Galaxy IT Corp offers award-winning graphic design, corporate communications, logo design, print advertising, corporate brochures, website design, package design, photography, corporate invitations, signage and exquisite quality printing services. With 20 years of experience in design and reproduction, Galaxy IT Corp has performed work in over 22 different industries including real estate, medical, construction, transportation and warehousing, food and liquor labeling, computer software, CD's, political, industrial and retail products, to name a partial list.
Variable Data Printing: Variable data printing helps your business to reach your customers and new leads on a personal level.
Los Angeles Direct Mail Marketing: Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns out there. Brochure Printing Los Angeles: Brochures help you tell your story and pack a lot of information into a small amount of space.
Business Card Printing: Even in the digital age, business cards are still important and have many uses, from appointment reminder cards to sharing important business contact information with colleagues and prospective new customers and clients.
The small business market is more competitive than ever – so it takes outstanding marketing materials to really stand out among the competition.  Small business owners love Southern California Graphics wide range of commercial printing services because SCG provides creative vision, innovative design and the newest printing techniques.
Johannes Gutenberg stands for one of the greatest emblematic figure in the history of printing. The latter was a German goldsmith and businessman who lived in an upper class family in Mainz, a small mining town located in Southern Germany.
The Gutenberg craftsmanship resulted in clearer and easier to read Roman style letters across a printed page.
We're the place Jacksonville businesses go for full-service printing, direct mail marketing and consultation. Our state-of-the art IGen printer uses an advanced technology that allows us to print full-color products, while it incorporates variable data.
With years of experience in all areas of design and production, our team of seasoned writers and graphic designers can create custom products your business needs to stay competitive. We will be offering professional Design and Print services with special discounts for students and teachers. Gadget Guys will help you with everything from layout and design , to printing and  simple binding.
For those who need help with design or layout we offer tutoring (for students) as well as a full suite of all inclusive services for those who need a turnkey solution. High speed internet is also available for free to any student needing research or upload services. Our artists can produce layouts to your specifications or adjust files provided to us to suit your needs. If you choose to use us as your printer we provide any layout creation or adjustment for free on most projects as a courtesy service and a benefit for choosing us to be your printer.

Based in Chicago, Galaxy IT Corp has demonstrated to Chicago businesses our extensive knowledge and expertise in logo design, corporate and product brochure design, website design, print advertising, package design, invitation design and exquisite quality printing.
We partner with several printers, engravers and suppliers to supply our clients with quality products at reasonable prices. Variable data printing allows you to customize your marketing pieces with an individual’s name and personal information, making them much more likely to pay attention to your marketing materials. Los Angeles direct mail marketing can help your business locate a target audience, create high-quality direct mail marketing pieces and lead to a major return on investment. From trade shows to networking events, to in-office information, brochures have an important role.
Full service business card printing means you’ll get expert design services in addition to high-quality business card printing.
All of these elements combined create stunning printed marketing pieces that drive a company’s brand and create a successful marketing campaign.  To learn more about the commercial printing services at Southern California Graphics, Contact Us to see how we can take your business branding and printed marketing campaign to exciting new places.
Even if the Chinese and the Koreans had been using moveable types of printing for centuries before the Gutenberg area, Johannes Gutenberg remains the historic man of the printing world.
His skills as a goldsmith led him to invent a technology that changed the world of printing. The Gutenberg moveable type of printing was deeply recognized and praised as being a revolution in the production of books and in the promotion of scientific, artistic and religious knowledge through the facilitated transmission of printed texts. His innovative printing press machine was the proper device, at the proper place, at the proper time. From printing business cards and brochures to complex annual reports, our team will deliver your printing job promptly and at a very reasonable cost. Instead of navigating blindly through the field on your own, we can offer expert opinions and guidance to make sure the product fits your situation perfectly and does exactly what it needs to do, be it functional or promotional.
In the proofing stage we provide high quality proofs of printed materials for your review and virtual samples for engraved items. Variable data printing means a consumer feels as if they aren’t just getting the same old anonymous marketing pitch – they are receiving something that is custom-tailored to them. A quality Los Angeles direct mail marketing company understands just what is needed to grab an audience’s attention and will work directly with you to create an eye-catching design using your company’s logo and business information and print the high-quality pieces to be mailbox-ready.
He created the printing press with replaceable and moveable wooden or metal letters in 1436. Indeed, Gutenberg’s time coincided with the growth of a more educated European middle class and consequently with the increase of reading materials. You can connect via mobile app, memory stick or use our computer to proof your documents before printing.

You know exactly what to expect from our products and we do everything possible to make sure they arrive on time to your schedule. A printing company can do more than just brochure printing: Los Angeles’ Southern California Graphics is a full-service marketing firm that can help you design, write and print your brochures. Gutenberg’s moveable type consisted in separating each letter used in the press so that the writer could rearrange and replace them to make different words, different pages. The Gutenberg press remained the only printing tool used by people for more than 300 years, more precisely until 1811. Don’t worry we also have late night services available to help you avoid the mad dash panic to find a 24hour kiosk.
Combined with direct mail marketing, variable data printing creates a dynamic marketing duo.
Gutenberg fabricated his type from an alloy of lead, tin and antimony which were much more solid and long-lasting than the wood and porcelain types preferred in East-Asia.
The Gutenberg printing press represents one of the most important inventions in the history of printing. The choice of these materials, better for printing than any other material, has led to printed books of high quality.
The Gutenberg press was an innovative moveable type printing, made of wood first and metal material later. It allowed the production of books, newspapers, magazines, etc in great numbers and promoted the interest in reading and the value of printed materials. Johannes Gutenberg also inaugurated a new kind of ink made of oil which replaced the previous water-made ink of a poor quality.
This new technology manufactured cheaper and cheaper printed materials available for the very common people. Gutenberg’s press machine could print a lot of paper for low price, which was a great revolution at the time. He started his ambitious project with two collaborators: Andreas Dritzehn, Gutenberg’s former apprentice in gem-cutting, and Andreas Heilmann, the owner of a paper mill.
One of his most outstanding outputs, containing some colorful pages, was the Gutenberg Bible, an awesome, technical and very aesthetic masterpiece which dated from the 1450s.

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