Mila Kunis News 2015: a€?Jupiter Ascendinga€™ Actress Refuses To Sell Post-Pregnancy Body Pictures? Mila Kunis gave birth to her daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, with Ashton Kutcher back in October 2014 and she has since slimmed down significantly. Since giving birth, Kunis has been seen out in public, which poses the thought that she has refused to sell her post-pregnancy body pictures to any media outlets. On March 4, VH1's The Gossip Table reported the 31-year-old new mom definitely has not agreed to sell any photos of herself rocking her post-baby body.

Kunis has gotten curvier since becoming pregnant and giving birth, but she has no problem with being seen out in public. Kunis is busy tending to her daughter's needs and has no time to deal with photo contracts. With photo contracts, Kunis would not be able to be seen in public until after the photos of her hit the newsstands, but that clearly is not the case since she has been seen out quite frequently actually. Us Weekly reported Friday that the new mom was seen out and about in Santa Monica, Calif.

It appears as though the 31-year-old actress is coming into knowing her new body type since she previously commented on Conan last month that she doesn't "know how to deal" with her newfound bust and overall curviness. Either way, we might be seeing Da'Vonne at some point in the future in the 'Big Brother' house.

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