are fieldstone, slate, flagstone, and marble, which are also able to make your swimming pool look more natural and will probably resemble a scenery like a lake in the woods or a Mediterranean landscape. Will it be irregular and curvy or maybe straight, taking the shape of a rectangle or maybe just a square? Mainly there are two large categories of swimming pool shapes: rectangular ones which are the most common and are characterized by straight lines but not necessarily but 90 degree angles and curved pools which can take any shape you like and can easily mold after the rest of your yard, following for example the access paths or other amenities (most popular curved shapes are the kidney shape, the figure-8 and the freeform). You can also go for wood which will enhance the rusticity of your backyard but will require frequent refinishing, rubber (easy to clean up and can take almost any shape you want) or for a spray-on coating which is basically a cement based material that doesn’t heat up and is easy to maintain.
Will you have enough time for maintenance or you’ll have to have someone paid to do it for you? Size and shape can vary but they are always in a permanent relationship with the pools purpose. When deciding upon the shape of your pool, always bear in mind that pathways are more important than the pool itself and that you don’t want it to become an inconvenient. If you want to exercise and swim instead of going to the gym then it should probably have a great length so that you would have enough space to swim. Think about the other activities that might take place in your backyard and try to imagine how they will relate to your swimming pool. What other materials can be found in your backyard and how is the swimming pool going to relate to them?
To sum up, before rushing into acquiring a pool, try to foresee all the aspects of owning one so that you wouldn’t end up with a lot of money spent for something that nobody uses, likes or takes care of. The end result should satisfy every need and every activity should be able to be performed independently. Naturally, this decision varies from site to site because each backyard has its own specifics like size, proportions and the position of the house. All these questions must of course be answered while considering all the other aspects like size, placement and overall design. For example, any material you choose will be in contact with the chemicals that the water has in its composition which can alter the surface of your pool. However, they will also be in contact with the swimmers so try to find non-slippery materials that also provide your pool with a nice and welcoming appearance.

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