Due to Dan Aykroyd’s writing process, the guys on the Ghostbusters team all had pretty much the same personality in the first draft of the script, but once the cast became more concrete the characters started to flesh out. Five years pass since the Ghostbusters’ marshmallowy apocalypse, and the gang ends up back at the bottom rung of the ladder. The haunting aspects of the spiritual essence of life had always been a subject of wonder for Dan Aykroyd, who turned to one of his passions to come up with inspiration for a screenplay. This single scene from Romero’s classic Day of the Dead (1985) might very well be one of the most cult death in all of zombie movie history.

Music is one of the most important part of horror movies, and one that is not always noticed.
Already the third year that we publish our long awaited lists of the best movies of the year!! Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), who is probably the leader because he knows the least about science among the 3 founding members, and that’s who is usually in charge of any organization, the person who knows the least (Though I guess you could say he is the most business savvy of the team, and the Ghostbusters is a business). Stay Puft, the city showed its gratitude the best way it knows how, by suing their saviors for everything they’ve got.

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