Pyrotek Special Effects was on hand to add some effects at the 37th annual People's Choice Awards held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Kid Rock who is set to commence his Born Free Tour performed God Bless Saturday Night, which included various flames and pyrotechnics that were incorporated into the stage set. Pop Band Selena Gomez & The Scene performed their hit single A Year Without Rain, which included low-lying fog and cryo jets cued to the closing beats of the chorus. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Pyrotek Special Effects added 1400 effects to each of Bon Jovia€?s three consecutive performances as he kicked off the inaugural concert series to sold-out audiences at the New Meadowlands Stadium May 26th, 27th and 29th.
Special Effects Designers Doug Adams and Lorenzo Cornacchia were approached by Production Director John Hougdahl and Production Designer Doug “Spike” Brant to implement a large-scale showcase of Pyro for the three consecutive shows. The initial setup took two and a half days to load in, setup, demo and rehearse with all the product. Neil Ryan, Director of Production with AEG Live Northeast, commented, “Working with the entire Pyrotek team to open the New Meadowlands Stadium was an absolute pleasure.
To increase realism in training scenarios, ACS provides role players to portray the local indigenous population.
Pyrotek collaborated with Elia Popov implementing a four-way flame rack which was cued by Pyrotek's Operator Kevin Hughes who worked alongside Pyrotechnician Dimitri Timohovich.

Upon completion of their performance Gomez & The Scene received an award for Favorite Breakout Artist. Adams and Cornacchia collaborated to create a stadium pyrotechnics display that would resemble that of a Super Bowl halftime show. Twelve positions were placed backstage along the 200-level, which started detonating to Bon Jovi's last song before the encore, Keep The Faith.
Additionally after each show, it would take twelve hours to set up which included an 8-hour time frame for the pyro team to strictly reload all the product.
There were plans to present the Pyro on the Grand Opening only…after such a spectacular and impressive display it seemed impossible to not have the display for the remaining two shows.
Role Players portray village leaders, interpreters, local officials, media, citizens, women and children. Creative technologies such as special effects and sound engineering help create exciting visual and auditory experiences in TV, the movies and music. Her performance ended with an all-fire cue that included silver mines, comets, and white flash with bang to kick off the show. The performance which included large columns of flame was capped off with a 20 second Silver Gerb waterfall positioned upstage. Pyrotek's Production Manager, Fiona Thain, directed the logistical and permitting operations to ensure that the massive pyro display was approved and in line with all jurisdictional requirements.

Forty additional rack positions containing 300 comets, mines and multi-shot boards were situated around the rooftop covering a distance of one linear mile.
Opening a new venue can be difficult but the attention to detail that Pyrotek provided us made what could have been a very difficult task seem effortless. Dealing with the New Jersey Department of Public Affairs, the New Jersey Division of Fire and Safety and the Federal Aviation Authority, she coordinated all permitting, testing, demos and onsite inspections for the event. Pyro Crew Chief Bob Ross worked with Mike Devlin (Stage Manager), Mike Farese (Operations Manager & Head Rigger), and Gordon Hyndford (Onsite Coordinator) along with a team of ten pyrotechnicians to complete the setup and assembly of this massive pyrotechnics display. The cool and dynamic elements to this display were the series of chases and scenes fired around the circumference of the entire stadium,” commented Cornacchia.
Our courses will give you the practical experience you need for a head-start in the dynamic and in-demand entertainment, creative and media industries. Adams shot the show from a series of Pyrodigital controllers with a right and left handed control pickle. He had a direct in-ear mix to Bon Jovi when he cued the effects so there would be no delay.

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