Adobe Photoshop is well known entity in the market, especially among the graphic designers. Most popular of the 3D effects are the Photoshop 3D text effects due to the fact that text is the focal point for any piece of art and adds meaning to it.
I have tried here to help you gather some of the most interesting and useful 3D Photoshop text tutorials that will provide you an opportunity to use this excellent software, in addition with other software in some cases, to create an outstanding piece of art.
Gayle wants the magnified view moved over to the side so you can see it in two sizes at the same time.

Activate the elliptical marquee tool from the toolbox, and create a selection of the area which you want to use for your detail view.
The software has seen numerous transformations with time and now the Photoshop 3D Text effects are high in demand. The special effect has been invented to help the designers add special depth in their creation, and it also allows them to showcase their creative skills that will distinguish their work from the rest of the crowd.
I would like to circle an area and zoom or expand it to show more detail and move it off to the side.

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