Everybody is dreaming about spending their vacation in a special or an absolutely unique place.
Also known as the Giant Crystal Cave, this tourist attraction is a cave of nearly 1.000 feet, beneath Mexicoa€™s Naica silver mine. Situated in Madagascar, this can easily be described as a lost world with unique life forms. In case you are looking for a spectacular tourist attraction to visit, you can choose one of the aforementioned unique places in the world. What you find on Impressive MagazineImpressive ideas, people, facts and products presented to you daily.
Traveling all over North America with his wife by his side, shooting diverse landscapes and finding remote places to bring the message to the public that this Earth is worth saving. At one of my "special places" in Santa Fe - I visit this powerful spot every time I am in N New Mexico!
For the best experience, please follow the links below to update your preferred internet browser. WWF works to protect these places based on the wealth and variety of life they support, the destructive challenges they face, and our ability to positively impact them.

Help WWF conserve the world's wildlife and their homes by symbolically adopting an elephant.
WWF works to protect places based on the wealth and variety of life they support, the destructive challenges they face, and our ability to positively impact them. Some habitats, such as tropical forest and coral reefs, support extremely rich groups of species, while others, such as tundras and deserts, are more austere. Biodiversity is not spread evenly across the Earth but follows complex patterns determined by climate, geology and the evolutionary history of the planet. To address the need for a more relevant conservation planning unit, WWF created 1,480 ecoregions that categorize the world into its natural ecosystems. The world is filled with natural wonders and everyone wants to discover amazing places in different corners of the planet.
Naturally, this museum is placed underwater, off the cost of Isla de Mujeres and Cancun, in Mexico. Actually, one of the most beautiful regions of Madagascar, Tsingy de Bemaraha, homes the Forest of Knives. Bhutan is commonly regarded as a little Buddhist kingdom which has turned its back to excessive globalization.

For more than 40.000 years, it had been a giant prehistoric lake, but it dried out and left behind the salt desert. It lies on an area of 600 square miles, being filled with canyons, caves and 300 feet high spiked towers.
It perfectly preserves traditional culture and the true beauty of the nature, so a visit here can turn out being a one of a kind experience.
Scuba diving, snorkeling and glass-bottom boat trips can be enjoyed to visit this amazing museum. If you want to visit this amazing desert, you may pick the rainy season in the winter to be here.
Since then, only few adventurous visitors managed to witness the astonishing beauty of the crystals homed at the Crystal Caverns.
Capturing moments of magic light and transferring this on print, images behold a combination of perseverance, patience, and dedication to capture the images in ways unseen before.

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