Zibaba is a Tel Aviv- based social commerce company ; the only Facebook store-front  solution with a group off feature and a social affiliate network. Payvment is a free beta app that allows merchants to create a customised store front for their facebook page.
A tab on Facebook that allows for ‘social shopping’ including customised category searchesfor shoppers and buttons to tweet and share . If you have a Storenvy account, you can download the facebook app for free, and allows shoppers a social shopping experience. Joining Zibaba allows one to benefit from features such as Integrated Social Interactions, Social Affiliate Network and Facebook Targeted Advertising and Analytics.
Payvment accepts Paypal and most major credit cards, and allows store owners to manage their orders and selling history on a Facebook admin page. Storefront Social is versatile and easy to customise – you can connect existing stores (Google Base or XML feed) or simply add products manually. Best for small shops with a small inventory (if you are going for the basic package) it allows up to 100 products.
You can upload a customised shop banner to Facebook and customers can tweet and share their purchases and favourite products.

Its free and offers unlimited product uploads, as well as discounts to fans, and the ability to stay on Facebook throughout the whole buying process.
Zibaba has made ground breaking developments in the world of social commerce and has become a leading provider of f-commerce marketing platform solutions, enabling anyone to manage online stores within the Facebook social media environment.
It’s basically an app to showcase existing stock and directs customers towards the URL for the product, so you will need a separate store complete the transaction. Most of Ecwid’s users have chosen them for their simplicity, and it is very easy to set up shop, using a Edwid dashboard, which is then easily integrated with Facebook.
Storenvy has been described as Etsy for the non-creative merchant, and because its free, it’s worth creating an account – if only to then download their easy to use and attractive facebook app. Security is top priority with VendorShop and shipping is made flexible, as well as all credit cards and Paypal being accepted.
Started in the early days before freeserve was a scribble on a napkin, developing and marketing online self help products for the likes of BT, Cable& Wireless. As well as offering customising tools, localisation tools and easy product upload, Zibaba is a Facebook ‘preferred developer’ company.
For the shop owner, Payvment boasts that you can set a store up in around 15 minutes, for quick and easy selling.

The app allows customers to drag and drop products into a shopping bag and check out without leaving Facebook.
This seems like an app that addresses every possible concern regarding shopping on facebook, and has features that compliment this practice. A persuasive feature, aside from it being a free app, is that Payvment allows for unlimited stock.
Set up the first online retailer channel for Demon Internet (Now part of C&W) before moving Agency side. As MD of grow* i focus on strategy and head up the client management team as well as keeping my toe in the water.

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