Angie & Kyle were the cutest couple!  They were so relaxed and had so much fun on their wedding day!  It certainly can be felt when you look at these pictures.
SiRui & Jesse engagement photos at their Gallup Park Ann Arbor wedding engagement photo session. By the way, the shot of Jennifer spinning was used in a magazine ad in My Metro You Magazine!

Katie and Frank were fortunate enough to have two beautiful locations for their wedding day.   Father Charles Coughlin founded the Shrine of the Little Flower Parish in 1925, just prior to the canonization of St.
A child' christmas wales --dylan thomas (1914-1953), It was on the afternoon of the christmas eve, and i was in mrs. The nightmare christmas - tv tropes, A description tropes appearing nightmare christmas.

The Historic Detroit Yacht Club, founded in 1868, is one of the oldest and most prestigious private clubs in North America.

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