I suppose it is quite surprising that up until now I haven’t written anything about Wolf Spiders. These pictures first appeared in my post called Spiders – There’s Good News and There’s Bad News and at the time I speculated that the first picture may even have been a Funnel Web Spider. That did surprise me, although it is impossible to put a number on it, so I’m not sure how big or small the problem might be.
On the plus side, Wolf Spiders are one of the very few creatures that can actually kill cane toads, as well as taking out other nasty spiders. This astonishing YouTube video will scare the life out of you if you don’t like spiders, the rest of you will be fascinated though. Get a free copy of my ebook "20 Reasons Why You Should Move to Australia" from my page What's so good about Australia? If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, leave a comment on a relevant page; either I or someone else will try to answer you.
Lots of comments from people who have been bitten, might help you decide who the culprit was. Most people commonly confuse the wolf spider with black house spider, white tail spider, or funnel web, all which are deadly to dogs.
Wolfies are nocturnal hunters (mainly to avoid becomming lunch for birds), so its rare to see them out of a day (unless their burrow is flooded). There are quite a few other websites that talk about this problem as well, but to be fair there are also many other websites about the wolf spider that do not mention it.
My mum has a book on identifying north queensland animals and it says that wolf spiders can kill cats and dogs. Whatever is, or is not, happening with your dog is irrelevant; did you see the spiders in your dog’s coat and observe behaviour in the dog to suggest she was bitten? Incidentally, Funnel Webs are harmless to cats and dogs – and just about every other creature on earth except humans, chimps, horses, baby mice and various insects and grubs.
Yes, I can confirm that as well, funnel webs are harmless to cats and dogs and many other animals. It is important to get information right about various spiders otherwise misinformation can be damaging, so that’s good advice Bill, if in doubt call the experts. Sounds like a nasty nip you got from that critter for it to leave a lump on your leg for so long, but as your incident proves, the venom of these things isn’t too harmful to humans.

I like your attitude, there’s no need to kill these things, but as you clearly know, you need to keep your dog away. Sounds good, if you find a video or a picture, maybe you could send it to me and I’ll post it somewhere on this website. Lol, thank you kindly Bob, I should have emphasised the Flat Huntsman a little more – they are so friendly, you can actually handle them!! Hilary, it is wonderful to see someone take an interest in spiders, they are fascinating creatures! Kate Sparks handles this sort of thing at the South Australian Museum, she will be able to point you in the right direction. Anyway, that you have taken the time to ad this information about the Wolf Spider and other spiders is fantastic and I appreciate you doing that. I live in Sydney in the inner west in a pretty leafy suburb with river & parkland at the back. Next door neighbour had one bite his 5 yr old daughter who had a pretty strong reaction to it. O homem de 55 anos foi instruido pelo seu medico para injetar insulina em duas areas do abdome. Eu sou diabetico tambem, e aplico insulina na barriga a pelo menos 10 anos, mas com certeza eu nao tenho uma bunda crescendo na minha barriga. Hae mulheres… nao e preciso mais gastar uma fortuna em silicone… E so aplicar nos dois peitos! I was reminded to do so though, when Mike made a comment on my post What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider. But interestingly, if you are a cat or a dog, and you happen to get bitten by a Wolf Spider, you could be dead within half an hour!
I don’t know what kind of camera they used for this, but you can make out every single detail of this spider and, dare I say, you can even pick out features of its face. Go to the Google search box, it's near the top on the right hand side, and search the site for whatever you are looking for. In doing so, she’s picked up a fair few baby wolf spiders in her coat over the years.
As you probably know, there are many different species of wolf spider, so maybe not all of them are dangerous to dogs and cats, but I’m pretty sure some of them are.

All this does is perpetuate myths and make it harder for people to find accurate and relevant information – and if you doubt the impact this can have, then while you are talking with Dr Raven, ask him for a copy of the summary of his study in to White-Tailed Spiders (which are completely harmless by the way) and it will really underline the issue.
If you see a spider, catch it if you can (trap it with a plastic container of some kind, then slide a very thin piece of cardboard under the container where the spider is trapped and flip it over; put a damp cotton ball in there for the spider and when transporting it to the musuem, keep it out of direct sunlight as that will cook it in minutes!) and take it in to the museum for identification, you can learn some amazing things about them that way! I have lived here for over 10 years but in the last two have had so many wolf spiders come inside. My termite inspection company (non insecticidal) thought maybe with a demographic change in the area, there is now a lot more garden. Bob has already posted the link for the Queensland Museum website backing these statements, but I would take it a step further, and contact them directly, namely, their head curator, Dr Robert Raven (Chairman of World Spider Catalogue Committee and the International Society of Arachnology; founder of Australasian Society of Arachnology. I sat on the lawn and one bit my leg, I put vinegar to stop the sting but a small red lump remained on my leg for a little over a year was rarely itchy but its gone now. Thay are very common out your way, I lived in Brookfield for a while and there were plenty of them there. I think a good proportion of us do want to understand spiders much better, and I think we have been doing that already on my page about the Huntsman spider. One of the worlds foremost experts on spiders); this applies to anyone who has any concerns regarding Wolf Spiders or any other spider. If they were, as you claim, ‘baby Wolf Spiders’, then you must have observed the mother Wolf Spider on the ground prior to your dog rolling on it (this is the ONLY way you could possibly know they were Wolf Spider juveniles, as juveniles cannot be identified accurately by anybody, with or without a microscope) complete with juveniles attached to her back, and then, as before, caught said spider and taken it in to an expert for official identification under a microscope?
I have dogs around so im not impressed but to kill them is genocide so out to the garden with them.
When I got back to bed I noticed a really intense stinging itch on my hand which became an ache that slowly spread up my arm.
Spider identification is very difficult – so difficult in fact, that in some species, the spiders themselves get it wrong and attempt to mate with the wrong species.
I studied them and they have pretty markings, and 4 little white dots on the underneath abdomen but when I photograph they never show up.

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