Despite increasingly vocal public outcry, red-light cameras have become an integral part of traffic safety enforcement in hundreds of U.S. If red-light cameras have popped up in your area, apart from obeying the law, here are some other steps you can take to prevent a ticket, and tips on what to do if you get one.
TicketKick previously handled cases exclusively via e-mail or phone, but in late 2011, it opened two locations in Southern California.
Popular tips that include would-be red-light-camera busters like sprays and slip-on plastic shields which purportedly prevent a car's license plate from being picked up by a red-light camera offer mixed results, based on comments left on online consumer forums.
It doesn’t matter who was driving the car at the time of the citation, the owner of the car is assumed to be guilty.
The whole traffic court system is designed to put the most amount of difficulty on the driver, to make it less likely they’ll argue their ticket. There is no independent verification that speed cameras improve safety or reduce overall accidents. Despite claims to the contrary, photo radar is used in locations characterized by high traffic volume and under-posted speed limits. The rule of thumb for setting speed limits is the 85th percentile rule (85 percent of the traffic should be flowing at or below the posted speed limit). The most important point is related to something called the paradox of the false positive, and it trumps all ten of these other points. Even if all ten of these are wrong, even if these speed cameras really do reduce accidents by 50% or 75% or some other percentage, you have to put that into perspective.
Speed cameras are a waste of resources and pure robbery of the good citizens of whatever city is unfortunate enough to have them. First this is not a red light camera… it is a camera most likely used for incident detection or just to watch traffic.
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! If a normal stopping measurement is 200 feet (hypothetical number) at 55 MPH, it would take appx.
If you re-arrange those simple four letters, from SCAM to Cams, you'll better know why the whole concept is wedded to your wallet. Btw the other day I saw a guy turning a right on red when it clearly had a sign that said NO TURN ON RED!
So the moral of the story is, if you see the FLASH, don't assume you're already getting a ticket and then just blow through the right turn without doing the 3 second stop. Except that nowhere in the Vehicle and Traffic Law does it say you have to stop for three seconds. Drivers caught by traffic cameras for taking an illegal right turn at a red light would face much cheaper fines than they do now under a bill introduced by a Peninsula legislator on Friday. Friends will ask me what to do with the red light camera violation they just received in the mail. How can the government give me a ticket for running a red light (or, turning right on red and not coming to a COMPLETE, TOTAL, NOTICEABLE stop) and it’s not a criminal offense? City government will say that they are only in favor of red light cameras because they make the city safer.

What makes me nervous, from my perspective, is the total disregard for our freedoms and due process.
About Our FirmChoosing the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. Our safety conscious city completely forgot it was National Stop on Red Week for the second year in a row.
National Stop on Red Week is an annual event that takes place the first week of August, and was started in 2001 to promote safe driving practices and to reinforce to drivers the absolute necessity of always stopping on the red at traffic lights, by the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running. You would think a guy that concerned about driving safety would be all over National Stop on Red Week–right?
Like last year when we reminded the Mayor about this little goof, we called the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Transportation to find out if anything was planned to promote National Stop on Red Week. The cops had no idea what I was talking about and after a week, I still haven’t heard back from the Department of Transportation.
Remember, if you promote this cause and it becomes successful and people start consistently doing this,red light tickets decrease.
TicketKick also recently beefed up its legal staff by hiring an attorney who formerly prosecuted traffic tickets. It is not profitable to use photo radar on residential streets, low volume roads or where speed limits are posted at the 85th percentile (the speed at which they should be posted).
If you think about it, there is like a 2 second delay between the time one light turns red and the other turns green, and the person who's about to have the green light shouldn't just blindly go forward without looking to see if there's a car going through the intersection.
It had a shield on it to prevent the straight traffic from seeing it but it also prevented me from seeing it till I was 75' away so I went thru it along with the straight traffic.
Although it would provide relief for drivers who roll through right turns, it would cost cities enough money that they may have to yank their cameras altogether. Already, Burlingame and San Carlos officials in the past two months voted to take down their cameras because they were not generating enough fine revenue to pay for themselves, and officials in San Bruno voted not to install the devices for the same reason. How can something that is usually done by the police, now be done via camera, and suddenly it makes it a civil violation?
Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” As we allow the government to chip away at our freedom, we are losing what people have fought so hard for over the past 200 years. Do we allow government to infringe on our freedom for red light cameras, but hey, we draw the line at cameras for speeding enforcement? But is it too much to ask, with the city generating $64 million dollars in red light camera ticket revenue last year, the Mayor could have found a way to spare a few thousand bucks to do some educational outreach, or sponsor some public service announcements on radio and television or maybe just hold a press conference to remind citizens about the importance of stopping at the red light. At last count, close to 700 of them had installed red-light cameras, according to an October 2011 report from U.S. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety maintains an interactive database of states with red-light and speed cameras. A cottage industry is selling products to help drivers circumvent being caught by red-light cameras. Legal gray areas surrounding traffic safety laws in some states have spawned companies that sell red-light camera defense kits.
The National Motorists Association provides people who pay its $35 annual membership fee with an e-book called Fight That Ticket, a CD and one-on-one phone or e-mail consultations.

That's just the first of 3 pictures it'll take if you do, in fact, go through prior to stopping for 3 seconds. Currently, police fine drivers caught on camera the same amount whether they run a red light through an intersection or make a right turn on red without fully stopping.
Click on a state in the map to see whether cameras are installed statewide or in specific communities, what photographs they take (driver, tag, etc.), and what penalties are involved for red-light camera tickets.
PIRG senior analyst and program director, and co-author of the group's red-light camera study. Among the newest products are red-light camera detector apps such as Trapster (which actually is a free app) that can be downloaded to a smartphone or a car's GPS.
For example, California drivers can contact a company called TicketKick with details of their red-light camera ticket and get a customized written defense they can mail into the court, as well as sample forms and other documents. Assembly Bill 909 would make the illegal right turn penalty the same as what drivers pay when they are pulled over by police for not fully stopping at a stop sign. However, if that is the city’s primary goal and they are willing to sacrifice our civil liberties to accomplish it, why let us drive cars at all? Part of my job is to make sure the government doesn’t infringe on our constitutional rights.
Slowly but surely our government has and will attempt to find ways to gain more power and tax us at greater lengths until we have no more freedom. Right Turns on Red, the most lucrative RLC aspect has been proven to be safe most of the time.
If your city or state has red-light cameras at intersections, you can find out more about them on the transportation section of the appropriate government agency's Web site. Here's how to prevent a rolling-stop ticket: When you get to an intersection, stop behind the limit line before moving forward to check oncoming traffic. As long as you remain stopped for 3 seconds, then proceed, even though there was a flash, you will not (or should not) receive a ticket. In fact, you would have to drive the equivalent distance in miles to Pluto to risk a crash.
Then either proceed or stop again to wait for traffic to clear before turning right, Baxandall says.
When the next motorists who use the device approach an intersection, the app emits an audible warning.
But buyers should beware: There are mixed reactions to the apps from some purchasers who've left comments about the products on online app stores.
The reality is no matter how many cameras, laws, or regulations are put into place, people are still people.

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