Given the vast number of books-on-tape sets sold in the last years of the 20th century, this is an excellent question. Regrettably, turning a tape-based audiobook into something you can listen to on your computer or mobile device is far more laborious than ripping an audio CD. Within your audio editor make sure that the Maca€™s line-in port is selected as the input source. When you finally finish you can treat these recordings just as you would audio files youa€™ve ripped from a CD. The audio quality of a cassette tape is far worse than that of a CD, but you dona€™t need pristine quality for an audiobook. Not only are the hardware connections more complicated, but you have to record in real timea€”start the tape playing and record it as it plays.

The free open-source Audacity is a popular application with the cheapskate crowd because it packs a punch, but it may be one of the clumsiest interfaces Ia€™ve ever encountered.
You can import them into iTunes, build a playlist around them, and then sync them to your device. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. If you know your way around GarageBand Ia€™d suggest using it instead if you have a copy and you desire a free solution.
In the audio editor check the input levels to be sure youa€™re getting sound into the application and that the sound isna€™t too loud or soft. Or, as I described when talking about ripping audiobook CDs, you can use Join Together or Audiobook Builder to combine the files into a single track.

But if the booka€™s not available digitally or youa€™re just dead-set on doing it, it goes like this. If youa€™re willing to spend some money on a capable audio editor you might look at HairerSofta€™s $25 Amadeus Lite or Felt Tipa€™s $30 Sound Studio (Mac App Store links). When youa€™re satisfied with the sound levels, rewind the tape, press the audio applicationa€™s Record button, and start the tape playing again to record it.

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