20x Zoom Lens with 100x Digital Zoom: The GL2 incorporates a 20x Professional L-Series Fluorite optical zoom lens, which transforms distant subjects into dramatic close-ups. Professional L-series Fluorite Lens: Canon has satisfied the demands of experienced image makers for years through the power, design and quality of 35mm and broadcast TV lenses. 3 CCD: The Canon GL2 has three CCDs, delivering outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise. Optical Image Stabilizer: Canon's superb optical stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly so even hand held shots, at full telephoto, and shots taken from a moving car, are smooth and steady. Shooting Modes and Aspect Ratios: Three shooting modes are offered in the GL2 because Canon knows you will want to be able to meet a variety of shooting environments, from standard recording to digital stills to the specialized frame-by-frame. Frame Movie Mode Unlike Normal Movie Mode, where video is captured using interlaced frames, in Frame Movie Mode video is captured by the GL2 in a non-interlaced form at the rate of 30 frames per second. Digital Photo Mode Digital Photo Mode lets you capture more than 700 brilliantly clear digital still pictures on a single tape (using an 80-minute cassette). The GL2's analog audio inputs let you perform dubbing or insert editing from conventional audio sources such as CDs, cassettes, microphones or the soundtracks of other videocassettes. Two-Channel Digital Audio Because the GL2 offers you audio recording options, you can record live on two channels and leave two channels open for post production audio recording (narration, music, etc.). Audio Dub Using a recording made in the 12-bit audio mode you also can add (dub in) stereo sound from another audio source or through the internal or external microphone. The PMW-200 camcorder is armed with a 14x zoom lens with auto focus and image stabilizing capabilities. The PMW-200 camcorder also comes with an invaluable 15-second cache recording feature, a function unique among handheld camcorders. The PMW-200 camcorder is planned to be available in September for a suggested list price of $7,790. DVi — The Digital Video Information Network — is a technical and creative resource for learning about digital video technology, and applying that information in a wide variety of creative applications. NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter for site updates, highlights and exclusive content from DV Info Net. We are one of the excellent Cannon Professional Speed lights, SLR Cameras Speed Light, Cannon Speed Light Dealer, and Flash Speed Light Distributor in Bangalore.
We offer you Camera Lenses with a seamless performance, absolute precision and total reliability from all the ruling brands. Expand your creativity by applying a customized look to your raw digital images, colour saturation. Canon has been making professional still cameras for a long time now but it is yet to enter the world of professional video camera, dominated by the likes of Arri and RED. The two main features of the C300 according to Canon are the high video quality and the compact size of the camera.

As mentioned before, the Canon C300 will be sold for around $20,000 and will be available starting January 2012. Canon's Professional L-Series lenses utilize Fluorite, a material which provides outstanding resolution, contrast, and color reproduction- especially in lightweight, high-magnification lenses. On top of that, Canon has improved a broadcast technology to create a new form of Pixel Shift, producing greater picture quality than that of camcorders using CCDs with almost twice the number of pixels. And since it is optical, there is no loss of image quality inevitable with electronic image stabilizers. Rather, it relates to the standard video recording system of interlaced frames, for smooth and natural playback on a TV or editing computer. This delivers spectacular clarity -- perfect for those who need to grab high-quality images from videos for making prints, adding website content, or sending images over the Internet.
The GL2 records each still image for approximately 6 seconds, as well as the sound for your verbal notes or narration. Those pictures are then transferred to computer via the GL2's USB connection using software that comes with the camcorder. Manual level controls let you adjust the sound coming in on those two open channels -- to match the levels of the live sound, for example.
The GL2 lets you input that analog signal from your TV, VCR, or camcorder and record it onto DV. A single digital video cable is all that is required to transfer or copy your videos in pure digital form to your DV compatible computer or to another Canon DV camcorder.
The camcorder comes with the computer software necessary to transfer still images from the GL2 to computer.
An 8MB SD Card comes with the camcorder, storing up to 17 fine quality still pictures or 32 standard quality images. The PMW-200 camcorder offers a powerful Slow & Quick motion function to capture footage at 1 fps to 60 fps in 720p mode, and from 1 fps to 30 fps in 1080p mode, giving users enhanced creative flexibility. The lens is also equipped with three independent rings for zoom, focus and iris adjustment, plus greater precision through indications of ring positions on the LCD screen to give users a high level of operational comfort and control.
Its internal memory can capture images even before the recording button is pressed (maximum of 15 seconds), allowing users to record important moments that would have otherwise been missed. These budget friendly Accessories are available in a variety of options as per clients’ requirements.
The camera is capable of recording in slow as well as fast motion by adjusting the framerate. Add the optional WD-58 Widewide-converter to increase the field of view by 30% for indoor shots or panoramic views. Incorporated into the lens on the GL2, Fluorite delivers the ultimate in clarity and image quality.

While Normal Movie Mode is similar to that of conventional camcorders, in combination with the GL2's other features -- including superior lens quality and three CCDs -- the results are stunning both in terms of resolution and color reproduction. This non-interlaced method was popularized by Canon's XL1S and has been acknowledged by users for its cinematic-like appearance.
Once captured, select digital still images using the supplied remote control to search the tape for the photos. A six-blade circular iris, as found on the top-of-the-line XL1 and XL1S models, is used for professional exposure control, helping to deliver stunning video and still photos.
By transferring images and sound to a computer with the appropriate DV input card you enter the world of video editing and enhancing still images using popular software programs. The versatile new camcorder is designed for any type of professional shooting, from broadcast and newsgathering to education and corporate production. An immediate playback function lets operators view their shots rapidly and easily, without the need for external converters or processing on nonlinear editing systems.
Genlock and timecode interfaces on the PMW-200 camcorder make it a breeze for use in multi-camera operations and entry-level HD studio applications. Two 14.5mm-60mm, two 30-300mm and three prime lenses in 24mm, 50mm and 85mm, all featuring the EF mount.
The digital zoom, capable of extending to 40x and a maximum of 100x, provides sharper detail compared to others thanks to Canon's superior lens quality. The Fluorite element inside the lens defeats color aberration -- the effect when the components of light stray from one another within a lens, causing a reduction in sharpness, contrast and color. Using a digital connecting cable (IEEE 1394), you can dub multiple generations without signal or quality loss.
It inherits the performance, ease of use and accessories of Sony’s PMW-EX1R camcorder, which has become a de facto standard for professional video production. The camcorder also gives users greater flexibility in choosing recording media, operating with Sony’s professional SxS Pro™ and SxS-1 technology (two slots) as well as SD cards, Memory Stick media and XQD cards (adaptor required). The Fluorite lens precisely controls components of light providing an excellent balance of these three critical ingredients of picture quality.
A Wi-Fi remote control (adaptor required) for the PMW-200 camcorder enhances flexibility for studio or on-location use. This remote control function is scheduled to be available by December 2012 through a free firmware upgrade.

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