The couple were both on time- though not at the same time- and this encouraged the natural fun expressions which you can see throughout the gallery. Give yourself the best chance at having an awesome day, and do what our bride and groom did here. Cutting back on photo time will only put your opportunity for great wedding photography in jeopardy. Wilderness Images is pleased to announce the deployment of website number 3 for the studio. Beach Wedding Photography Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula yields best results in the magic hours of the day.
Rainy days and storms are not a concern - we shot some gorgeous photos during the big hailstorms in Melbourne on the second weekend in March 2010. You can check out our Wedding Photography Melbourne home page for some fantastic Budget Wedding Photography information!
Wedding photograph locations abound in Melbourne city - there is something around every corner, and it just comes down to how much time you have, and the movement of traffic on the day. Carly, our bride wore a dress that was straight out of a Hollywood movie - and she carried it like a star too! Bram Leigh Receptions in Croydon was once again host to two wonderful weddings last weekend. Link to our main Wedding Photography Melbourne home page, where you can use the search box to search for specific content within this site. From a Melbourne wedding photographer's perspective, there is lots to shoot in a small space, which means less walking, and more photography in a given amount of time. Whitechapel Wedding photos - Wedding Photography at Melbourne Wedding Reception Venue Whitechapel Receptions, Langwarrin - Pearcedale. As soon as you register, you will receive the 130 page eBook 'Shooting Stars' covering all the above topics and more. Short course in the City: This course consists of an instructional session held at Michaels Camera Store in the city (Melbourne) with an optional practical session on a clear weeknight in the following week, at a site on the edge of Melbourne where we can capture images of the night sky away from the lights of the city. Weekend Workshop, Lake Eppalock (VIC) Starting on a Friday evening, we enjoy three nights and two days staying under dark country skies. If you have a group of people interested in a Night Sky Photography Workshop, anywhere in Australia, please contact me with the form below and we can discuss setting up a custom workshop tailored to your group. A wonderful course that has opened up a whole new world in terms of what can be achieved with the right settings and plenty of experimentation.
I came to the course as an astronomy buff wanting to learn more about night sky photography, and I did. Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated.

These have been long overdue- on a web site which has been in exile from the land of regular maintenance for way too long. It might be worth mentioning that this gallery will grow over time, as we find opportunity to prepare images for online migration. Featuring galleries of recent weddings and a fresh new look, the Melbourne wedding photographers web site has over 100 images with interactive galleries, featuring beach wedding photography, Melbourne city wedding photography as well as weddings from selected reception venues with chapels. You can take advantage of a diverse range of backdrops and settings to bring your wedding photos to life.
Broadly speaking, these times are the first hour after sunrise, to the last 4 hours before sunset, though variables such as the weather of the day, and the timing of the wedding date in relation to the solstice and equinox play an equally important role, in determining the outcome of your wedding photography on the beach. Shot along the banks of the Yarra River, they were taken one Autumn evening after a wedding at "The WiIlows" in St Kilda Rd.
Be sure to allow twice the amount of time you think you'll need, if you are contemplating wedding photography within Melbourne city. Arriving in an attractive Armstrong Siddeley limousine, the dress, the location and transport all came together to create gorgeous images.
With just your Digital SLR and a tripod, award winning photographer and natural educator Phil Hart will teach you how to capture wide-field scenes of the night sky, long-exposure star trail images and timelapse video. We will go through instructional sessions during the day and weather permitting take photos of the sky at night. What started as a DIY hobby with film cameras on a student budget has developed into an all-consuming passion and admiration for what modern digital SLRs can do.
Filled with doubt and failed attempts in the past, I found star photography floundering until I signed up for Phil Hart’s Night Sky Photography Workshop! We also have a Night Sky Photography Facebook page with participant's images from earlier workshops or you can 'Like' the page to get further updates. It's not about to change anytime soon- however it is definitely on our list of things which need to be done. Keep watching the page, for weekly updates which will happen in stages as time becomes available. You can also read some great suggestions on planning your perfect wedding day, as well as how to allocate time for wedding photography. You can't do better in Southern Australia than some of the Mornington Peninsula back (ocean) beaches, between Rye and Portsea, south of Melbourne, Victoria. In the meantime, you can see these and more of our beach wedding photography on the Melbourne Wedding Photographers Website, once on the site look under the "Galleries" drop down tab for "Beach Weddings" or simply do a search in the search box.
The light was clear and the air was crisp - the picture on the right shows the lovely bride standing at the entrance to "The Willows" a delightful and very photogenic Melbourne city wedding venue. We are the creators of the Bram Leigh Web Site and suppliers of wedding photos of Bram Leigh for web, magazine and print advertising, so we know the venue and the grounds intimately, and can ensure you take advantage of all the best photo opportunities available on your day, no matter what the light or the weather.

There is some time during the weekend to visit local wineries and other attractions or just explore the site. As a natural educator, he enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy and photography, and can help you take amazing images of the night sky with your own DSLR. Class size was perfect, content was extremely relevant and best of all - the inside tips and procedures for aperture, iso and shutter speed were enlightening. Ideally, you should have absolutely no less than 90 minutes of true shooting time on location, and this does not include travel.
Keep in mind accessibility too- for you and your guests, and in all types of weather conditions.The best months for a wedding in Melbourne, if you are considering beach photography, depend on whether your beach is a back beach or front beach - ie whether you will face Port Phillip Bay or the Ocean, and whether you are considering morning or afternoon as the timing of your wedding ceremony.
The other two photos were taken just on dusk, when the evening light played on the architecture.
Our wedding photography Melbourne home page contains links to other popular areas of our web site.
We shoot a lot of Bram Leigh Weddings  and the frequency of our visits to the venue means we can adjust our shooting style to the way the venue changes subtly throughout the seasons. Phil's personalized one-on-one attention provided for a memorable experience and some great night sky photography. After a few hours at home doing some processing I have a series of pictures that I think are the best I have ever taken. Speak with us, give us some indication of your preferences, and we can give you our recommendations.
We review the garden, the layout and opportunities for photography during each visit, and adapt our style of photography to suit the conditions and the couple. Partners can usually be accommodated as well or discounts are available for couples participating in the workshop together. We can show you lots of other ways to save money on a wedding, without compromising anything. There is a gallery of beach wedding photos, showing beach weddings on the Mornington Peninsula back beaches, on this web site. Nightshots at Bram Leigh are shown in this gallery and also in the main Bram Leigh Wedding Photo Gallery of this web site.
The course includes a Sunday night, but it is possible to leave early that final evening or Monday morning and be back in town for work if necessary. Read full information about the weekend workshop arrangements including what to bring in this Weekend Workshop Information Pack.

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