The Small Product Photography Lighting Table Kit is the perfect in-house photo studio for product photography. 1 – 50 x 23” translucent plexiglass shooting table that produces a seamless infinity background while also eliminating shadows. 3X – Softboxes with double diffusion technology to produce soft lighting – Eliminating harsh hot spots on reflective products. 3X – 4 Light Holder – Each supporting up to 180 watts of daylight balanced fluorescent light.
The Small Product Photography Lighting Table Kit is an excellent all-in-one studio kit for product photography.
SubscriptionFill out the form below to signup to our blog newsletter and we'll drop you a line when new articles come up. I grabbed some big flexible sheets of the thin cardboard that served as disposable liners between stacks of toilet paper on the pallets at Price Club (Costco)! If you have a third light as I do, place it above and slightly behind the subject to light the top of the product. See my Studio Strobe page for more information about these strobes, and my How To Use Studio Strobes page for more on how to use them. THis setup shown wasn't very good because the leopard-print and yellow towels kicked yellow and orange onto the product.
Product photography lighting options are plentiful these days thanks to the freedom that digital cameras now provide. We’ll start with the simplest and cheapest and work up to the more complex and expensive product photography lighting. Product photography using daylight gives you the advantage of using natural light from the outset.
We use two or three of these on a typical shoot and have recently used these on a vintage jewelry and watch catalogue shoot. You can buy the individual Daylight CFL bulbs from many outlets online and they typically have the common E27 bulb mount. These daylight LED lightboxes from Artograph called Lightpad have proved a great asset for us when travelling to shoot jewelry and vintage watches on location at client premises.
These daylight LED light banks come in a variety of sizes and are relatively new to the market. The larger unit shown we bought on Ebay from South Korea a few years ago and they have served us well for both video and larger product photography shoots. This was the first image we shot using the 500 LED light bank back in 2011 using an iPhone 4 , just for fun!
Next step up is using a couple of Speedlights that can be remotely triggered by an on-shoe transmitter.
Hot Tip – Give your Speedlight a rest for a few minutes – Canon recommend a rest after only 20 flashes!
The term Monobloc (first created by Bowens) means all the electronic gubbins are contained inside the flash head rather than in a separate box. Digital photography has been a complete game changer when it comes to product photography lighting. With off camera flashgun lighting (Speedlight) you are best to limit any ambient to daylight as this will be closest to the colour temperature of the flash lighting.
Thanks for your question snappir, Yes the bended backdrop in that watch image is the opaque white backdrop which is part of the set of 6 polymer backdrops included with all the tabletop studios.
I know something about product photography and want to more, So I found your article most helpful.
About ModahausModahaus is a subsidiary brand of Edinburgh based McColl Productions Limited.
We produce innovative tabletop photo studios and document scanners designed for durability, portability and ease of use with all sorts of cameras including smartphones and tablets. Our no fabric, no wrinkle designs eliminate unwanted shadows typically seen with traditional light tents.
It is apparent that product photography is a very interesting field in commercial photography especially nowadays; because as you can see, product marketing highly depends on it. Now, in product photography, getting the right lighting effect is definitely a difficult challenge. So if you are thinking of buying photography equipments that can help you with your commercial product camerawork, then you should consider buying photo tent with boom light. Co-founder of Hypop, Paul has been in eCommerce for 5 years creating and building multiple online stores. Learning product photography lighting is one of the most important things you can do to help sell a product.
Prospective customers viewing items online or in a magazine can’t see or touch the item in person, so a photo must showcase an item’s beauty and detailed qualities; which is best achieved by following important set ups when lighting for product photography. In Part 1 of this 2 part article on how to shoot product photography, we are going to teach you how to shoot objects on a white, black or colored background. If you opted to buy a tabletop kit (which is recommended when starting out) follow the instructions on how to set it up.
If you chose to purchase your own lights with stands and a tabletop background follow these instructions. Set up the seamless background so that the back of the material is vertical against a wall (or flat object) and the bottom is horizontal on a table.
Position your camera so that it is directly across from the vertical background of the material. Position the other two lights to each side and close to your object but slightly toward the camera.
We position our lights in the manner described above in order to eliminate as many shadows as possible from the object.

If your lights have adjustable dimmers use those to control the amount of light casting on your set up. Its very important that your object be in perfect focus so that viewers can see complete detail. We recommend using an 18-55mm lens on your camera because it offers an advantage to using a fixed length prime lens. Each book is jam packed with tips and tricks that'll teach you how to become a better photographer, fast.
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Ideal for users of any skill level, this product photography studio will enable users, regardless of experience, to create quality results!
I shoot in a class 10,000 clean room and pull the items out of the boxes only after I'm in the clean room and in my bunny suit. You'll have to balance your investment in cleanliness against the time you'll spend spotting all the dust and dirt later in Photoshop. THe only people who suggest that are the camera makers like Canon and Nikon who hope you don't discover real studio strobes, which cost less, work better, and are much easier to set up and use.
THerefore I use a piece of glass I (pulled from a dumpster) supported with two pillows to eliminate shadows. Auto white balance (AWB) is so good on most recent digital cameras that almost any light source can be utilized. We’ve used these on many occasions with a couple of angle poise lamps from Ikea (again) called TERTIAL.
They are relatively lightweight, and robust and have survived intact through airport baggage handling. One underneath the Modahaus Tabletop Studio TS216 for uplighting and the other two positioned on either side to suit the subject. There seems to be new models coming on the market every week and this is because of the rapidly expanding use of DSLR’s to shoot video footage.
Ideally you want to have your Speedlight(s) off the camera’s hotshoe or at the minimum, use flash bounced off a wall or ceiling. I use a Canon Speedlight 580 EX, a Canon Speedlight 580 EX MKII and a Canon STE2 Wireless transmitter.
These units would provide an abundance of lighting power for tabletop product photography lighting. Whether you shoot with a DSLR, a Compact Camera or indeed a Smartphone, lighting is still very important but the choices open to you are far greater now.
On the other hand this is very important to adjust proper lighting during product photo shot which you described well.
It is usually thru the images captured in such area of specialization that designs and layouts for advertisement are usually based upon.
What you really need is a stable lighting and as little reflection on your subject as possible.
In the past, when photo tents are not yet in existence, photographers have to put up a studio specifically proposed to accomplish such work. The entire photo tent can be assembled and disbanded without difficulty as well as the boom light; and are stored quickly and just as easily. With an estimated average price of just $200, rest assured that the quick and easy setup plus the high quality type of photo shooting you’ve always wanted, is not at all impossible to achieve; and yes, this is definitely the most convenient way to accomplish it. He has strong passion in photography especially in product photography where he gets involved in both the actual photography and in the post production processes.
If you did not flood the object with light from all angles you would end up with ugly harsh shadows on the subject. The lights on the sides should be bright enough to make the background an even white as well as eliminate shadowing. If you don’t have adjustments just move the lights further away from the set up to reduce the amount of light or closer to increase it. Use the histogam on your camera to make sure your white and black levels are within proper range. For the most part you want to keep your focal length around 50mm to capture the object without any distortion. With hundreds of positive reviews already from photographers just like yourself, you'll find it to be a great resource.
I have been wanting to know how to shoot better photos of my handbags for months and now I know how to do it the right way. We're dedicated to providing photography tips for beginners and intermediate photographers, inspirational photo ideas, photography book reviews, recommendations for photography equipment and gear. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The Small Product Photography Lighting Table Kit allows users, regardless of experience, to create professional quality product images regardless of experience. On Canon use the Canon 100mm Macro.If you have a point-and-shoot digital, zoom it all the way to telephoto if you can get close enough.

The macro lets me get more magnification than I'd ever want: an item less than an inch across can fill your screen! However daylight can be variable and short lived depending on the time of year and your location. What we like about these lamps is with the goosenecks you can easily reposition the light direction, height and angle using just one hand. These units are very useful for general large studio work such as portraiture especially when used with a softbox housing. The direction of light from these bulbs is more of a flood light and it’s difficult to use a directional beam although some of the larger studio units can have barn doors attached. The smaller unit shown is from Manfrotto and is designed for hot shoe mounting for shooting video. However, if the scope of your photography is going to encompass portraiture and very large products such as cars and furniture and you have the space for these Studio Flashes, and their stands, they will give you excellent results time after time for tabletop product photography as well.
If you’re shooting indoors, turn off all artificial light as that would be a different colour temperature to the flash. However, if your off camera flash lighting is coming from the same direction as ambient artificial light, the off camera flash light should overcome and eliminate any colour cast from the artificial light.
I can see white background has been extensively used to showcase the products which I also have been doing with these led high bay lights ; isn’t there any other way [apart from using the white background] to showcase our products?
And obviously, the end product affects the overall impression of the consumer towards the said particular product; it will either entice them to want the product or not.
This will create a much more pleasing vision of the subject by simply eliminating the undesirable effects that shadows generate on a photo. But with just a photo tent and a boom light setup, your working environment is a lot more comfortable to work with. Try to position the side lights so that they are casting the same amount of light on the object.
They just place the object in the center of the tabletop background, snap the photo and go on there way. Positioning the object in this way allows you to see two sides of the object at once while enhancing its depth.
Position the camera so it is straight on with the subject, then raise your tripod a few inches and tilt the camera down.
However, if you want to exaggerate the depth of the object and make it look bigger you can also choose a lower focal length and then move the tripod closer.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Ideal for objects up to 16 x 16 x 20”, this product photography studio lighting kit includes a translucent photography table, 3 softboxes and 12 daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs. Utilize the Small Lighting Table Kit with Shutter Stream Digital Photography Software to further increase in-house photography quality, ease of use and efficiencies. You can’t control prevailing daylight but you can quickly learn how to harness and modify it to suit your needs. The light beam is quite sharp and you can vary the light cast from a spotlight to a floodlight by varying the distance from your subject and tabletop studio. They’ll work equally as well for tabletop product photography albiet a bit of overkill. We’ve not tried the Manfrotto LED light yet for product photography but have on good authority from a Modahaus customer that he has had some excellent results using it. One of the main benefits that Studio Flash has over Speedlight flash is they include modeling lamps.
So, with such type of venture, it is really important that you do this properly to be able to display the true value of the product and what message needs to be conveyed in its commercial ad. This also helps enhance the depth of the object and by allowing the viewer to see three sides instead of two. This studio is perfect for small to medium sized products up to from 1 x 1 x 1” up to 16 x 16 x 20”.
A bright but overcast day can be ideal for a product photography shoot as this light will likely be even and consistent. These Light boxes are often used for crafting tasks and viewing film transparencies so if you’re also into these activities it can help justify the cost.
These are small output continuous lamps incorporated in the flash head that give you a preview of the direction and shape of the light the flash head will deliver. Try this Product Photography Lighting Table Kit with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software.
Bright direct sunlight can often be a nuisance but on occasion it can give you just the right atmosphere you’re looking for.
You can light your Modahaus Tabletop Studio from behind or below using the translucent white backdrop or the translucent colored backdrops.
To harness daylight you want to position and orientate your tabletop studio near a door or window so the light is coming in from the ideal direction – this direction will vary depending on your subject. Place one of the white backdrops on the far side of your tabletop studio to bounce light back on to your subject. What this does mean though is the older Wireless Speedlights and transmitters, that are perfect for product photography, have come down in price in the used market. There’s one main difference in using Speedlights for product photography lighting compared to the above continuous lighting set ups. With continuous lighting you can see the results of re-positioning lighting before taking your shot.

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