And, because they are my favorite, I’ve been taking lots of photos of these adorable, little tiny baby toes!
So, what’s one to do with all of these fun newborn photos?!  Why, make baby announcements, of course! We ended up going with #1 and #2, because we both liked those two a lot and yet they were so different. One lucky Mom Endeav­ors’ reader will win 30 Announcements + FREE Standard Shipping from Tiny Prints! But, thankfully during these last few weeks I’ve managed to take some good pictures of Baby Brother. This past spring, I rounded up a bunch of newborn photography tips and shared newborn photos I took of a friend’s daughter. First, you have to decided on how many photos you want on the card & then pick a design from there. I decided on ones with multiple photos and I ended up making five different options to choose from!

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