IS there anything special you have to do so that the editing workflow wont take a lot of time ?
HD Resolution with Selectable Frame Rates - The XL H1 features 1,080 lines of resolution shooting at 60 interlaced frames per second. Professional JackPack - For the professional videographer, the XL H1 gives you the capabilities you need--no matter what the job, no matter what the facilities.
Total Cine Control - In addition, the XL H1 boasts three color matrixes for a wide range of color correction and two cine gammas for intricate adjustment of dynamic range. Four-Channel Audio - The XL H1 provides four-channel recording with independent control of levels for each channel. Still Image Recording - In addition to all of the features and capabilities you'd expect from a Canon HD camcorder, the XL H1 also gives you the flexibility to record still images. HDV Recording - The XL H1 is capable of recording and playing back high-definition (HD) images using DV cassette tapes. Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1,440 x 1,080 (16:9) images in 60 fields (or 50 fields for PAL) are recorded. Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1,440 x 1,080 (16:9) images in 30 frames (or 25 frames for PAL) are recorded.

Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1,440 x 1,080 (16:9) images in 24 frames are recorded. The display has a rugged design for extreme environment and features a resolution of 960×540. OLED panels help prevent light emission when reproducing dark shades, resulting in very deep blacks and a contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1. AV for You is proud to offer the Panasonic HD Video Camera AG-AC160P AG-AC160 added to rental inventory for Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota. It includes total Cine control, customizable settings, and a well-balanced design--for the creative control, flexibility, and advanced capability your video work demands. Depending on your preference, the viewfinder can work in either EVF or LCD mode, and can be adjusted left to right and forward to backwards.
Multicamera shoots are no problem using Genlock synchronization or SMPTE time-code input and output. The images can be captured at full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080), with all the custom settings. The camcorder records in HDV1080i and uses a Mode Select and a Frame Rate dial to select HD signals or SD signals and the frame rate.

The lack of a backlight allows the device to control all phases of light emission from zero to peak brightness. While the XL H1 does not have a true 24-frame progressive mode, it features a movie-like 24-frames-per-second frame rate that filmmakers can use to create the look and feel of movie film. The result is higher resolution, outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction, and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise. With many pre- and post-production, storyboarding, and continuity applications, still image recording is just another way the XL H1 delivers versatility.
It is a great camera for studio recording or IMAG at an event.  It features dual XLR inputs to ensure professional grade sound.
With the 20x HD video lens and the XL H1, you can also utilize the Distance Readout System (in either feet or meters).
The XL H1's professional JackPack brings together all these capabilities and lets you quickly and conveniently make the connection you need.

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