Landscaping is more than simply keeping a green lawn and planting a few flowers in a garden to make things look nice. While there is truly no real bad way to decorate your yard, you need to be conscious about your surrounding area.
Rainscaping is sustainable landscaping that reduces stormwater runoff and improves local water quality. For those with only one lens in mind, the choice is simple: Grab a wide angle zoom, something in the 17-50mm range ought to do the trick. Therefore, it stands to reason that when buying your first lens for photographing landscapes, a wide angle zoom is a safe bet. Before you decide on which lens is right for you though, you should decide on exactly what kind of landscape photos you want to make. If what I like to call, "intimate landscape portraits," are more to your liking, then something a bit longer, like a the medium telephoto, may be what you're looking for.
Wide angle lenses are indeed great for landscape photography, and for the vast majority of people they will end up being the perfect lens choice. Should you decide that a telephoto lens suits you better but you still want to make the occasional wide shot, you can always shoot multiple images to stitch together into a pano, just like this photo below shot using my 70-200. To those of you who thought I was going to offer a definitive answer as to which lens you should buy to start photographing landscapes, I'm sorry if I've disappointed you. To those of you who've had their eyes opened to the possibility that a wide angle lens is far from the only lens choice for landscape photography, you're welcome.
In short, the best lens for landscape photography is the lens that will allow you to capture the the scene, either in its entirety or in part, as you envision it. It is helping to think more about my photography and I find shooting landscapes with the 60mm (120mm 35 equivalent) is delivering pleasing results. Landscape gardening is a complex of landscape works by creation of decorative compositions, planting of trees and bushes, creation of green hedges, lawns and flower beds. Bushes are used in landscape design for many reasons: they allow to give to a garden an additional volume, fill it with colour and structure, help to hide modest sites and to disguise different constructions.
Depending on the designer’s thoughts, and shown requirements of a hedge can be short-cut or freely growing. Special reception of landscape decoration are short-cut figures from the bushes, being a subject of long-term work and pride of their founders.
This is one of the most favourite receptions both for a beginning, and a professional with experience. A special group is made by the bulbous plants bringing special pleasure by the early-spring flowering after long monotonous winter.
Become recently fashionable the element of landscape decoration of a garden, a stony garden will harmoniously enter in any style of landscape decision.
Even more often in a composition at creation a stony garden include not only truly Alpine plants, but also flowers habitual to us, bushes and even small trees. This reception allows to expand the garden space, including vertical spaces in a composition. Vertical landscape gardening can be used not only in country house arrangement, but also in city conditions: at dressing of balconies, loggias or even house walls. It can be an art form that allows you to be creative in order to produce eye-pleasing scenery that others would like to duplicate. Ponds – Many people are attracted to the idea of having a hand-built pond in their yard.
BBQ Pit – Adding value to your home, a well-crafted barbeque pit can make your home the most talked about location among your neighbors this summer. Stone Pathways – Instead of pouring cement to make your walkways through the yard, a stone setting adds an outdoor appeal that gives the sense of walking around in the great outdoors. Raised Planters – Using bricks or regular rocks, you can raise the area of a garden to any height you wish to give the location more presence.
Others may not see your vision of using an old rusty Mustang as a flower potter sitting in your front yard.
The Plant Doctors at the Kemper Center can help you with any problems you have or you can call our Horticultural Answer Service for a phone consultation. You will see many of the best and most reliable plants for the area as well as striking combinations. Rainscaping options include rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, permeable pavement and more.
Let's explore the world of landscape photography lenses to help you unlock your best shots yet. Slap it on the front of your camera, grab your tripod and head out into the woods, mountains or down to the seacoast. You may soon realize that through a wide angle lens is not how you wish to make your landscape photos.
I've owned quite a few of Canon's pro-level L Series lenses, and still do, yet I've sold more prints made using a cheap $250 third party lens that I bought used than I have through all of my expensive lenses combined.
The build quality of the lens or the image quality of the photos made with it might not exactly equal that of the brand names more expensive lenses, but only if you're really hard on gear or through some serious pixel peeping will you notice the difference.

Okay you will start with two horizontal lines, one for the ocean water and one for the beach sand. Now that you are on your third step, you can start sketching out the design and detail of the palm tree leaves. You will now start sketching out the ocean water horizon line and then begin sketching out the foaming ripples as you see it done here.
This is a helpful tip that will explain how to color in your blue sky so that it comes out looking perfect.
In this extra tip step you will learn how to color, shade and detail your ocean water in Photoshop. There are a lot of disputes about the expediency of this tree-planting method, but it is necessary to accept that this is the only way to change the most deserted site in an adult, decorative garden in one season.
Bushes serve for protection of a garden against extraneous noise, dust and excessive views. First of all, as appears from the name, it is a fence, so it’s urged to isolate a garden or its part from extraneous views, and also dust and noise. For a short-cut hedge it is necessary to select unpretentious plants with the good branching, easily transferring a hairstyle and forming a dense crone. Flower beds are capable to give mood and style to a garden and to tell a lot about the owner of a garden.
And in the autumn, unexpectedly appearing from under the earth, they are capable to clear us from autumn melancholy and to add to the garden gentle, quivering paints. Stony gardens are easily entered in surrounding landscape, do not need too much care and look very naturally. By means of vertical landscape gardening you can add some privacy to your garden, create shadow corners, decorate unattractive constructions or get rid of boring monotony of a fence.
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While some ideas can become quite costly as your details become more elaborate, there are many ideas that require nothing more than time to put into them.
These green monsters are built using retaining walls that allow vine-based plants to creep up the side of your home. Using stones and mortar, you can hand-build an elaborate barbeque area using nature as the furniture such as tree-stump table tops and more.
When a visitor arrives, the details of the raised garden area is one of the first things he or she will see.
As long as the landscaping is tidy, various objects can be used as long as it doesn’t create a nuisance or an eyesore as depicted by your local government.
After all, the vast majority of landscape images, including most of mine, are shot at a wide focal length in order capture the grandeur of the scene.
The photo above, just a small glimpse of the much wider scene captured on a brutally cold winter morning, was shot at 138mm using using just such a lens. The money you save will more than make up for the perceived deficiencies of the "lesser" lens. Well to go with the Dutchman I figured I would do a lesson on how to draw a beach scene step by step.
Next draw a slightly slanted vertical line for the palm tree and then a sun like circle for the top of the palm tree. This is where you can get creative and draw out the shapes of clouds that you like and draw as many as you want as well. As you can see the leaves are jagged and long and at this point look like long puffy feathers.
Next, sketch out another palm tree top over to the right lower hand side corner and a small one to the left lower hand side corner. Trees create special comfortable atmosphere in a garden: they allow to take cover from scorching solar beams, improve the garden microclimate, create a natural barrier from a dust and to noise.
Many bushes differ by decorative flowering, beautiful autumn colouring of foliage and the fruits remaining on a plant for a long time that allows to decorate a garden even during winter time. Annual flowers bring in our garden a lot of colours and bright flowering since spring to the first frosts. The elements included in them, such as bridges, ladders, reservoirs, streams, rifts will add to your garden originality and decorative effect. We have so many resources available to us that offer multiple techniques for achieving a clean-lined, contemporary home. These are a testament to dedication, skill, and time as your neighbors are awed by what you’ve accomplished. However, more rural areas may benefit greater from goldfish as owls and hawks may pick off your expensive fish. Living walls can also be created along fences which could be more cost effective if your fence is already erected.
An area like this can bring the ambiance of the barbeque alongside the elegance of fine living.
Pathways can be created in any way you wish and really don’t have a right or wrong way to assemble them.

Use style in your decisions and you can make a work of art out of your yard that will inspire many. Drawing a beach can be very uplifting and peaceful because you can almost picture how you want the view and surroundings to look. Draw out the palm tree trunk and add the detailing lines that make a palm tree look like a palm tree.
All you have to do now is go to town and start coloring in your beach you just worked so hard drawing. Besides, trees possess the special favorable power allowing a person to strengthen his forces, to take off weariness, to recover from daily stress.
At observance the technology of landing it is possible to land not only coniferous and deciduous trees, but also fruit – apple-trees, pears, plums, etc. The majority of bushes are unpretentious and can please the view with their presence in the garden for a long time.
More reserved in a colour palette perennials are not capable to blossom for such a long time, but skillfully picked up in a composition will give to your garden a good decorative effect, replacing each other during all season. But what about the outside of our home—in particular, our landscaping?Our homes exterior often gets ignored, leaving our personal style statements for the interior.
Using solar powered pumps, you could erect a waterfall that cycles the water currently in the pond for greater aesthetics. Depending on the plant-life you decide to use to make this wall, it could very well create a privacy fence without spending a lot of extra money in materials. These planters are great if you bring the level up to where your back isn’t straining when planting seeds.
If you follow the steps the way that I lay them out for you, you will also learn how to draw a beach scene mural as well. Add some speckle to the sand so that you can distinguish the sand from the water in the finished line art. We think your style should shout from the rooftops, allowing passerby to immediately admire your personal style. While these can be extremely beautiful and relaxing, be mindful of the cleaning fish ponds require.
I didn’t include it in the drawing but you can add some seashells, wooden lounge chairs, maybe a beach ball, and even a few towels and umbrella or a hammock. Start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to make you beach look perfect.
A beach is a place to have fun with your family and friends during the hot summer months or even everyday if you are one of the lucky ones that live in summer climates all year round. Image Source: Ibarra Rosano Manicured Gardens Are ModernInside a modern home  everything has its place and everything stays in its place. When I do go to the beach, I like swimming, making sand castles, playing water volleyball, floating on an inflatable raft, and even making sand angels.
At first I wasn’t going to detail the beach to much because I wanted it to keep it simple for you all, but then I said “hmm, I think people would like to learn how to sketch details”. These same design principles should be applied to your exterior landscape as well.Essentially, a modern landscape is the opposite of an English garden where it is elegant to let plants roam free and take over. So I did sketch in detailing lines for the ocean water, and add a bit of speckle to the beach sand.
Plants in a modern landscape are controlled and told where to go, and through manicuring they are forced to stay put. I also drew and colored in a shadow for the palm tree that you would typically see on beaches in the Caribbean, and down south like in Florida beaches, California beaches, so on and so forth.
Akin to a bird in cage where we can admire its pretty plumage, but the bird is not allowed to fly free.Modern landscaping is broken up into clearly defined, tidy spaces.
These shapes have multiple roles, but aside from adding that clean-lined modern aesthetic, they allow you to define areas in your garden and create individual vignettes.For instance, a straight-lined stone path can lead you to an outdoor sitting area that is defined by a squared boxwood enclosure, then perhaps circular stepping stones lead to an outdoor pool area, and so on.
Geometry is not reserved for ground cover and stones, it should also be seen in the plants.It is best to choose plants that are open to pruning. Image Source: Denver Image Adding Modern Zen to Your GardenMost modern homes have a bit of a zen quality to them.
They offer a place of refuge; a quiet place to sit back and relax, forgetting the worries of your day.
Image Source: Westover LD Ground Cover and Stone To Shape Your GardenGround cover and stone are essential tools for a modern landscape design. Rake lines into the sand garden, swirling them around the stones, making a very zen, calming space.
The picture below is a perfect example of how stone and ground cover can define a modern garden.Collect this ideaGround cover and stone are essential tools for a modern landscape design. Just remember to incorporate clean, straight lines, lots of geometry, stone paths, borders, and don’t forget to add a little bit zen!Have you succeeded in creating your own modern landscape?

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