Almost all DSLRs can shoot HD video in 720P or 1080P, but it not means that it can take place of Video Camera. Though the shooting effect of DSLR is great, it is still a mess if you can’t handle the trick.
I watched a video at Engadget where an exec is asked to remove the lens and show the sensor. You know that high-end pocket cameras with no interchangeable lenses and a sensor that is 3-4x smaller start at the $400-$450 price point you mention right?
You know that the Pentax Q, built on a sensor that is 7x smaller than the Nikon 1 starts at $800?
Nikon 1 has the word’s fastest continuous shooting of *FULL-SIZED STILLS* at 10 fps (with focus tracking) *AND* 60 FPS without. When modified, those claims are true—Pentax Q, Nikon 3Ds (which shoots 12fps of abbreviated stills), and Sony NEX 5n (the Nikon 1 does a little north of 10fps when focus tracking is enabled). From the comments on this and other sites, 95%+ of people out there think this is a ridiculous launch. But they will still lose sales of their DSLRs, only it will be to Sony, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Leica or Olympus.
If you only knew the ridiculous politics, egos, and self-indulgence that happens in multi-billion dollar corporations.
They want ladies in on it first, then we’ll see other more serious models strat to emerge next year and then they will replace the mirrors in their serious cameras. Sensor in the NEX-5N might rival the D7000, but absolutely nothing else about the camera does.
The fact is you (and me, I have owned a µ4:3 as a second camera since it came out) are not relevant.
If they made the camera you wanted (a Sony NEX with a Nikon F-mount adapter), nobody would buy it. And for every one of you or me out there, there are two(!) women who will be buying this camera (one of them in pink so they just paid $900 for two lenses + $30 premium for the pink accessories) or a small-camera competitor (Olympus E-PM1 or Panasonic GF3). Apparently from Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus’s gains in ILC marketshare, there actually IS a pot of gold for a small ILC camera. If your a true Pro you will know that your current kit is not holding you back and hence you will not be clamouring for D800s and D4s.
Lets wait for posts from folks interested in this kind of camera and how it compares to the competition. It doesn’t sound like you know the basics of these things, so maybe you should learn them first before commenting on complaints. Do remember that every mirrorless system is starting their own new lens mounts, all of which with a flange distance shorter than that of any SLR.
The reason that Canon has 1080i video and the Nikon D3S tops out at 720p video is because the ASIC in the Nikon is a half generation behind the Canon.
It uses the next-generation ASIC, so we are pretty much looking at Nikon leapfrogging Canon in video-mode in the dSLR, just as before Canon leapfrogged Nikon with 1080i. Just one caveat: The phsyical sensor size does not matter if the image quality is good enough.
This what happens when someone prides himself too much and they think they can sell any shitttt to public.
You know what really is weird here – most of you are really clueless as to what this new series of cameras is all about. I read just about all of your various complaints here and this ONE Series of new Nikon’s actually answers your complaints, quests and dreams while most of you are too uninformed as in dense, to even understand what this new camera series brings to the table.

It is the equivalent of the RED Epic series in a smaller package and thus a NEW Era in digital photography. This camera is absolutely amazing and with so much new Technology, it probably will take you six months to figure out WHY and then what?
Sorry to be RUDE, but perhaps you wait for the images and videos to now trickle in as some of the specs are even beyond a D3 or D3X and thus perhaps too complicated for most of you to grasp.
Do you grasp the concepts of these new cameras or are did you get blindsided by the sensor size and colors?
Equivalent as in the RED Epic does Cinema and also Stills which are extracted from the Cinema footage. You probably do NOT understand English or your Reading Comprehension perhaps is at the Kindergarten Level.
Equivalent DOES NOT mean that it has the same EXACT specs, as that would be stupid of anyone to say that.
The RED Epic has an APS-C or DX sensor and about maybe 14+ megapixels and this has a much smaller sensor, less megapixels BUT similar thrusts, as in learn English or get a brain perhaps, if English indeed is your native language. ALL they see is the negative in everything and thus perhaps dumb as spit and as useful as a ROCK in the sea for flotation! THE RED EPIC – has a 30mm X 15 sensor size , it can record up to 5k resoultion (5120 x 2700) , and can record until 120fps and in 2k until 300fps , and they also improved dynamic range to include 18 stops with a special hdr mode .
My guess is the hybrid AF will be integrated into the live view and improve the AF during video recording, but Nikon will not replace the mirror with a EVF on their dSLR models. At the end of the day, you have to justify all that space in the box for something—so no way is the mirror going away completely. Yeah, after the initial excitement and checking the kit prices, It really is too expensive. Even the leading smartphone manufactures Apple pays a lot of attention on the function to meet the needs of consumers.
First, you need to pre-design the content, pre-consult the scene, and guide the movement and sight of the actors. But generally, the focus length is the key parameter as the shorter it is, the more correct the focusing.
Currently, all the members of Canon video DSLRs are supporting 1920×1080 30fps NTSC video.
There might not be anything wrong with the lens, you might just need to adjust the sensor on the body.
I honestly think one of the major selling points will be the lenses and bodies having matching colours. His response to the comment, it’s quite small, was to repeat some marketing mantra about being designed from the ground up blah blah which of course is bs because it is f-mount compatible.
When Motorola had the original Razor designed they took the team to another location away from all the establish yes and no men so they could be free to build a a great product at that time.
I really don’t get it what the amount of $$$ one has invested in Nikon glass has to do with this Nikon 1. You’ve known for over a year now that the Nikon 1 would have a small sensor and you still waited?
Look at the numbers: 10% of dSLR purchases are women, 35% of mirrorless ILC purchases are women, 51% of the world are women.
From the way things are trending (Sony NEX sales down ever since the E-PL2 and GF2… bound to take a nosedive with the E-PM1 and GF3), I expect staking out a sensor size which pretty much guarantees you will have the smallest ILC cameras on the market with a quality 3-4x better than the best compact P&S is a very, very smart decision.
If your (not targeted at any individual) waiting a D800 or D4 or D400 why are you expressing an opinion regarding Nikon’s foray into this segment of the market ?

There was a year where Nikon dSLRs had 720p video and Canon had none at all, if you recall. Of course when the new D700 replacement or D3 comes out I’ll get those for work but for an above average small camera this is amazing. They obviously have developed it from the ground up since they have phase detection integrated. Anyone who shoots dSLRs knows that EVFs are too slow framerate, too much lag, too much blackout, and have poor dynamic range and color vs. The issue I have with the new cameras and lenses announced by Nikon today is that they don’t exploit the advantages of the smaller format. Nikon will do more and likely 3rd party makers will enter the game if it becomes successful enough. However, to the movie with the effect of music video, we had to get the help of advanced video camera. The total cost of it is just over $1000, which is really cheap comparing with the professional Video Camera.
Of course, gear like tripod, follow focus, DSLR slider, steady cam, and DSLR stabilizer are also needed. It’s not hard to look around other corporations and see the same thing happen, things that are so painfully obvious to the general consumer.
Just that market alone is probably 10,000x the entire NikonRumors readership and influence. The V1 is intended as the higher-end model in the lineup and features magnesium alloy construction and a 1.4M dot electronic viewfinder.
The Canons still cannot do focus tracking when taking video, but the Nikon low-end dSLRs have no problem (though there is noise and hunting, the former because of the lens design, and the latter because of the limited CPU and the nature of contrast-detect AF).
I’ve been using my lady friends EP2 a bit lately when we go on little day trips and I like it quite a bit.
My guess is the body-only configurations will start selling with the next generation (8-12 months from now). Despite the smaller sensor, the camera bodies are no smaller than those of the competition. This is a great idea if you ask me, and has nothing to do with Nikon’s pro equipment. It also has an accessory port allowing the connection of the SB-N5 mini speedlight or GP-N100 GPS unit. Was even considering getting the EP3 but the specs on this look great and I’m sure all my nikon lenses will like this better than the pen. On higher end cameras, they might go for the hybrid viewfinder design of the Fuji X100 (You could flip to an EVF when shooting video). In the Ironman 2, Canon EOS 5D Mark II was an important shooting tool in the scene of Histori Monaco Grand Prix. It can take full-resolution stills while doing video (taking advantage of the second core in the ASIC). I even switched from Canon to Nikon a few months ago and sold everything I had of my Canon stuff. I think for the future my way will be Nikon for pro DSLR gear and Panasonic for compact and mirrorless cameras.

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