Glitzy’s contacted me to create the concept and design for their new start up dog groomers in Bangor. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The last non-combat veteran, Florence Green, an RAF steward, died this February in King’s Lynn, also aged 110. Pat Barker has just published Toby’s Room, a First World War novel, 21 years after Regeneration, the first book in her war trilogy.

Yesterday, David Cameron talked of how Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse and the novels of Sebastian Faulks have kept the First World War vivid for new generations. The Second World War is rightly prominent, too – but it still has thousands of surviving veterans to reinforce its impact every year at the Cenotaph. The Boer wars, which ended in 1902, have been largely forgotten – even in an era of frantic anniversary celebrations.
The war marked the beginning of the modern age; and its shock waves are still being felt today in our social and political structures, our economy and our technology.

Still, as is often the case, conflict led to political and social reform for much of the population; and not just for the millions of soldiers who had never been abroad before they were sent to the Front.
After the Homes Fit for Heroes election of December 1918, and the 1919 Housing Act, a million council houses were built over the next two decades.

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