Nightclub Photography 101 is a complete guide on how to become a professional club photographer.Get Paid to Party. This guide shows you how to use light to photograph nude female models and create various moods and effects. Classic Glamour Photography is a brand new edition of the classic guide published in the 80s. Learn photography with master photographer Jim Zuckerman as he photographs New England in autumn.

Classic Glamour Photography takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the world's top professional glamour photographers. This area offers a variety of historic locations from the lighthouses of Maine to classic churches and cemeteries in Massachusetts. Through a series of major features, each devoted to the work of a single photographer, it uncovers the keys to individual approaches, styles and techniques.
Its combination of authoritative in-depth analysis and vivid illustration makes it an essential purchase for all photographers, whether aspiring amateurs or seasoned professionals.

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