Apply the base on the whole face and neck thoroughly you can use a sponge otherwise your finger massage is best for balancing the base.
Today we talk about how to get perfect Angelina Jolie look, specially concentrating on her feline ferocious eyes and full luscious lips. For the high arched eye brows you can visit a professional for this or you can clean up with tweezers and get yourself the arched eyebrows of Jolie. Coming to the feline cats eyes of Jolie and how to get them , we will introduce a new revolutionary makeup technique in the world of eye makeup.
It is known as “Invisible liner” in Asia and it is a technique to make eyes look even fuller and lashes darker. Step 1:Gently pull up your upper eye lid and carefully with the liner pencil fill in the gaps at the roots of the lashes, so that no gap remains. Step 3:Dip your flat brush in the gel liner or cake liner and push the brush, holding up your eye lids ,into the lash line carefully .
Step 4:With a Q-tip brush carefully (either dipped in makeup remover or slightly moistened) clean up all the smudges. Finish off the look with a pencil eye liner on the bottom rim of your lashes and volume enhancing mascara. Lash Extensions- If your are bored of re-gluing and using false lashes , you may go in for lash extensions, but these are performed in specific places and clinics only.

Step 1: With a cotton cloth moistened in luke warm water , or an old tooth brush moistened in lukewarm water rub the lips in circular motions to take all the dry skins off your lips and exfoliate them. Step 2: Apply a good brand Lip Plumper (a revolution in lip enhancing technology) and start with lining the lips with a nude liner (esp. MAC Makeup cosmetics are durable, professional quality products designed to deliver peak performance every time. Every girl wants to catch the attention of the party towards her because of her beauty and style. So taking guidance from a professional about how to apply make over will provide you better results also small tips can help you in makeover. Deeply massage your face with a cleansing lotion; it will make your skin soft so that base could last for many hours. You can massage your face with ice cube for 2 minutes it will prevent your base from melting. Yes, we have for you here all of the amazing Angelina Jolie makeup techniques that leaving us simply gawking at her all the time!
Then you may need to use a hairspray on a brow brush and brush up your eye brows to get the desired shape. This step has to be carefully done so that you don’t prick your eyes with the pencil liner.

Now with a black liquid eye liner draw a thin line beginning from inner end of eye to the outer , not stopping there but extending pass the edge of the eye and ending in a tapered extension.
Take blush powder darker to your normal color .Suck your cheeks in and with the help of a contour blush brush , apply the blush into the hollows of your cheeks. It takes only a few seconds for someone to form a whole list of impressions you during a job interview. Whether male or female, your jewelry should be understated and should complement your outfit. Men should stick to no more than a wedding band and a watch, while women should choose conservative jewelry.
Bring a briefcase, portfolio or simple tote bag to carry your work samples, a notepad, pens, research materials, etc.

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