The California State Fair has a long history, which has created fond memories for many Sacramento residents, others throughout the state and beyond.
And this year’s fair, which opens today and continues through July 29, is loaded with many attractions that will deliver a variety of new memories. In taking a ride down memory lane,  one can observe the fair’s long tradition of fun-filled attractions. One hundred and fifty years ago, the fair was only in its eighth year, and only a year had passed since the state legislature designated Sacramento as the fair’s permanent location. Persevering through this tragedy, which caused Venice-like waterway scenes through its streets, Sacramento was able to present a very successful fair. This article stated: “The ground at the park yesterday was fairly covered with people and carriages. This exhibit, which was presented at the Pavilion at 6th and M streets (now Capitol Mall), was even more impressive, when considering the time of year that the fair was being held.
The receipts for the 1862 fair, which included a closing evening ball at the Pavilion, totaled more than $11,000. However, this conflict in scheduling did not impede the 1887 State Fair from achieving success. Among the greatest attractions at the 1887 fair were the horse races, which were reported upon in detail in the local, daily newspapers of the time.
Receiving much attention in the aforementioned edition of the Bee was a horse named Black Diamond. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1912 State Fair, which was only the third consecutive time the fair was held at the Stockton Boulevard fairgrounds. In a single year, this Holstein produced 910 pounds of butter fat, 28,000 pounds of milk and 1,137 pounds of butter. Other attractions included the first California State Fair Round-Up, which became an annual event, fireworks at the grandstand, and Odell, “The Bee Wizard,” who enclosed himself in a cage and allowed bees to swarm all over his body, without suffering a single sting. The popularity of the fair continued to increase throughout the years, leading to the event’s distinction as the largest fair in the United States in 1938, when more than 600,000 people attended the fair. This high attendance mark was made possible through the assistance of the fairgrounds’ 1937 expansion from 80 acres to 155 acres.

The start of the fair was marked by thousands of school children who walked in a parade from McClatchy Park to the fairgrounds. It can be difficult for many people to come to terms with the fact that the 1987 State Fair opened 25 years ago this year.
The ceremony included performances by the 561st National Guard band and the California Raisin Advisory Board’s Dancing Raisins, a tree planting by the Sacramento Tree Foundation and an entrance by the Para-Stars, a Sacramento skydiving team. Other attractions of the 1987 fair were midway rides, harness racing, professional rodeos, pig races, live music, “Monster Truck Madness,” Aztec Indian dancing, agricultural and crafts exhibits, an exotic birds display, fireworks at the grandstand and an evolution of communications display. Special days of the 1987 fair included Raisin Day, Tomato Day, Cheese Day and Dairy Goat Industry Day.
Despite the many fond memories that have been established at previous state fairs, there is one special reason why this year’s fair can be considered the most important. Guests of this year’s fair, which has the theme, “Fun that Moves You,” will be presented with plenty of reasons to attend. In addition to typical attractions such as midway rides, livestock shows, agricultural exhibits, live music, corn dogs, turkey legs and unusual food, this year’s fair will host a variety of new attractions.
The couple can do different poses bent on bringing out the closeness and fun that they feel around each other. The photographer can take a shot of the bride and the groom getting ready for the wedding separately. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to create some lasting memories from your special day. 4, 1862 edition that the number of people who arrived at the 1862 fair exceeded expectations. At no time last year were there as many persons present as were there about two o’clock yesterday.
And that reason is an obvious one, as the 2012 fair is the only one that is not a thing of the past. The photographer is able to take a wonderful picture of the groom lifting his bride and twirling her.
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This photo can be used to show off the perfect designer wedding dress and suit, and preparations just before the couple ties the knot. From couples, to senior portraits, to families of three and more visit us each year expecting to make some special beach memories on our Hilton Head shore line. And at the park, the public also viewed exhibitions of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs and a machine for grinding sugar cane, and its accompanying evaporator. It was in that year that the State Fair suddenly had competition, as the local Mechanics’ Institute opted to hold its annual exhibition from Sept. 14, 1912 edition of the Bee featured details about the fair’s notable cattle, including Aralia De Ko, the then-world champion for butter fat. Hiring a photographer at your wedding means that you intend to capture the most amazing and memorable moments in your life. We know how to work with you and your crew, whether its just the two of you or the whole gang.
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