Tameka “Tiny” Harris spilled some of her secrets recently in an interview with Wendy Williams! While Wendy got Tiny to fess up to having some plastic surgery, Tiny’s admission of having surgically altered boobs and a fake booty is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete list of plastic surgeries that Tiny has had. You got that right, that butt is way too big for her little midget short frame, and it looks retarded. Scarred Sun once was told "I'm going to make an RPG and just use your one-liners as all NPC dialogue." It's still the highest compliment she's ever received. Not only did she openly admit that she has both butt and breast implants, but it also came out that her husband TI is none too pleased with her posting pictures of her fake booty online.

Wendy also asked about Tiny’s nose and she said that she considered having rhinoplasty surgery at one point, but decided against it since her nose reminds her of her father, who sadly passed away last year. In addition to the boob job and butt augmentation, 38-year old Tiny has also undergone liposuction, a lip augmentation and has had a tummy tuck. We love that she is honest about having plastic surgery, but personally, we think Tiny has gone too far. So while we may not have any place to hang a poster, at least you can get a couple of nice wallpapers out of the deal. I saw the real artwork of those from the 90’s and Classic Sonic did not have buckles hell he did not even have buckles anyway in the 90’s in the West, why are they givin him buckles now??!!

Our collection teams members are always looking for to upload you’re looking for images, pictures and wallpapers in high resolution and high quality.

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